Mohatu stood on the edge of priderock. he over looked his kingdom, every one, herds and hunters all lived together inj harmony. A grey lioness with green eyes approached the king.

" my king" she bowed. the king turn to her

" yes Femi what is it" he asked. Femi walked over sitting next to him " This Uru, I fear she can't be trusted" she said " that story of being raised by mandrils sound very far-fetch if you ask me". Mohatu turn to the lioness

" what makes you think that?" he asked. Femi looked down in the plains watch Uru return.

" as you adviser isn't it my duty to look out for threats?" she said. Femi took one last look at Uru and left the king's side. Mohatu ignored his adviser. to him he sensed something special in Uru.


Kamili retun to her cave which was under Priderock, she stepped in hoping to rest but her mother sat before her. Her mother's tail twitched with irritation. Kamili looked up at her mother

" hello mother" she greeted. Femi approached her daughter.

" Kamili you made it clear to that Uru who you were right?" she asked

" of course mother" Kamili said " after all as future queen I must let every one know who I am". Femi walked over to the mouth of the cave.

" we can't let this Uru ruin our plans got it" Femi turn to her daughter. Kamili nodded.

" yes mother" she responded.

hey look a plot!
Femi is Kamili's mother and she see Uru as a threat for her plans...what plans you ask?

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