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Now, the final installation of this fanfiction...


Exactly 5 years later...


Gingerly, I removed the warm blankets from myself and I stood up, raising my arms up to stretch. I didn't need to look over to the other side of the bed to see that it was empty and that my husband was downstairs. Even from the third floor, I could hear the raucous cries of him, his brothers and the kids in the kitchen. I smiled to myself. Saturday mornings were the best. No one had to work or go to school and we could spend the day as one big, happy family. I loved work and saving people and carpooling with Brick every morning, but I loved spending time with my family too.

My thoughts were cut short by a sharp wailing from the next room as my eyes shot open. I grabbed my pink silk robe to cover my lacy mid-thigh nightgown and reached for a hairband to secure my long auburn locks in a messy ponytail. I dashed out of my room and into the pink nursery next door where I was greeted with the sounds of my youngest daughter, Bella, crying. I went over to her mahogany wood crib and scooped her into my arms. Her cries started to abate as I held her tenderly to my chest.

"Shh, baby," I whispered, my lips turning into a warm smile, "Mommy's here. Don't cry," I said soothingly.

I ran a hand through her soft, copper (rather long for an infant) hair as I admired her soft features. She resembled her father so much. She really was beautiful. I sat down in the plush pink armchair beside the crib and adjusted myself so that Bella could reach satiation. Untying my robe and unhooking my bra cup from its strap, I offered sustenance that my daughter greedily latched onto. Her cries became whimpers and as she continued to feed, I rocked her gently.

I would look down at Bella every now and then to make sure she was alright, but I let my thoughts drift off. Looking down at my 10-carat pink diamond ring, I couldn't help but think about my husband...

Britt, in a coral dress with a scarlet sash, tottered down the snow white aisle, sprinkling red and pink rose petals as she went. Trailing behind her, Brad, clad in black slacks, a white collared shirt and a red tie, held tightly onto a small black box as he looked around the beautifully decorated church hall in awe. The music wound down as Britt joined the side of her aunts, Bubbles and Buttercup, in identical dresses, and as Brad approached his uncles and father dressed in similar suits.

Brick looked absolutely breathtaking in his crisp black tuxedo and red vest. His shaggy hair was pulled back into a neat ponytail and his crimson eyes glittered with happiness. He gave his two-year-old daughter standing across the altar a grin and placed a warm hand on his young son standing beside him.

The bridal music started and I linked hands with my father, who even in his fifties, shone with a warmth he had for as long as I could remember. I ran one last hand down my strapless ivory dress with a pink sash and pink sparkles down the dress and train, one last hand to my sheer veil. Dad placed his hand on mine and gave me a kind smile, whispering, "You look beautiful, Blossom."

I blushed, beaming at him, as he began to walk me down the aisle. I looked over to the end where my two babies gazed at me lovingly and then to my soon-to-be husband who couldn't hide his delight at seeing me. I grinned at Britt and Brad and finally at Brick until I had reached the altar. Dad let go of my hand as I joined the love of my life in a moment that I would always remember.

Brad grinned at me and Britt clasped my hand, and beamed. "I lowe you, Mommy," she giggled before the ceremony started.

"I love you too," I whispered back to her, looking at Brad to let him know that I was talking to him as well.

The priest cleared his throat to signal that he was ready to start, so I looked back up. Brick had on his signature smirk and I gave him a big smile.

"We are gathered here today..."

Bella hiccuped, bringing me back to reality. I released her from my breast to lay her head on my shoulder, so I could burp her. Gingerly patting her on the back, I stood up, maneuvered myself so that I could slip back into my robe and flipping off the lights, I stepped out of the room. Bella still in my arms, I walked down our elegant spiral staircase to the first floor where the rest of my family was. I entered the foyer and placing a kiss on my Bella's forehead, I placed her into her little play area.

Taking a breath in, I walked into the kitchen next door to be bombarded with a variety of sights, sounds and smells that were completely not out of the ordinary. I saw my redheaded husband flipping pancakes at the stove and even in black sweats and a red t-shirt, he looked quite attractive. I couldn't resist sneaking up on him with a kiss.

Brick smirked at me, "Sleep well?"

"Of course," I grinned back at him.

"And Bella?" he flipped his attention between me and the golden brown pancake that was in the air.

"She's great," I replied, hopping up on the counter so that I was at eye-level with him. Inhaling, I commented, "That smells delicious."

"It always does," Brick replied smugly, flipping the chocolate chip pancake onto a plate and handing it to me. Cooking was one of his many hidden talents and taking a bite into the yummy pancake, I couldn't have been more grateful. I gave Brick a quick kiss before walking to the other side of the large kitchen and kneeling down at the low kids' table to meet my twins.

"Mommy!" they cried at the same time and engulfed me in a warm hug.

"Happy birthday, you two," I wrapped my arms around them. Brad grinned and Britt giggled. "Excited for our party tonight?"

Britt nodded her head, "Mommy, I'm five now!" she exclaimed, as if it was the greatest accomplishment she'd ever achieve.

Holding up five fingers in the air, Brad added, "That means we're big kids!"

I laughed, tickling my little kids, "I know." No matter what they said, they would always be my little babies. I let go of them so that they could finish their breakfast, but I couldn't tear my eyes away from the beautiful people they were becoming. On the inside and out.

"Good morning, Ben," I finally shifted my eyes to my nephew. His golden hair and azure eyes shone in the sunlight that was peeking through the windows. He was undoubtedly Bubbles' son. Benjamin was the oldest Bubbles had and, for a four-year-old, he was the looker.

