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Author's Note: Kayso, Brick/Blossom is totally my new favorite pairing! Goshh, I LOVE these two! So, expect lots of it! ...Yes, this is another one of those cliched Blossom-gets-knocked-up-by-Brick fics. Just wanted to get that out of the way. This will told from Blossom's POV, by the way.

Oh, keep in mind this is kinda (really) AU. They were never Powerpuffs or Rowdyruffs or anything. Just regular ol' folk.

Well, I do hope you enjoy this!

How did my sisters manage to rope me into something crazy like this? They know I don't like this kinda stuff, but still- Wait, I should probably back up...

I'm Blossom. Blossom Utonium, that is. I'm 5'8", 125 pounds, 24 years old, Type O positive- Oh, and I'm single. I've been single for a while. Not that it matters, really. I've been super busy with work, in fact- work's my life. I'm the head surgeon at the city's largest hospital and I've got a lot of duties. I know, most people don't believe me when I tell them that. I normally get 'You're way too young!' or 'You're kidding, right?'. I'm not kidding. I finished high school when I was still a kid and college not long after. Med school was a breeze and I've been a practicing surgeon for years. I love my job. I love the patients and I love helping them and making people better. I love everything about my job! ...Except those pesky lawyers who keep trying to sue me, that is.

The point it... Sometimes, I get really wrapped up in work... And... My sisters are convinced to put a stop to it.

My sisters are always butting into my life, trying to set me up with someone or take me out (with the intention of getting set up with someone!). It's really tiring. I don't know why I go through with their little whims, but they are my sisters and I know they care about me as much as I care about them... I really do love them.

Which brings us back to the current situation...

I looked in the mirror, furrowing my eyebrows as I place the pins perfectly in the bun I'm forming out of my auburn locks. After I pushed the last one place, I stepped back to admire my hard work. My cute little bun turned out perfectly rounded, a few strands purposely sticking out and complementing my side-brushed bangs. My soft copper hair made my red lips look warmer, the black-lined eyes behind my glasses look bigger. I've always loved my eyes. In fact, some people swear that when the light hits them just right, they almost look pink. Pink!

It's funny and I don't mind because in all honesty, pink has always been my favorite color. In fact, I'm wearing it tonight! My sister Buttercup said to dress skimpy (well, those may not have been her exact words, per se), so I donned a light pink, floral patterned dress that stopped right at my knees. It had a fairly deep neck that showed a little more cleavage than what I was comfortable with and it had straps that crossed at the back. Red earrings, a single strand of red pearls and matching flats finished off the outfit.

I looked pretty nice, if I could say so, myself!

A knock at my door shook me from my thoughts and I opened it, greeting my sisters as they stepped into my room.

"Aww, you look cute, Blossom!" my blue-eyed blonde sister, Bubbles, exclaimed, "We're so glad you're coming with us tonight!"

"Yeah, one thing, though," my ebony-locked green-eyed sister, Buttercup, said as she looked at me head to toe, "We're going clubbing... Not to church."

"So-" I started, unable to finish my thought.

"That means you're not showing enough skin, sis," Buttercup clarified, raising an eyebrow, "You're changing right now!"

I frowned. This was skimpy enough! "I am not-" Again, my train of thought is interrupted.

"Sis, she's right," Bubbles added, "We're going to have fun! So lighten up!"

I let out the breath of air I didn't realize I was holding, letting my eyes flutter open. Sometimes, it was easier just to give in than to fight (only to give in later after you're exhausted). With a sigh, I said, "Fine. You guys win," a defeated smile coming to my lips.


My eyes almost popped out of my head when Bubbles handed me a piece of pink silk fabric. "I'm supposed to wear this?" I exclaimed, clearly uncomfortable as I unfolded the dress and held it in the air. A little bigger than I thought, but it was still much too small for my tastes. I shook my head, sending a warning glance to my little sister who grinned, "No!" I reiterated.

