Hichigo King of Hollows Ch 13

When they got to the theatre Ichigo knew he was in for a rough ride. Yuzu and Karin wanted to watch a romantic comedy. Ichigo wanted to watch an action movie. Nel did not know what a movie was. Yuzu and Karin pulled Nel to the side and told her what a romantic comedy was like, and why couples watched them. Nel walked over to Ichigo and put her best puppy dog eyes on "can we see the romantic comedy, please?" Ichigo was trying to hold down the blush on his face Nel looked so cute. "Alright." He sighed. Karin, Yuzu, and Nel were ecstatic. They got their tickets, some food and drinks and went in. Karin was at the end, Yuzu, next to her, Ichigo next to her, and Nel next to him. The movie began and Ichigo sighed. This is going to be interesting he thought.

An hour or so passed and the movie started to get good. Nel leaned on Ichigo resting her head on his shoulder. Ichigo reached and held on to her hand intertwining their fingers. The movie got a part where the two main characters realized they loved each other after one kiss. Ichigo turned to Nel who was looking at him he leaned in and kissed her. She began to kiss him passionately and he returned the kiss with equal passion. The continued for a few moments before pulling away and letting their foreheads touch. Both were blushing, Nel leaned her head back onto his shoulder and he leaned his on her head.

Yuzu and Karin watched them with grins. Yuzu turned to Karin and leaned into whisper into her ear "I never seen Ichinee this happy." Karin just nodded and whispered to her "I know. She must really make him happy." Yuzu nodded "I hope they stay together." Karin just smiled "me to Yuzu." They then turned to watch the movie. Yuzu looked towards Ichigo to see he was looking at her. Yuzu just mouthed 'nothing' Ichigo just nodded and leaned his head against Nel. Yuzu smiled and wanted to squeal but didn't.

Else Where in Karakura Town

A gate opened and Hitsugaya, Matsumoto, Ikkaku, Renji, and Rukia emerged in their gigais. Since they believed the espada to be Ichigo they thought they could just use their gigais to go around the city. "I want all you to spread out. Look for any signs of Vasto Lords and Ichigo. If you find either call it in." Hitsugaya pulled out the soul pager for directions to the last area where the spiritual pressure was active. He looked in the general direction where the spiritual pressure was last noted "I suggest we start where it was originally started from then spread out." All there nodded and followed Hitsygaya.

When they arrived they found delinquents passed out on the ground. Rukia touched one of them on the head. She focused her senses for a moment. She could feel residual spiritual pressure on the boy. It was very familiar but felt much darker and more powerful even for a small amount. "I think this was Ichigo's doing." Hitsugaya nodded. "I want you all to spread out now. Find him, call it in, and we will see if he has a good explanation for this." Again they nodded. "If he doesn't?" Ikkaku asked. Hitsugaya's faced hardened "Then we will have to deal with him." Matsumoto began to chuckle. "What is it Matsumoto?" She turned to look at Hitsugaya. "Do you think that we will be able to take him? He was the one that beat Aizen after all." Rukia stepped over to her "Yeah but he also lost his powers when he did so." Renjis pinched the bridge of his nose. "True but he became a vasto lord and he probably as powerful as or more so than he was then. Not to mention this is Ichigo we are talking about." Ikkaku nodded "He is the only one in history to reach bankai so quickly. If he is even stronger now?" Ikkaku trailed of a giant grin was plastered on his face. Hitsugaya just sighed "we will deal with that later now spread out!" They all walked off in pairs of two except for Ikkaku. Hitsugaya and Matsumoto and Renji and Rukia.

Elsewhere in town

Yuzu and Karin walked out of the theatre followed by Nel and Ichigo. Yuzu and Karin ran towards a clothing store. Ichigo chuckled "Nel will you keep my sisters company for a bit?" Nel nodded. Ichigo pulled out some money "Here let them get some cloths and why don't you get some nice things to." Nel kissed ichigo and yanked the money out of his hand. "Yuzu, Karin He gave me money so we can get cloths!" Nel yelled to the girls who squealed and the three disappeared into the store. What have I done! He thought quickly. Ichigo walked towards the jewelry shop that the girls were admiring before.

