Hichigo King of Hollows

Nel watched as Dozu impaled Pische with his own sword. "Run! NEL!" was all Pische could say before his last breath had left him. Dozu ran towards Dondochakka. Dondochakka pulled out his weapon and tried to clobber Dozu. Dozu blocked him with Pische's sword. He then sliced Dondochakka from shoulder to waist. Blood started to spurt out of him. Nel watched in horror as Dozu used a cero on the worm that was once her pet and started to cry Dozu walked up to Nel and put a hand on her head. Dozu then forced energy through her body. Nel transformed to her adult form. She looked around at the carnage and drew her sword "Why did you do this?" Dozu looked at her amused with her reaction. "Because they had no use. You on the other hand due." Nel sliced at Dozu who caught her hand and proceeded to throw her into a rock. Dozu walked up to Nel and grabbed her throat. "You will serve me and that is it. You have use." Dozu let go of her and walked away.

It had been weeks since Dozu came to power. Dozu killed many Vasto Lords. Any that did not follow were killed others were forced just like Nel. I need help. Someone needs to get rid of Dozu. But who? Nel could only think of one person that could help her. Nel opened a gargantuan one day and went to the human world. She looked for Ichigo but she could not find him. She looked for days but could not sense his reitsu. She only found him by chance walking. I need his help no matter what! I know he will hate me but it will be for the greater good. I hope he understands.

Ichigo was walking home from school. He had won the battle with Aizen but lost his powers in the process. He was just an ordinary human. Ichigo sighed he never knew that losing his powers would make him so miserable. If he had the chance he would still do what he did but he disliked that fact he could not defend anyone. Ichigo felt his body get heavy and he fell to the ground. Ichigo had enough strength to look at the Vasto Lord in front of him. "Nel?" he said before he passed out. The green haired Vasto Lord that Ichigo met in Hueco Mundo stood before him. She was in her adult form with her sword strapped to her side. "I'm sorry Ichigo but you will be far more than you are right now very soon… my king." A gargantuan opened up behind her she picked Ichigo up.

Orihime, Chad, and Uryu felt Nel's spiritual pressure and rushed to the scene. They arrived right when Nel was about to walk through with Ichigo. "Nel! What are you doing!" Uryu yelled at her. She turned and looked at the three humans. "I'm taking Ichigo to Hueco Mundo." She said calmly. "Why!" Orhime screamed. Nel looked at her with cold distinction "Because we need a King. Ichigo has the power. We will awaken his power but this time he will be a hollow. Just like us… just like me." The three looked at her in shock. "We will not let you take him!" Orhime shouted. "Tsubaki! I reject!" Orihime screamed and pushed her hands forward. Tsubaki flew at Nel who caught him but did not destroy him. "This is cute" Nel said looking at Tsubaki. Tsubaki looked pissed. "But something like this will never hurt me."

Uryu formed his bow and fired twelve arrows at Nel. Nel caught all twelve arrows with her free hand. "Uryu you barely defeated a low ranking Espada with Renji's help. What makes you think you had a chance against me." Nel said in a cold tone before crushing the arrows. Chad formed his arm into its attack form. He cocked back his arm but Nel was getting annoyed. She sped towards the three. She knocked Chad into a wall. Threw Uryu against a telephone pole. She then grabbed hold of Orihime's neck. "The only reason I'm not going to kill you is because Ichigo would hate me if I did." She then tossed Orihime into Chad and went through the Gargantua. It closed leaving the three hurt friends in shock.

