The Kind of Father I Was

Author's Note: Inspired after I wrote the fic To Raise a Star. It was a one shot and now I wish I had made it a drabble series but oh wells! There are hardly any past Black Star fics out there so here I go with a short series of young Black Star drabbles. Mild manga spoilers on Black Star's past.

It should be noted, if you didn't know, that Sid was the one who brought Black Star to Shibusen. Not only that, but he was around 11 or 12 years old (he mentions in one of the chapters that he's 25). Also, we see Sid in flashbacks as a mentor/father figure towards Black Star. So, here it comes- Parental!Sid, younger Black Star, and a splash of Sid/Nygus here and there. ENJOY!

Disclaimer: I don't own Soul Eater or the characters.

Chapter 1: Black Star

It was a simple enough mission, so he couldn't understand why was he fighting back the shutter that went up his spine as he kicked through some of the rubble around his feet. His weapon absorbed one last kishin soul before letting out a satisfied sigh and scanning the area. Shinigami had sent them to eliminate an infamous clan that was straying down the path of the kishin. Apparently, despite his age, his skills would have been useful to the mission and he had found himself following after the newest death scythe and his team ready for the worst. Everything had happened faster than he expected and now he stood staring blankly at the eerily quiet area.

""Let's get a back to Death City!"Sid glanced over his shoulder at the red haired young man who happened one of the strongest in the group. "The more time we spend here, the less time I get to spend with my beautiful wife." He swooned excitedly, ignoring the bored look he was receiving from his temporary silver haired partner.

"The love between you two can be quite sickening, Senpai." Stein muttered lazily, ignoring the glare he was receiving as he walked off. Sid distractedly began following their lead. He was still dwelling on the events of the night, wondering how an entire clan of people could stray down such a dark path. There were ninjas his age that were one step away from becoming kishin. He had taken out who he assumed to have been the leader of them all. White Star. He shuddered at the memory of the man, only to stop in his tracks when a sound caught his ears. Stiffening slightly, a narrowed his eyes in the direction of the strange sound.

"Sid, what's wrong?" His weapon questioned, her eyes narrowing in concern while catching the attention of the older meister and weapon that weren't too far off. Ignoring them, he swiftly ran towards the sound. He knew what that sound was, despite how little he heard it, so he knew there couldn't have been running towards danger. Hunched over and panting, he moved over some of the broken down of the hut out of the way and let out a shaky sigh when his eyes fell on the crying child wrapped in a blanket under the mess. The child calmed for a moment when his emerald gaze fell on the dark skinned preteen, but the crying didn't stop. Sid reached out cautiously, pausing to look around for anyone that could ambush him. He wondered if maybe this was a trap. They had taken out an entire clan and actually managed to be pass an infant? He withdrew his hand and swallowed as the child picked back up on crying louder. He wasn't the type of guy to walk away from such a situation. Careful not to knock anything onto the baby, he picked up the child gently, eyes falling on the star shaped marking on the child's shoulder.

"Just like White Star…"

"Sid!" Nygus came to a quick stop, eyes widening when he turned to her, the child in his arms calming and staring at him with calculating eyes. "He's White Star's child…"

"Yeah, guess we missed him in all of the uproar." He answered distractedly as he and the small child stared at each other, the baby's emerald eyes shining with undeniable innocence. Sid reached up absently and touched the random tuft of aqua blue hair on top of the child's hair, getting a gurgle coo in response. He couldn't fight the smile that touched his lips. "He's so small…"

"Yeah, but he won't be small forever." Nygus stated quickly.

"What do you mean?" He looked up, noticing the serious look that had crossed the girl's face. "People aren't born murders, they're trained to be such a way… He comes from a powerful blood line and with the proper direction, he could become something great. I'm not the kind of guy that could leave a defenseless child to fend for themselves." He walked past her, ignoring the weapon's hard stare.

"Sid, what the hell do you think you're doing with that baby?" Stein drawled, lighting a cigarette and eyeing the child in the youngster's arms. Sid stiffened slightly under the calculating look from the older meister, but was quickly saved by Spirit, who had been eyeing the child with great curiosity.

"What do you mean? He can't just leave him here. He could die!" Spirit defended swiftly, earning a slightly irritable look from Stein.

"I didn't tell him to throw it away," he defended and heaved a sigh. "You've got a baby of your own on the way, don't you Senpai?" A warm smile crossed the red head's face.

"Yeah… hopefully a healthy little kid just like that one." He answered as the child reached up and touched Sid's face, continuing to coo. "What do you plan to do with him? We'd have to find someone reliable at the academy to take him in."

"You could leave him with me." Stein offered only to receive an outraged look from his ex partner.

"So he can grow up looking like a failed science experiment? I don't think so!" Sid watched the pair argue for a moment, still holding the squirming child in his arms. He hesitated for a moment as he considered what he was about to say.

"I… I can take him." Both older men and his partner turned to him swiftly.


"You're just a kid yourself, Sid."

"I know, but I'm pretty far along for my age! Nygus and I already collected 68 souls! We're over half way there to her becoming one of Shinigami's weapons. I could teach him all the things I know. He could become a great meister and assassin with what I could teach him." He stated, hoping the determination he felt was evident in his voice.

"Allowing a kid raise a kid… This could prove to be an interesting observation." Stein mused. Sid brightened some as Spirit began listing the people they could go to for additional help if necessary.

"Maybe Marie can stop by every so often to check up on you… Not like she has much of a personal life." The Death Scythe laughed. Nygus had a serious look on her face and eyed the baby in her partner's arm quietly. She seemed conflicted for a moment but she heaved a sigh and her eyes softened.

"Well then, what do we call him?" she asked, crossing her arms, blue eyes slowly moving up to her partner's face.

"He's Star clan, so something strong. The name of a great assassin."

"Something opposite his father." Nygus offered, moving closer and looking down at the child that was slowly drifting asleep.

"Hey I've got it," A proud smirk crossed his face."How about Black Star?" A final pleased gurgle left the child before he fell asleep and a hint of a smile touched Nygus's lips.

"Black Star it is."