He entered the store and looked at the three items he wanted. The shopkeeper an old man around sixty or so saw Ichigo. "Is there something you would like son?" Ichigo nodded and pointed to the three items. "O these are very nice who are they for?" Ichigo pointed to the silver necklace with a butterfly "This is for my youngest sister." He pointed to the silver bracelet with the guitar in the middle "This one is for my oldest sister" he pointed to the ring "This one is for someone very special to me" The man chuckled. "Seems like you are a very generous brother." Ichigo chuckled "I have been away for awhile so I figure I should spoil them a little." The man chuckled. "Are your sister's gifts for a birthday or something?" Ichigo nodded. "Well then let me wrap them for you." The man said happily. "What type of paper would you like for the necklace?" Ichigo thought for a moment "Pink or yellow." The man pulled out some pink paper and wrapped it. "For the bracelet blue or red would be good." The man nodded and wrapped it in red paper. Both had bows on top. "Alright then that will be…" Ichigo paid the amount. He pocketed Nel's box with her ring in it. Yuzu and Karin's gifts were in a bag that was discrete enough that they could not see in it.

Clothing Store

Yuzu and Karin were picking out shirts and pants. Nel on the other hand made her way towards the back of the store where they had lingerie. She was looking at all the styles. "I wonder if he would like frilly? Lace? Or?" Nel held up a leather type corset , Bra, and thong combo. Nel heard chuckling behind her. She froze and turned around slowly. Yuzu and Karin were behind her. Yuzu had a big blush on her face while Karin was grinning. "So going to surprise Ichigo huh?" Karin asked. Nel gulped slightly but nodded. "Well, let us help." Karin picked out a black and red leather version of what Nel had in her hands. "I think he would like this one." She said with a grin. Yuzu coughed a little to get their attention "I think this one is best." Yuzu had a pale pink frilly bra, thong, stocking combo in her hand. Nel chuckled and put the one in her hand back and pulled out another one. "I think this one is more to his liking." Nel had a black and dark green lace corset, bra, thong, and stocking combo. The girls began to laugh and kept looking for Nel's surprise for Ichigo.

Elsewhere in town

Toshiro and Matsumoto were walking through town. Matsumoto would stop every so often to look in the shops. This time she was looking into a book store. "He is not in there, but there is a cute guy in there." She pointed to a teen that had long black hair and an elegant look about him. He had a book open in his hand. "If it is not him then he is of no importance." Toshiro said coldly. He was irritated with listening to her point out every cute guy they saw. Matsumoto just shrugged and walked next to Toshiro. They came to a jewelry store. Matsumoto practically jumped at the window, She was admiring all the fine merchandise. She looked at the counter and her eyes widened "I found him." Toshiro had a tic on his head. "If it is not Ichigo I don't care who you found!" He practically shouted. Matsumoto cleared her throat. "I mean I found Ichigo." She pointed to him. Toshiro looked at the counter, no mistake it was him.

Ichigo came out of the store and felt chilly. "Weird it's supposed to be summer." Ichigo heard someone clear their throat behind him. He turned to see a calm Toshiro, and a drooling Matsumoto. "Wow! I did not know that you became a hottie Ichigo." She purred as she got closer to him. "Please get off Matsumoto. I have a girlfriend." Matsumoto instantly frowned. "Why are you here Ichigo Kurosaki?" Ichigo just glanced at Toshiro. "What no "Hi how are you Ichigo?" I think I like Matsumoto's greeting more than yours Toshiro." Matsumoto perked up slightly but Toshiro was slightly mad. "I'm not here for games Kurosaki, why are you in the world of the living? Why did you hurt those people?" The air started to become cold. Matsumoto got behind her captain. Ichigo's eyes narrowed. "I suggest you calm yourself Toshiro Hitsugaya before you do something you will not live to regret." Toshiro's eyes widened. "Is that a threat Kurosaki!" Ichigo just shook his head. "I am showing you the same hostility your showing me." Toshiro gritted his teeth. "Then just answer my questions." Ichigo looked at Toshiro. "I'm here to celebrate my sister's birthday. Also those guys tried to hurt my sisters. I did not kill them so they will be fine." Toshiro loosened up slightly. "I see. Is that all you came to do?" Ichigo shook his head again. "My other business does not involve you but the Captain of the first company. I have a meeting with him tomorrow at noon." Toshiro and Matsumoto's eyes widened. Toshiro pulled out his phone and started to call someone. Ichigo started walking back while being followed by the two.