Ichigo woke up and felt retrained. He saw that his arms and legs were bound. Ichigo looked around. He saw Nel arguing with another Vasto Lord. "There has to be another way! If this does not succeed he will just die!" Nel yelled at the other Vasto Lord. The other Vasto Lord was a female. She had dark pink hair and blue eyes. She wore a pair of glasses. Her hair was to the middle of her back like Nel's. Over all she was just a bit smaller in certain areas than Nel. "Nel I understand you care for him. But this way has the best chance of success. Yes there are dangers but it is the best way." The pink haired girl said to Nel. The pink haired woman walked over to Ichigo. "Hello Ichigo Kurosaki. My name is Alma. Before this day is up I will cause you pain beyond your dreams, but you will gain your true power back. So try to survive ok." She said in a cutesy tone. "Ah ok" was all Ichigo could say. Nel picked Ichigo up and set him on his feet. "Ichigo please follow me." Nel walked off. Ichigo followed close behind. "Nel what am I doing here?" he asked Nel. "You're here to gain your powers back. By powers we mean your hollow powers." Nel said still walking. "Wait! Why are you trying to make my hollow side come back?" Ichigo screamed at Nel. Nel turned around and grabbed Ichigo by his shirt. "We want you to be King! You have power and a strong will. Many Vasto Lords want to invade your hometown and devour everyone for revenge against the soul society. Then they will use that chaos to lure the soul reapers out and destroy them all. And know this Ichigo the Vasto Lords now are not like the ones Aizen made. We all gained this strength over time and we all have the equivalent to Banki. So if you don't want a war to break out I suggest you go along with the plan." Ichigo was shocked. He thought for awhile on this. If what she said was true then his sisters and friends would all be wiped out. He knew that the sould reapers could not have regained their strength from the battle with Aizen. He knew that he only one choice. He would do as what was needed of him. He knew this would cause great pain for many but he would save hundreds. "So what's the plan Nel?" Ichigo was now calm. She looked at him "We will make you into a hollow. Then you must prove yourself and become king. Once you do that you can stop this war beforehand." Ichigo nodded and followed Nel into a room.

Nel turned to Ichigo a punched him hard enough that his soul came out his body. His soul chain was still connected. Nel looked at Ichigo who nodded. She pulled out her sword and severed his soul chain. His body stopped breathing and he knew he was dead. "Ichigo you will remain here until you become a hollow. We will not let you out until then." Again Ichigo nodded. Nel gave him a hug before she left with his body in hand.

Ichigo had been in the room that felt like years. His encroachment was taking longer than it had before. Slowly as the days past Ichigo started to think about his life. He thought about the soul society. He had saved all of them. They could have helped him regain his powers but they never tried. They had left him to rot. The encroachment was speeding up as days past. Until it finally broke. Ichigo resisted becoming a hollow at first. He wanted to skip the whole hollow hierarchy in one shot. His mask started to cover his face and he accepted it but did not give it power. He struggled for what felt like hours until it felt like his mask melted into his face. Ichigo stood up and broke his restraints on his arms. He felt a giant hole in the center of his chest.

Nel walked in and saw the new Ichigo. He had three red markings on the left side of his face. (Think of the markings in Ichigo's mask except now on his face.) His eyes were gold. He had a giant hole in his chest and his sword was strapped to his back. It was almost as tall as he was. "Well Ichigo how do you feel?" Nel asked approaching him. Ichigo turned and looked at her with a smirk on his face "I'm hungry." Nel chuckled "Follow me." Nel led him out of the room and through many corridors until they were in a giant dining area. Nel sat Ichigo down at went to go get him food. Ichigo sat and watched many other Vasto Lords eat and talk to each other. Even if they are hollows they still act like humans. Ichigo smirked. The pink haired woman named Alma appeared.

She sat down across the table from Ichigo. "So how do you feel Ichigo." She said tilting her head to the side. "I feel hungry. But other than that I feel good." He said looking at Nel coming back to him. "That's good. But you might want to put your spiritual pressure in check because your intimidating some of the others. You shouldn't try to scare other people by pushing your spiritual pressure out. "She said in a cutesy voice. Nel sat next to Ichigo they looked at each other and began to laugh. Alma looked confused "What's so funny?" Nel stopped for a moment to explain "He can't control his power. This is just over flow. His body contains as much as it can but what you feel now is the amount he can't control." Nel said starting to laugh again. Alma looked shocked then a smirk crept on her face.

