Ch. 10: New Meetings

I was very happy to see all the guys on the plane ride home, but I was quiet and they understood my mood. I managed to fall asleep next to Gunner and I couldn't remember if I woke up again during the ride home. When I did wake up dad took me to a hospital to get my wounds fix. My hand and shoulder required stiches and my arm had already healed some what so I wouldn't need any there thankfully. The only joke I could come up with for the situation was that I would be out of gym for little bit. After we got home I went to sleep and did that for most of the day. I stayed away from school for three more days and got started on the work I missed. I was nervous going back to school, but I didn't see Sam anywhere and his buddies wouldn't even go near me. Eventually things got back to normal and I had the stiches taken out. Dad didn't have anything for the moment, which I thought was good since it was more time I could spend with him. I even managed to catch up in school and get back on track with no boys to bother me. It was the weekend now in early November and Christmas came up to me.

"Hey Crystal you busy?" He asked me. I looked around for a moment.

"Does it look like I'm busy?" I asked him sarcastically making him laugh.

"Good, come with me I want you to meet someone." He said to me before looking at my dad, who only nodded saying it was ok. I was puzzled as to why we took one of the trucks, but didn't argue. We arrived at a nice house and he knocked on the door before a woman answered.

"Hi Lee." She said cheerfully to him before she kissed him quickly. She looked like a nice person and I thought she looked cute. She had nice tan skin and long brown hair, but her's was straight while mine was curly.

"Lacy, this is my friend Crystal." He said to her. I smiled in surprise as Lee introduced me to his girlfriend.

"Hi Crystal! Lee's told me a lot about you." She said happily to me and shook my hand.

"Nice to meet you Lacy." I said to her and she let us inside. I ignored Lee's big grin as we talked and got to know each other. We even got pizza and stayed for lunch. I was sad when we had to leave, but right now dad wanted me home by dinner just as a safety thing for the moment. Once Lacy shut her door, I gently punched Lee in the arm and he only laughed at me. Lee dropped me back off at the shop, but I talked to him from outside the car before he left.

"Thanks, she's really nice." I said to her.

"Yeah I think she likes you too." He said to me. "I guess that mean you'll be visiting her more often." He winked at me.

"Yeah that would be good. I really like that." I said to him and waved goodbye as he drove off. I thought it was nice to know I could see a girl every once in awhile because I knew I would go crazy with all the guys in the place. I went in the garage and saw some of the boys playing pool and I was just so glad to be home.

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