Clothing Store

Yuzu and Karin had picked out some cloths for themselves and Nel had picked out her surprise for Ichigo. The girls were checking out. Nel looked at the money left over, there was still plenty. "We got a good bit of money left, why don't we go to the café to this shop." Yuzu jumped up and down with stars in her eyes. Karin just face palmed. "What did I do?" Nel asked. Karin just sighed "Yuzu has wanted to go to that shop for awhile now. She wants the super chocolate parfait that they just came out with." Karin looked at Nel who had stars in her eyes now. "I love sweet things!" she squealed Yuzu grabbed her hand "Lets go!" and they took off next door Karin following behind.

Nel and Yuzu were looking at them menu. Admiring all the sweet things on it, Karin did not really like super sweet things. The waitress came to the table and saw to two giggling girls and Karin. "What would you like?" Yuzu and Nel looked at each other "We want the largest super chocolate parfait you have! And some oolong tea." they said together. The waitress nodded and turned to Karin. "I would like a medium cappuccino and a slice of chocolate raspberry cake." The woman nodded and left. Nel and Yuzu turned to Karin. "I thought you did not like sweet things." Yuzu asked. Karin sighed "I don't like super sweet things like you two, but I do like sweet things with cappuccinos."

Nel put her head on her hand "So how do you like your brother coming back?" She asked the two. "Its great, better than I thought it would be." Yuzu chimed. "Better than you thought?" Nel asked. "well I thought Ichigo would be like he was before, kind of moody but a good brother. But right now he is caring and he shows it instead of bottling it up." Yuzu said with a smile. "Yeah, before he would just protect us, but now he is really acting like a caring brother. I guess we have you to thank for that." Karin said with a grin. "Ichigo was always caring he just had a hard time showing it." Nel stated. Karin just shook her head "I think it's more you bring out the best in him." Nel slightly blushed while Yuzu nodded. The waitress came back with their order. A monster parfait was set in front of Yuzu and Nel. Both had spoon in hand and were ready to dig in. They placed their tea out of the way. Karin took a sip of her drink and eyed her cake.

Elsewhere Nearby

Rukia's brow was furrowed. She was concentrating on following the little energy that Ichigo let off. Renji was just watching her. Renji began to smile "Hey you know if you look like that walking people will think you need to take a crap." A tick mark appeared on Rukia's forehead. She jumped up and kicked Renji in the head. He quickly fell to the ground where she began to stomp on him "you idiot! I'm trying to do our job and find him! Take this! This! And this!" She finished him off with a swift kick to the nuts. She wiped the sweat from her brow. Her mouth felt dry. "Great now I need a drink." Renji slowly got up and pointed to a café "How about we grab a drink there?" Rukia just looked at him "with what money dumbass." Renji just shrugged "we could wipe their memories." Rukia perked up a little. "If the captains find out it was all you." She said as she dragged him to the café.

When they entered the café they felt three spiritual energies. One felt like it was being suppressed by a great amount. The other two were strong and felt like Ichigo's power when Rukia first met him. Rukia looked around and found what she was looking for. She saw Ichigo's two sisters and the woman named Nel. Rukia walked up to their table followed by a slow moving Renji. Yuzu looked up from her parfait that she was sharing with Nel. She instantly squealed and ran up to her. "Rukiachan! I missed you!" she yelled as she hugged Rukia. Rukia was shocked but returned the hug. Nel just observed the two newcomers. She knew who they were so she was on guard. Karin was done with her cake and was sipping her drink. "Come on you have to join us to." Yuzu told Rukia and Renji as she pulled Rukia to the table. Yuzu pulled up to chairs to the table where everyone sat in silence for a few moments. The waitress had given Rukia and Renji drinks. Yuzu's smile seemed forced now.