"Please, sis? Just try it on!" Bubbles looked at me with her sparkling blue eyes, pushing her upper lip out in an adorable pout. I cringed. I couldn't say no to that.

I frowned and narrowed my eyes as I slipped off the pink floral dress and tossed it aside. I picked up the red silk one and put it on, its soft fabric hitting my skin quite comfortably. I stepped towards the full-length mirror to see my reflection and my eyes widened. The kimono-style dress (if you could call it that, it was more of a top!) went right to my mid-thigh, showcasing my long, milky legs. I bit my lip as I looked at the neckline, which was an enormous V, scooping up my rather large chest. Right below the bust was a magenta sash and I tied it behind my back into a perfect bow. There were flowy sleeves too, with swirls along the sides. If the dress wasn't so small, I would've been quite happy. The red silk with a dash of magenta bordering looked really good with my skin tone and complemented my eyes.

I turned back to Bubbles, pleading, "I don't have to wear this, do I?"

Bubbles raised an eyebrow, "You think you have a choice?" she said lowly. Her face quickly perked, "Omigosh, Bloss! You look so cute! I bet every guy in that club is going to want some!" she giggled. She walked over to me and pulled the pins out of my fiery hair, letting it flow down. She pulled off my glasses and handed me my clear contacts.

Bubbles herself had her hair in gently curls, a few of them pinned back. She had on a tight sky-blue halter top that showed her midriff and a short white miniskirt and blue sandals, along with matching blue bracelets.

Buttercup, who had just entered Bubbles's room, grinned, "Looking nice, Bloss. Here," she said, tossing some magenta pumps to me. Buttercup had her short black hair down and a lime green tee, black leather short-shorts and black boots along with a black choker and green studded belt on her waist. I slipped on the pink pumps she gave me and grinned myself.

"Okay, forget it," I rolled my eyes, talking to myself more than my sisters. I think I deserved a long-needed break. "We are going to have fun tonight! No one's worrying about work, problems or life!" ...Or idiotic lawyers.

Earlier today...

"Dr. Utonium, I think this is for you," my secretary said, stepping into my office with a file. She gave a nervous smile before quickly exiting and I opened the file. My eyes darkened.

Are you freaking kidding me? I groaned, my head hitting the back of my chair as I massaged a temple.

The one thing I could not stand about my job were the lawyers. They were always trying to get me for something I didn't do (or in the case of negligence, something I actually did!) and it was exhausting. Sure, I had the best malpractice insurance money could buy, but I hated it when they told me I did my job wrong. I have never screwed up a surgery or hurt a patient, but they're constantly trying to tell me I did or I have.

"Ugh," I muttered, pulling out my phone and dialing the number on the file. After a few rings, someone picked up. Quickly, "Is there a... Mr. Jojo there?" I asked, glancing at the business card in the file.

"Speaking. May I ask who's this?"

I smiled tightly as I replied, "Dr. Utonium. You hit me with a malpractice claim about an hour ago?"

I could hear him smirk from the other side of the line as he responded, "Dr. Utonium, please, call me Brick. And about that case, is there anything we need to discuss?" he asked calmly.

"No thanks, Mr. Jojo," I turned down his offer. The last thing I wanted was to be on first-name basis with this moron! "And yes, I think we need to discuss the case. Actually, lack of one, considering you have nowhere near substantial evidence against me."

"I would beg to differ on that, Dr. Utonium. It's clearly a case of negligence. Your patient contracted a nosocomial infection from your hospital under your care. If you had been properly attending the guy, he wouldn't have gotten sicker," he replied curtly.

"You can't sue me for negligence for a nosocomial infection! That's ridiculous," I scoffed.

"Mmm, I'm sorry if I don't see if that way. And I'm sorry that the judge won't either," he smirked.

He was infuriating! Ugh, whatever. I had better things to do. "Alright, Mr. Jojo. I'll show up for your ludicrous case. But only because I can't wait to see you lose. I have never lost a malpractice case and I don't intend to any time soon."