Ichigo and Nel walked outside and looked at Hueco Mundo. All they saw was a desert. "Nel I would like to visit the land of the living." He said this never turning to look at her. "I understand Ichigo but you need to get your power under control or you will kill and devour many people". She said looking at his face that was more defined as the sun was setting. "I understand. Nel how long was I in that room? It felt like months." He turned to her. Her expression saddened a bit. "Ichigo you were there for over two years. You had a stronger will than any of us thought you could have. You achieved becoming a vasto lord in only two years when many others take hundreds." Ichigo face turned to determination. "Nel help me control this power I want to see my sisters." Nel nodded and they walked off.

In the world of the Living

It had been over two years since Ichigo had vanished. Yuzu and Karin missed their brother. They never knew what happened to him but their father insisted on having a funeral. Ichigo's birthday was coming up in two months. The girls and their father planned to visit his gravestone along with their mothers. Yuzu had grown a little bit. Her hair was a little longer and she was going into her first year of middle school. Her powers were also starting to develop. She could now see ghosts clearly. Karin was taller and was starting to develop into a woman. Her hair was down past her shoulder but she mostly kept it in a ponytail. Her powers were more developed than her sisters. She could focus her power and make a ball of spiritual pressure instead of using a soccer ball. Ishin was Ishin he was the same as always.

Uryu had graduated from High School valedictorian. He was stronger than he used to be. But he was still angered that he could not do a thing to help Ichigo. Uryu now helped at his father's hospital. Orihime graduated high school as well she was second only to Uryu. Her power had grown very little but her healing abilities were off the charts. She worked in a café. She did not cook anything because of her strange tastes. The reason the owner never fired her was because she attracted many customers and it more than made up for her mess ups. Also she attracted some strange pink haired girl with glasses. Orihime still had nightmares of when Ichigo was taken. Chad also graduated from high school. His power was growing. He now worked with a fruit vendor who reminded him of his abuelo. He also worked with Uruhara. He asked Uruhara to help train his powers.

Hueco Mundo

Ichigo had gain control of his powers. He also was able to achieve the power he had when he fought Aizen. Nel, Alma, Muramasa, Tenzen had put Ichigo through the ringer in the past two months. Nel was the one training Ichigo to control his powers. It was hard for him. So hard that Alma made something similar to the cannonball that Ganju used in the soul society, but it was in the form of a bracelet. Ichigo used the bracelet to little by little learn to control his spiritual pressure. After about five weeks he could control his power but only for about an hour before it came flooding out.

Muramasa and Tenzen were in charge of training Ichigo. Muramasa was as tall as Ichigo. He had dark blue hair that ran down to the center of his back and green eyes. He had a slender build, the broken part of his mask covered his mouth It looked like a ninja mask with teeth markings in it. He could speak but he chose not to most of the time. His hole was found in his arm the hole of a hollow. He wore all white like all Espadas and Vasto Lords. He wore white pants and a white zipped up vest. Tenzen on the other hand was a big man. He was easily as big as Chad or maybe bigger. His hair was black and military cut he had a goatee. His broken mask was on his nose. It looked like a horn where his nose should be. His hollow hole was located where his heart should have been. He wore White pants and a long sleeve white jacket that was left opened.

Muramasa and Tenzen were easily the bane of Ichigo's existence for the last two months. They would continually fight Ichigo. Their fighting styles were completely different. Muramasa valued speed and precise attacks, no wasted movement. He was fast far faster than Ichigo at the time. He reminded Ichigo of Yoruichi. His sword took the shape of two gauntlets with two blades coming out of them. (Think of wolverine except with 2 claws instead of 3.) Muramasa trained Ichigo's speed and reaction time. Tenzen was the complete opposite. He was all power, but unlike Yammy he did not rely on just his power. He had a sixth sense like no other. He forced Ichigo into matches that were about power and skill. His sword took the shape of Giant five star mace. It was as big as one of Ichigo's legs and five times the thickness. Ichigo over the two months had gained the power he once had. He also could use the final Getsuga without losing his powers. He was ready to challenge Dozu for the right to be king.

