the sun rose up on the savanna plains, The zebra's opened their eyes to the light greeting the new day, elephants trumpet from there trunks to let other animals knew they were there. and Monkeys began to groom others picking out the bugs and eating them.

On the savanna ground a Mandrill was taking his morning walk, every morning the mandrill would take his morning walks but to day will change his life for ever. He stopped in his tracks and pressed his head to the ground as if he were to listen for something, lifting his head back up he turn to his right and dash into the tall grass. He was listening to a cry, the cry got louder as he approached the spot where it came from. looking down he spotted a baby lion cub, the mandrill carefully approached the cub, the cub opened it's eyes looking up at the funny face, the cub smiled and giggled. The mandrill scooped the cub into his arms

" why aren't you a beautiful little girl" he told the cub, the cub reached for the mandrill's beard, she giggled again, the mandrill smiled at the cub, he began to look for any signs for the mother but none could be found, he also know it the clan law to kill any lion cub on sight, but this mandrill had a different idea, he carefully examined the cubs fore head and noticed that once of her spots looked like a diamond, he carried the cub over to a near by tree that had fruit, taking one melon he split it open and stuck his thumb into the gooey juice, with it he stroke the cubs head with the juice, then took some dirt and sprinkled it on the cub. the baby sneezed.

now the cub was ready, the mandrill lifted the cub up into the sky

" I name this cub Uru" he said. The baby looked confused at the sky, she lifted her paw up to cover her eyes from the sun, bringing her back down, he begun his journey back home, in hopes his clan would allow the cub to live with them.

I don't believe Uru was Mohatu's daughter.

I believe Uru was abandoned as a cub and was raised by Rafiki, and her name came from one of her baby spots.

I hope to get more chapters up soon