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Dropping Augusta a Line

Augusta Longbottom was not impressed when the impatient brown owl nipped her finger.

It had rudely interrupted her, and she had been enjoying her perusal of her brother Algie's most recent letter, thank you very much. It may have taken her a minutes to notice that the owl was trying to get her attention, but it needn't resort violence. Really, the nerve of owls these days!

Glaring at the offending bird, Augusta untied the letter from the haughty owl's leg, who took off immediately without sparing her a glance. With a disgruntled harrumph, she opened the letter and recognized the handwriting at once.

Dearest Augusta,

I simply cannot tell you how astounding your grandson's ability is to understand the important things in life. It must have been your impeccable teachings; after all, how could he have come by such wisdom naturally? From whom else would he have learned how to appreciate the finer things in life? How could he have learned to discern necessity from luxury; pride in oneself from hubris?

Above all, it continually impresses me to see that you have taught him to understand the importance of Charms class. It is gratifying to see that you have not allowed your own failure in the subject to bias your grandson's education. Such pride and moral control is truly commendable.

I thank you for raising such a boy, for he is truly a delight to teach. He is very much his own person; so different, so unique, from anyone else –for instance, his father. I applaud your ability to encourage your grandson to be himself, not follow blindly in another's footsteps.

I do hope I haven't made you uncomfortable with my extravagant praise; trust me when I say it is well-deserved.

I will keep you updated with Neville's progress in Charms; I am certain you will take a great interest in it.



Augusta's eyes were narrowed to slits when she finished reading. The woman's sarcasm certainly hadn't dimmed a whit since their school days; if anything, her tongue was sharper than ever. She always did have a talent for reducing people to inarticulate blobs. Sitting down at the table and summoning some parchment, a quill, and a bottle of ink, Augusta momentarily forgot why she was friends with Minerva McGonagall.

The End

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