"Morning, Auntie Blossom!" he replied, heartily eating his pancake.

"What'd we miss?" I heard a familiar male voice ask as he stepped into the kitchen.

The blond walked up to the kids table and crouched down to let the two-year-old in his arms hop out. The little girl took a seat between her brother, Ben, and her cousin, Britt, and I gave her a warm smile. If I didn't know any better, I would've mistaken the little blonde for an angel. Her soft, sandy locks framed her porcelain face perfectly and her big sapphire eyes gleamed with innocence.

"Well?" Boomer asked. Like his brother, he too was still in pajamas- blue plaid pants and a white tee.

"Not much. Just my world famous pancakes," Brick replied. I didn't have to turn around to know that he was smirking.

"You'we making mowe of those wight, Uncle Bwick?" the young blonde asked pleadingly, her eyes wide as dinner plates.

"Well, I guess I can. For you, Brianna," Brick chuckled, winking at his niece. She giggled and grinned. They were too cute.

"I can't wait for the pawty tonight!" Brianna turned towards Brad and Britt. "I have a pwetty dress and I picked out your pwesents!" she clapped. Britt soon became absorbed in conversation with her as Brad turned his attention to Brianna's older brother, Ben.

So, Brick and Boomer were here. So were Brad and Britt and Ben and Brianna. But then, where was-


Okay, yup, that answers it. I could hear them running into the kitchen.

"No way! I had it first!" Butch blew a raspberry as he dashed into the room. Buttercup was hot on his trail and tucking the end of green tank into her black pajama pants, she hopped onto Butch's back and locked herself in piggy-back position.

"Sure about that?" she grappled for the coveted object.

"Let go of me, woman!" Butch cried, clutching it, "It's my whipped cream!"

"I'll whip your cream if you don't hand it over!" Buttercup replied ferociously.

"Whip cream!" a mini-Butch exclaimed as he ran into the room, his arms in the air.

"Whip cream!" a mini-Buttercup yelled, right behind her brother, jumping up and down with ebullience.

"Whip cream!" another mini-Butch finished, slamming into his siblings as he entered the kitchen.

"Okay, okay," I stepped in as moderator. Making my over to the refrigerator, "There's more than one can, you know," I said as I pulled out two cool-whip cans and handed them to my niece and nephews.

"...Oh," Buttercup finished lamely as she hopped off Butch's back. She dusted herself off and grabbed a pancake, "Tshamks Vloss," she said in between bites. I sent her a simper.

Butch rolled his eyes playfully at Buttercup and she stuck her tongue out at him. He dusted himself off, as if Buttercup had destroyed his loose green tee and black basketball shorts. The three four-year-olds who were the splitting image of him climbed on top of their father and each grabbed a pancake.

"Here's some for you, Brandon," Butch declared dramatically as he sprayed some whipped cream onto the first's pancake. "And for you, Blaire," he said, doing the same to the second's. "And last, but not least, you, Brian," he finished the can. Giving it a final shake, he tossed the can into the trash and grabbed some breakfast of his own.

"Thanks, Daddy!" the three cried at the same time.

Yes, Buttercup and Butch had triplets. Hey, It bound to happen to one of us. Buttercup had two boys, Brandon and Brian and a girl, Blaire. Our family just runs in threes, apparently. I had twins and a single, Buttercup had triplets and Bubbles had two singles and was on her way to another.

Speaking of Bubbles... Where was she? I slowly stood up and giving my kids a quick pat on the back, grabbed a cup of coffee and stepped out of the boisterous kitchen. Wrapping my fingers around the piping hot caffeine, I peeked my head into the foyer to check on Bella and found my other sister there.

"Morning, Bloss," Bubbles grinned at me from the couch she was sitting on. Her hand rested on her large belly and she glowed with pre-partum pride. Our mother-in-law and favorite gynecologist and obstetrician, Sara Jojo, was right beside her, rolling her portable ultrasound around Bubbles' future child.

"Morning, Bubs," I made my way to sit beside her. I turned towards Sara, "Morning, Sara."

"Hello, Blossom," the beautiful redhead beamed at me, "How are you? And Bella?"

"We're doing great!" I replied. Glancing at my blonde sister, I asked, "How's my future niece or nephew?"

"Wonderful," Sara answered. Bubbles squealed, clutching her hands together. "Are you excited? There's only a few months left now," she said to Bubbles as she began packing her equipment.

"Very excited," Bubbles clarified. "Especially since this is my last one."

"Oh, really?" Sara raised an eyebrow. "Does that mean you six won't need me anymore?" she asked with a small smile. We might not be having any more pregnancies and babies, but Sara had become a large part of our lives and we would always need her.

"Don't be silly, Sara," I shook my head, "We'll still need you around here," I chuckled. That reminded me... "Will we be seeing you at the twins' party tonight?"

"Plan on it!" Sara exclaimed, grinning. "I can't believe they're five already. My, how time flies."

Bubbles nodded in agreement, "I feel like it was just yesterday when I found out I was pregnant for the first time... I love my kids," she beamed. Letting out a big sigh, she added, "But I don't know how Daddy did it with us, but three's a lot."

"It is," I agreed. "But it's absolutely worth it."

And it was. It really was.

I wouldn't change my life a bit. I loved my sisters and my husband and my children and my one big happy family. It might be a lot of work, but I wouldn't have it any other way.


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