Ichigo was sitting with Nel. She was leaning against him with her head on his shoulder. Their hands were intertwined. "Ichigo I have been meaning to ask you. Why is it that your Zanpukto is white now?" Ichigo kissed her on top of her mask, which made her blush but you could not tell due to her mark across her face. "Before my hollow side was always the opposite of me. Since me and him are now one and I'm a hollow it seems my sword just adapted." Nel smiled and nuzzled against Ichigo's neck. "Hey strawberry fight me!" a hollow yelled at Ichigo. Ichigo and Nel turned to see Yammy standing behind them. "Let go of that cow and fight me!" Yammy yelled at ichigo. Ichigo was now furious. He let go of Nel and kissed her on the lips.

"Yammy I'm going to fight you. But if I win you had better never call Nel a cow again. Is that CLEAR!" Ichigo yelled at Yammy. Yammy chuckled "Let everything be torn to pieces IRA!" Yammy yelled releasing his full power in his resureccion state. He was a huge centaur looking thing. Ichigo just stared at Yammy before pulling his Zapakto out. "When you want to defend, defend. When you want to attack, attack. Never take a step back or perish. Tensai Zangetsu." Ichigo yelled. The form standing in front of Yammy was the same form he had taken when he was fighting Uliqiorra. His hair was much longer. His nails were claws. His mask cover his full head. Two horns came out from the mask. He had two red streaks that went down over his eyes. He still wore his Bankai's jacket. The only major difference was his zapukto was white instead of black and so was his jacket. Nel had seen this form before with their training. Just like Uliqiorra Ichigo had two forms to his release.

Yammy cocked back his arm and let it fly. He tried to hit Ichigo only to be stopped by the tip of Ichigo's sword. Yammy pulled his arm back. He put his hands together and raised them over his head. He brought them down on Ichigo. Ichigo blocked the attack with his sword again. The blocking of this attack made the earth shake. Many of the Vasto Lords came to see what was happening. All they saw was Ichigo blocking all of Yammy's attacks. Each time Ichigo blocked the earth shook. Yammy was in full anger mode. He bit part of his tongue and formed a cero. Ichigo looked up at him. He formed a cero between the horns on his mask. They both fired and dust kicked up covering the area. When the dust settled Yammy was on the ground his arm just being attached by his muscles. Everyone watched as Ichigo walked up to Yammy and slashed his arm completely off. "If you ever call her a cow again you will not be so lucky. Is that clear!" Ichigo had grabbed Yammy's massive head and dug his claws in. Yammy let out a low "yes" before passing out and returning to his original state. "Hediyo get out here and fix Yammy up." The Vasto Lord named Hediyo was in charge of all medical help. He was short for a Vasto Lord. Only about five feet tall. The broken part of his mask was over his right eye. It protruded out and looked almost like a telescope on his face. He was a great healer but was nothing compared to Orihime.

Ichigo walked over to Nel. He transformed back into his original state and sheathed his sword. "Nel would you like to go to the realm of the living it's my birthday after all." Ichigo smiled at her and offered a hand to her. She took it and stood up. She kissed him on the lips. "Sure it sounds fun." Nel held on to his hand as the Gargantua opened up and they walked through. When the gargantuan opened they were in a cemetery. Ichigo stood in front of his mother's grave. He looked to the left of it and saw his name. "Hi mom. I'm back." Ichigo said in a low voice. Nel hugged him.