"That makes two of us. Can't wait to see you in court, Blossom," he whispered my name, probably in a feeble attempt at intimidation. It didn't work. I punched the red button on my touch-screen phone and slammed it down on the desk.


(End of Flashback)

"I can drink to that!" Bubbles giggled at my toast as we stepped out the door.

Buttercup grinned, "I can't wait to get wasted," she added.

I rolled my eyes at my ridiculous, but amazing sisters. I wrapped an arm around each of their shoulders, looking forward to the night ahead of us.

Who knows? Maybe I'll actually have a good time!


As soon as we stepped into the club, my sisters were dragged away by some hot guy who wanted to dance. I had gotten a few offers, but I opted to have a few drinks first. So what if Bubbles and Buttercup were out grinding against some Greek god? I could still have fun by myself, y'know. It took a few minutes to used to the loud noises and flashing lights, but I was fine and ready to have a good time.

I shrugged off the guys who had come up to me as I made my way to the bar. I took a seat on one of the spinny cushioned bar stools and propped my elbows up on the counter. I motioned to the bartender, who came over to me rather quickly and asked what I wanted to drink. I pulled out a bill and gave it to him as he handed me my drink. I took a sip out of the pink martini and spun around, eying the dance floor for my sisters. I didn't want them to get into too much trouble. I saw Bubbles with her arms around some tall, sculpted blond and Buttercup rubbing against a buff, tanned black-haired guy. Looks like they were having fun.

I gave a small smile before returning to my drink. It had been a while since I had been with a guy. Ever since my messy break-up with Dexter (this super smart, but ultimately narcissistic and jerk-wad guy), I had thrown myself in work and pushed my love life to the backseat. I spun back to the bartender and ordered a second drink. Bored, I pulled out the cute little umbrella and stabbed in the lemon wedge on the rim of the cup.

Okay, it had been a while since I've had a life. Maybe it was time to change that...?

As if on cue, this deep voice rumbled beside me, "I could think of a dozen other things you could be doing," he said, the smirk on his face obvious in his voice.

I spun around to face him, ready with a biting reply. I opened my mouth to retort, but when my eyes met his, I paused.

He had shaggy red hair that went to neck and playful eyes that looked almost red in the strobe lights. It was easy to tell his was muscular under his black tee shirt and unbuttoned red collared one, dark wash jeans and black vans. He too was propped up against the bar, his legs stretched out casually. His demeanor was calm, collected and absolutely irritating. He raised an eyebrow, waiting for my reply.

"I-I know a dozen you could be doing instead of bothering me," I replied curtly, faltering a little in the beginning. He raised an eyebrow and shrugged, taking a gulp of his alcohol. I saw him looking me up an down and crossed my legs, now completely facing him. "See something you like?" I whispered, leaning in closer, teasing him.

"Maybe," he replied coyly as I pulled back to take another sip. "What's your name?" he asked, interested.

"Why do you want to know?" I asked, not meaning to be such a coquette as I started my third drink.

"Because... Maybe I like what I see," he whispered huskily, leaning closer to me.

"Good. You should," I lowered my voice as I mimicked his gesture, moving closer. "It's Blossom," I said with a small smile.

He leaned back, "Brick," he replied. Now... In hindsight, this should have raised some flags... But in my defense, I was tipsy! And he was super cute! Brick's a pretty common name... Right?

"So, Brick," I started, "What are you doing here? You obviously didn't come to dance," I stated.

"I came here to meet a gorgeous redhead named Blossom," he answered without missing a beat.

"Funny! I'm a redhead named Blossom!" I giggled. Okay, that was really stupid... It's not my fault! I was on like my fifth drink! And there was a hot guy flirting with me! Can you blame me?

He raised an eyebrow as he took a gulp of his beer, "And you're gorgeous. What were the chances?"

