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The Calypso in New York

Chapter 1: The Store

Maria left the store leaving me to lock up. First, I put everything away, including the clothes on the floor in the basement of the store. When I just put everything away in the basement of the store, I've found a locket the was never been opened again, until I cracked it open to see...

Chapter 2: A Second Home

The store was a second home for the woman in the locket. The locket was probably pre-dates me and this store. I need to get at the bottom of this mess, the mess in the basement of the store. The picture in the locket was in a bad state to see, what this was before.

Chapter 3: More Pictures

I dug out, the rock like a wobbly tooth. I carefully placed it on the bloor of the basement, I looked up to see a box. I took the box out and it blasted open on the floor. I saw pictures of the woman from the locket. I gasped and said, "oh my god."

Chapter 4: The Woman is AMERICAN!

I'm positive tha an American gave it to me, I thought, but no they would question me on why an American woman would give a Port-Rican girl a necklac. I walked on, I though about what might happen, if they found the pictures and what might happen to Tony and Maria. They want to destroy...

Chapter 5: It's Not Mine!

"What is this, Anita?" asked Bernardo.

"A necklace," I answered, "It's prabably Maria's. You know, Tony gave that to her."

Bernardo slammed the door.

"What's that for, Bernardo?"

"Tony needs to die, Maris shouldn't be with him. He should be with Chino."

"Ok, it's understandable, Bernardo."

Chapter 6: The New World

I fell asleep that night, I dreamed about the woman in the locket. She's blonde with blue eyes, and almost, 5" 9' tall, and American. The year of 1898, she's the daughter of slave-trader, Mr Calypso and the mother of Jack and Anglica Calypso. You might think, that's wrong but it's not that wrong.

Chapter 7: The Timeclipse

"Wake up, honey," a voice said.

I battered my eyes wide open.

"Wake up, dear. I'm Penelophie Calypso. What's your name?"

"Anita," I said, softly.

"You'll get beaten up, if you don't get up."

Up and dressed, I found this raggedy dress, it was mine, it had my name on it.

Chapter 8: My New Formed Death

I got back to the Calypso's house, I walked and tripping on the way, but I still made my way there. At the end of my journey, I collapsed on the floor, barely breathing, and lost my breath, every single little breath, but my life long journey has ended in 1898. Not 1956, so glad for...

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