Nel took a sip of her drink and then looked at Rukia "Why are you here?" She asked both. Rukia's eyes narrowed "we could ask you the same thing." She chided. Renji just shook his head "We are here to investigate the release of a espadas power. Depending on the answer we may have to bring you back with us." Nel just chuckled "I doubt you could, but it was not I who released that power. It was Ichigo." Rukia and Renji had the same thought I doubt we could bring him in. Yuzu started fidgeting and Karin was calm. Karin took a sip of her drink and sighed "he released his power to save me and Yuzu from some delinquents. It was our fault not his." Yuzu nodded to agree with her. Rukia smiled He has not changed. "I see, but we will still need to speak with him." The girls nodded and Nel just watched the two. "So how many came with you?" Nel asked Rukia. "One captain, two assistant captains, and two seated officers." She finished taking a sip of her drink. Nel chuckled "That's not enough to stop him, you know that right?" Renji and Rukia just nodded. Yuzu and Karin exchanged glances.

With Ichigo

Ichigo was walking back towards the clothing store where he had left the girls. He heard two sets of footsteps coming from behind him. He sighed heavily. "How long are you going to follow me?" Matsumoto looked at Hitsugaya "Until we confirm you're not a threat to people." Ichigo scoffed "That's a bit harsh considering I saved all these people and the soul society." Hitsugaya tensed up "You did not do that alone Ichigo many people helped." Ichigo nodded but did not turnaround "That's true, but no one else could beat Aizen. I was the one who ultimately won that war. Everybody knows it. Cause if I did not beat him, who was going to?" Ichigo's tone was getting darker by the minute. "I beat him when no one else could even touch him. I gave up my powers to save people who would never know. I saved people who would always remember what I did but never say thank you! They would just leave me be not even attempting to help me regain my powers. Now the same people I helped who did not help me think that I'm a threat to those I saved. If I wanted it I could destroy half the soul society by myself. So I suggest you get out of here. You've put me In a bad mood." Ichigo started to walk off.

Ichigo heard some fast footsteps but they were not behind him. He glanced up to see a figure descending on him. "Ichigo!" the figure yelled. Ichigo quickly hopped backwards to avoid the wooden sword of Ikkaku striking at him. Ichigo just looked at Ikkaku. Ikkaku watched Ichigo as he pointed his sword at him "Lets have a match!" Ichigo started to chuckle but it was soon full blown laughter. Ikkaku looked shocked so did Hitsugaya and Matsumoto. "What's so funny Ichigo?" Ikkaku asked placing his sword on his belt. Ichigo just looked at him "Its good that certain things don't change." Ichigo said with a grin.

In Hell

Four figures were watching Ichigo. The tall skinny man looked bored. The fat man looked bored as well. The muscular man looked eager. "Come on Ichigo fight him!" The man yelled. The last man looked mad. "This Kurosaki Ichigo is useless to us." The other three turned to look at their master. "I want the demon he used to be." Images of the fight between Ichigo and Ulquiorra appeared. It showed when Ichigo went berserk. "We will make him despair." The tall lengthy man looked at his master "How do we do that?" The man waved his hand and images appeared. Yuzu, Karin, Rukia, and Nel appeared. "We shall take away what makes him Kurosaki Ichigo and make him into a demon once more." The other three smirked. "What is thy plan my master?" The fat man asked. The man in question looked at the images. "We will make him fall into despair one step at a time. We shall start with his sisters. Since we cannot leave this place we will make a human do it for us." He waved his hand again. An image of a male teen with shoulder length hair, black pants, white shirt, suspenders, and a book with a bookmark appeared. "We shall make use of this human. His ability will help our plans." The man chuckled. "But we have much to set up first. Ichigo said he will return for the next holiday in the coming weeks. We shall start then." The other three men began to laugh while their master pulled up an image of Ichigo with his mask on. "You will serve me soon." He smiled. Then an idea crossed his mind "why don't we start with her?" An image of Nel appeared. The three grinned. "I have the perfect little pawn for this." The man grinned as an image of a dark haired Vasto Lorde appeared. The man had green eyes and part of a mask under his eye.