I flushed. He thinks I'm gorgeous? Either I'm way more drunk than I thought OR my night is going way better than I had imagined!

"So, Bloss, what are you doing here? Because you obviously didn't come to dance," he mirrored my earlier statement.

"Wanna bet?" I grinned. Aw, screw it. I wasn't counting how many drinks I had had anymore. He looked confused. "Let's dance," I clarified, grabbing his hand (and missing the first time) to take him to the dance floor. He didn't put up much of a fight as I wobbled over there. He must have been pretty wasted too because I swear he was staggering with me.

When we had squished our way to the floor, I draped my arms around his shoulders and he wrapped his around my waist. My right sleeve had slipped off my shoulder and was hanging off, but I really didn't mind. I swayed my hips to the music as he pressed up against me. I heard him mumble something, but I didn't exactly hear what he said.

"What was that?" I murmured.

"Oh, I just remembered that I need to thank my brothers for dragging me over here," Brick replied softly.

"I didn't want to do anything tonight either, but sisters convinced me," I said quietly. I looked up at him and his warm -I swear they were- red eyes, "I should probably thank them later too," I smiled at him. He looked so content and felt so warm, I got the sudden urge to kiss him. I held my breath, not wanting him to realize that, but I think he was feeling the same way too. He looked down at me and cupped my chin with one hand, bringing his lips to my own. It was a sweet (alcohol-soaked) kiss, and I didn't want to pull away, but I needed to breathe.

We continued swaying on the dance floor for a while until I got bored. And I'm sure he was getting bored too. Being pressed up against him wasn't boring, but the dancing (more like standing there moving just a little) was.

I grinned, "Brick, let's get out of here." We couldn't go back to my place since Buttercup and Bubbles would probably be there, but-

"My place is just down the road from here," he grinned back.

"Perfect," I grabbed him and kissed him, running my hands through his messy red hair. I deepened the kiss, pulling my hands from his hair down to his neck, across his wide shoulders, down his muscular arms until my hands were in his own. I finally pulled away, panting softly. I'm sure I was flushed. He was just looking at me with a look of awe and lust. "Let's go," I suggested, my voice still husky from the kiss as I dragged him out of the club.


My eyelids clenched together, not wanting to open. Clearly, the sun had a different idea, shining its rays all over me. I groaned a little and shifted so that I was laying on my back. I brought my hand to my head, running it on the pillow... The soft, soft pillow that was covered in silk. Wow, I don't remember my sheets being this soft! ...Because they weren't!

I shot up, hyperventilating. I quickly rubbed the sleep from my eyes as I looked around my surroundings. Stylish black room, deep red bedsheets, naked guy beside me, giant window with an amazing view of downtown Townsville- Naked guy beside me?

I looked to the other side of the bed and there he was... He was on his stomach, so I couldn't see much except a headful of unkempt red hair and a chiseled back. I slowed my breathing as I finally took the courage to look at me under the sheet. I flushed. Bits and pieces of the night before began to come back to me and I turned even redder (if that was possible!). I gingerly untangled myself from the redhead and stepped out of bed, trying my best not to wake him. The last thing I needed was an awkward confrontation with a hot guy whose name I can't even remember! Ben? Brady? Brock? Brick!

I quietly picked up my clothes that was thrown across the room, mumbling swear words to myself in the process. I put on my outfit from the night before and with my pumps in hand (no way was I wearing those now!), I slipped out of the room without a sound.

On the way out, I saw two guys passed out on the couch and floor and silently thanked whatever higher power that his friends were knocked out too. I was about to exit the penthouse when I came face to face with a framed certificate. My eyebrows furrowed as I read it, realizing it was a law degree.

Made out to Brick Jojo.

I gasped, grabbing the doorknob and dashing out of the flat. I ran down the hallway and punched the elevator button as I felt a sinking feeling in my stomach.

I had slept with the man who was taking me to court in two months.

Great freaking job, Blossom.


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