Soul Society

"Sir! There are two espadas in Karakua town." One soul reaper of the research division said to his captain Kurotsuchi. "Hmm interesting what might they be up to? Well anyway inform Captain Yamamoto immediately also inform all other captains and assistant captains." He said almost bored. "This is an Emergency meeting. We have two espadas in the human world. They are not in a poplulated area but we must deal with them. I want four captains and their lieutenants to go there and put them down. Any Volunteers?" the Captain Commander asked. "I will go. I have not had a good fight in ages." Captain Zaraki said immediately. "I will also go. We need to get rid of them without causing to much damage." Captain Kuchiki said in a calm tone. "I will go as well. I feel much better today and I could use the exercise." Captain Ukitake said while scratching his head. "I will go as back up sir." Captain Hitsugaya said. The Captain Commander nodded. They were off. The four Captains and their assistant captains followed through the hell butterfly gate.

Yuzu and Karin were walking to visit their brother's grave. They were surprised to find Uryu, Orihime, Chad and Tatsuki along the way. "Hi everyone!" Yuzu yelled. The group turned and saw the two girls. "Yuzuchan! Karinchan! How are you two?" Orhime had pulled the girls into a hug. "We have been fine Inousan, but I can't breathe." Karin let out a gasp. Orhime let them go and Karin walked to Tatsuki and talked with her while Yuzu continued to talk with Orihime. The two men just walked in silence. They were within sight of Ichigo's grave when they saw two people standing in front of it. Chad, Uryu, and Orihime tightened up when they saw green hair. Yuzu, Karin, and Tatsuki only saw the person next to her. They could never forget that person. "ICHIGO!" Yuzu and Karin screamed running up to their brother. Ichigo turned and had a smile on his face. His sisters jumped into his arms and hugged him with tears streaming down their face. They started to cry "Its ok Yuzu, Karin. I'm here." He rubbed their backs. Nel watched the family bond.

Tatsuki was the first in the group to speak "Hey Ichigo." She said in a tone that made it seem she did not know what to say. The other three were in defensive positions. Nel just smiled at them. "I am not here to fight. I am here just for Ichigo." Nel said happily. They looked at her then Ichigo who only nodded and they loosened up. "You have grown Yuzu, and you can see me. So your powers have grown to. Karin your finally turning into a woman." Ichigo chuckled getting a small hit on the head from Karin. Ichigo looked at his friends. "So guys how have you been?" Ichigo asked everyone. "You're and Idiot how do you think we have been! You have been gone for over two years and we did not know if you were alive or dead." Tatsuki yelled at him. "I'm sorry Tatsuki bt unfortunately I had to do this." Ichigo said with sad eyes. "What do you mean Ichigo?" Orhime finally spoke. "To prevent a war between the espadas and soul reapers I have to become their king." Ichigo said flatly. "But Onisan you will be with us now right?" Yuzu asked almost pleading. "I'm sorry Yuzu I can't me being here now will cause many problems. But I will make you a deal. I will come visit you, Karin, and even the old man on Christmas, your b-day, my b-day, Karin's bday, the oldman's b-day, our mothers b-day, and the anniversary of our mothers death how does that sound." Ichigo asked both his sisters. "You promise right." Karin asked with tears in her eyes that shocked everyone. "Yes I promise Karin, Yuzu." He hugged both of them when a hell butterfly gate opened near them. Eight people walked out. They looked over and saw six humans who Rukia easily Identified as Chad, Uryu, Orihime, Tatsuki, Karin and Yuzu. The eight that emerged also saw two espada. One was a female with green hair and a mask on her head she had a red mark across her face. The other had his back towards them. He was hugging the two young girls. The Captains and their assistants got into defensive postures. The one espada stood up and turned around. He was tall, he wore all white pants, and a long sleave all white jacket that was zipped up. He had orange hair and red markings on his face. "Ichigo?" was all Rukia said when she saw him.

