Author's Note: In which an important day comes.

Chapter 10: A Star and his Sky

Black Star was at it again. He had heard the yells easily. They were hard to miss.

Sid Barret had been through a lot over the past twelve years old his life. He was only 23 years old and felt like every day of his life since he was 11 was nothing but a blur of insanity. But then again, nothing less should have been expected of a man who had taken it upon himself to raise an orphaned ninja baby before he had even hit puberty. He was lucky to have such an understanding partner by his side through most of the adventure at least.

The knife meister sighed as the expectant triumphant yell echoed through the air and then was followed by evident silence.

What a way to start off the first day of school.

It was Black Star's first day as an official student of Shibusen. Sid had remembered standing in front of the preteen, serious look set as he handed the young ninja his "meister" pin. Black Star had all but beamed as he placed the pin on himself proudly, declaring he couldn't be late for his fans. He had apparently believed that the earlier he got there, the quicker he could impress the perfect partner. It would be tedious since he would not settle for just any partner. His words, not Sid's. All the same, the young assassin made it to Shibusen with a determination to rival anyone in the area.

Black Star had a personality that was so bold and in your face. Sid and Nygus had discussed their concerns on the type of partner he would possibly come across. There were enough weapon partners out there that could be either the end of years of keeping Black Star on the right path, and a few worthy souls who would calm down the self centered glory that was Black Star's soul. Sid could only hope that the boy found the latter.

"Sid?" Snapping from his thoughts, he looked up at his partner. She flashed him a quick smile before walking further into the office. "Black Star's finally calmed down and come in the building. I think I saw him walking with a girl to Crescent Room."

"Really?" He perked significantly at this. Maybe they had gotten lucky.

"Of course the entire school is talking about the monkey boy who was yelling this morning. As expected he's made himself the topic of discussion." Nygus continued.

"He wouldn't have it any other way." Sid mused, leaning back in his seat and smiling back at his partner. She shook her head all the same. She stared distracted at the window, watching as stragglers huffed their way up the steps and attempted to run to the school

"They're most likely all pairing off and checking compatibility right now. How do you think he'll think do?"

"He'll be fine." Sid answered, looking out of the window distracted. "There's a partner for even the wildest of souls." He answered, more as reassurance for himself. He was nervous deep down for Black Star. That was to be expected for any parent of their child's first day. Black Star was, if you took in all the work, time, mental/physical health and money he put into it, Sid's son. Nygus gave a short nod and turned to face him, clearly sensing the waver in his soul.

"Want to go get some coffee while we wait. You seem anxious." She knew him far too well, but that was to be expected after nearly 13 years of partnership.

"Yeah… Let's go." They had gone to the caf, sitting through Spirit gush over how his daughter was also starting Shibusen and as a Scythe meister. He had been rambling about how he hoped his darling little girl would find the best and most capable partner (preferably a girl) that would lead her to becoming as great a meister as her mother, when students were heard in the halls.

"Sounds like they're out and about." Nygus said, pushing herself up. "I'm on gym duty with the upper classmen so I'll talk to you later about Black Star's day." She told Sid. He nodded in return as he pushed himself up from his seat.

"Care to join me, Spirit-senpai?" The red head nodded, slowly coming down from his obsessive gushing and following the young male out into the crowded halls. There were obviously still students who hadn't found the partner that best matched them just yet based off of the distraught or depressed expressions on some faces.

"I don't see my Maka…." Spirit whined.

"I'm sure she's fine, Senpai." Sid informed distractedly.

"Sensei!" Both men perked at the excited cheer that had echoed through the hall. Many students had turned in the sound of the yell as well. Black Star ran up to the men, chest puffed out, wide grin on his face and fists on his hips. "Sensei, I did it! I found the PERFECT partner!" He declared. Spirit had vanished around the boy, having apparently spotted his darling daughter talking to some white haired boy. Sid raised an eyebrow at the boy in front of him.

"Eh, so where's this partner of yours?" he asked. Black Star turned around and then his grin widened.

"Hey, over here!" He called. Indeed he had found a new partner. A young girl, clearly older than him by a year or two, with long dark hair, navy blue eyes, a pleasant disposition, warm smile and curves had walked up to his side. Sid stared in mild disbelief at the girl that had the young men passing by looking curiously and trip over themselves.

"Hello, I'm Tsubaki Nakatsukasa." She greeted modestly with a bow. Sid had eyed Black Star suspiciously as the blue haired boy swelled up with even more pride.

"She was the only one that could appreciate my greatness so clearly she was sent from the gods just for me!" he informed boldly. Sid turned his attention back to Tsubaki, who just smiled warmly at Black Star. She seemed like she was a patient soul. She must have been the girl Nygus had seen walking with him earlier.

"Well congratulations, you two… Welcome to Shibusen, Tsubaki." He finally managed to greet.

"Right! C'mon Tsubaki! We can go eat and then I'll show you around Shibusen! Do you like cheese fries cause I LOVE them!" Sid watched as Black Star grabbed hold of the girl's wrist, causing her to blush, and dragged her along while rambling about himself. If anything, this was going to be quite the interesting partnership.

Sid couldn't help but to shudder at the reminder that he would be the new teacher for Crescent Class. He'd be watching this first hand. A distraught cry was heard not too far away. Spirit was in an interestingly depressed heap on the floor as his daughter and the white haired boy walked away.

This would be interesting indeed.

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