"hello Rukia." Ichigo said in a calm tone still just paying attention to his sisters and friends. Ukitake stepped forward and approached Ichigo. "Ichigo-kun what happened to you?" Ukitake asked while Renjis and Rukia were approaching. Hitsugaya, Byakuya, and Zeraki stood back watching closely. Ichigo went through his entire story from start till when they met. His sisters cried at what Ichigo had gone through. Tatsuki, Orihime, Rukia, and Matsumoto kept their tears at bay. The rest just looked at Ichigo with calm glances. Nel was slightly on edge with all the soul reapers around. "SO ICHIGO YOU REGAINED YOUR POWERS! NOW WE CAN FIGHT! HAHA!" Zaraki screamed about to pull his sword out. Ichigo shunpoed in front of Zaraki, and put his hand on Zaraki's sword and forced it back in its sheath. "Zaraki keep you lust for battle and spiritual pressure in check! I don't want my sisters to come to harm!" everyone was amazed at Ichigo's power and speed. He not only stopped a Captain but forced him to not fight.

Ukitake put a hand on Zaraki's shoulder "Calm down Zaraki. But I will say I am surprised about you Kurusaki Ichigo. " He walked to Ichigo and started to examine him. Byakuya and Renji were looking at Ichigo as if he was an enemy. Toushiro did not know what to think. Rukia had her hands over her mouth with tears in her eyes. Then next thing no one expected. Matsumoto pulled Ichigo into a big breasted bear hug. "Ichigo you look soo good the way you are now." Matsumoto squeezed him a little tighter. Nel stepped forward and pried her off him and glare at the woman. "Leave Ichigo alone." Nel said in a cold tone with her arms crossed across her chest. Matsumoto just looked at her. "Who are you? And what are you to Ichigo?" Matsumoto yelled while pointing at Nel. " I am Nelliel the third Espada." She moved her the bottom part of her shirt to show a tattooed 3 on her hip. "And" she was cut off Byakuya and Rnji going to attack her. Renji sliced at her head while Byakuya shunpoed behind her to stabe her through the back. Nel pulled her sword and blocked Renji. Ichigo was behinf Nel and caught Byakuya sword between his index and middle fingers on his right hand. "What are you doing Kurasaki Ichigo?" Byakuya asked flatly. "I am stopping you what does it look like." Ichigo smirked. "WHY! ICHIGO! She is an ESPADA! She is the enemy!" Renji yelled over Nel's shoulder. "Have you already forgot what you have seen Renji? Maybe I should remind you." Ichigo unzipped his jacket with his left hand to reveal the giant hole in his chest. Everyone gasped, they knew what he was now but did not want to believe it. The Captains and their assistants were now all facing Ichigo and Nel except for Rukia, Captain Ukitake and Yachiru. "It seems your now our enemy Kurusaki." Byakuya said in a cold tone. Ichigo smirked "am I you don't even know why I am like this. But that does not matter my time is up. We need to go back to Las Noches. So this is goodbye." A gargantua opened up behind him and Nel and they walked through.

Yuzu and Karin had tears pouring down their cheeks. Karin pulled away from Yuzu. Yuzu grabbed hold of Orihime and kept crying. Karin walked up to where all the Soul Reapers were. She looked angry at all of them "Why is it you people always have to hurt my brother! He lost his powers to help you and none of you came back to help him! When he was kidnapped you did nothing! You always interfere with all of our lives!" Karin yelled at all of them. She was clenching her fists till her knuckles became pale white. "Karin-chan it is not that simple." Rukia tried to put a hand on Karin's shoulder. Karin smacked Rukia's hand away. "SHUT UP! None of you even wanted to listen to what he had to say! He said that there were far more of them now! And the only reason he became one of them was to put a stop to a war that was coming! What good are any of you when my brother sacrifices himself for the good of everyone!" Karin fell to her knees and was crying. Tatsuki walked over to Karin and wraped her arms around her to comfort her. Uryu and Chad stepped forward. "I think it is time for all of you to leave you have done enough." Uryu said with some killer intent. Rukia went to speak again "Kuchikisan we do not want to hear your excuses right now so please leave." Rukia looked shocked that Chad had spoken to her that way. The hell butterfly gate opened again the eight walked through, but only one was crying when she walked through.