With Ichigo

Ichigo found Yuzu, Karin, and Nel with Rukia and Renji. He rubbed his eyes Its just not my day He thought to himself. Yuzu and Karin looked at Ichigo and then his bag. They began to grin. "Whats in the bag Ichinisan?" Yuzu asked in her cutest voice with her cutest face. Ichigo quickly turned away so he would not give in. But Karin was now on his other side with puppy dog eyes. Ichigo turned to Nel. She looked excited too. He just huffed. He pulled out the pink wrapped gift and handed it to Yuzu, then pulled out the red one and handed it to Karin. Both girls opened their gifts. Yuzu squealed when she saw her necklace she quickly put it on. Karin's eyes widened when she saw her bracelet she put it on. They turned to their brother and hugged him. Yuzu kissed him on the cheek. "Thanks ichinisan." Yuzu said Karin quickly pecked him on the cheek. Surprising Ichigo and Yuzu "Thanks Ichigo." She grabbed him by his shirt "Don't tell anyone that I did that." She said quickly. Ichigo turned to Nel who looked happy but disappointed. "are you ok Nel?" He asked moving closer to her. Nel just looked at him and smiled "Yeah I'm fine." Her smiled faltered a little. "Nel can you close your eyes for a second?" Nel just did as she was told. Ichigo pulls out the box in his pocket and opens it. "Ok Nel open them." Nel did and was shocked. She looked at the ring then at Ichigo she instantly hugged him and kissed him. Ichigo blushed and slipped it on her finger. Rukia and Renji just looked at each other. "You think they know we are here?" Renji asked Rukia. "I doubt it they are out in their own world." Rukia smiled but it was a sad smile. "Lets go I've seen enough." Both turned to see Hitsugaya, Matsumoto and Ikkaku. The two nodded and got up. The five walked out of the café.

With Hitsugaya

"Sir, why are we leaving?" Rukia asked Hitsugaya. "I told you I have seen enough." Hitsugaya said coldly. Rukia felt a slight chill. Renji turned to Matsumoto "whats with him?" he asked. Matsumoto just smiled "well…


Ichigo and Ikkaku smirked and shook hands. "So seriously Ichigo how about a match?" Ikkaku grinned. Ichigo just chuckled "Maybe, later." Hitsugaya stepped forward and up to Ichigo "I want a match." He demanded. Ichigo just looked at the small Captain "No thanks I'm busy." And he turned to walk away. Hitsugaya sneered and grabbed Ichigo by the arm. "Then you are a threat that needs to be brought in!" He almost screamed. Ichigo glared at him then looked at Matsumoto who just lowered her eyes. "Fine. I hope you don't regret it shrimp." Hitsugaya looked even more angry now. The four made their way to a empty park. "Matsumoto put up a barrier." Hitsugaya ordered. She just nodded. Ichigo quickly walked up to her. "Whats with him?" He asked. Her eyes went down to the ground "Ever since Aizen he has been training. He wants to know that his training was a success I guess, but more than anything I believe he dislikes that you always have power." Ichigo nodded. But something crossed his mind. "Hey how am I supposed to get out of this body?" He turned back to her and was met by a palm to his chin. His body fell limp to the ground where Ikkaku picked it up and moved it. Ichigo moved his arms and stretched. Hitsugaya was already ready to go. He drew his sword and turned to Matsumoto "How long can you keep the barrier up?" Matsumoto shrugged "If you two hold back maybe ten minutes." She turned to Ichigo who was still leaking his spiritual energy. She shrugged "But if he lets that much out I'm going to say about five." Hitsugaya nodded. Now I can see if I am getting stronger. I will never let Momo go through that again! He thought to himself. Ichigo drew his sword and held it lightly in one hand.

Hitsugaya charged Ichigo and flash stepped behind him. He went to slice Ichigo but Ichigo turned and caught his blade with two fingers. Ichigo then quickly moved his blade to Hitsugaya's throat. "That's already one time you would have died."Ichigo said. Hitsugaya quickly back off. He released his sword to its first state. He swung his chain around and flung it at Ichigo. Ichigo just dodged the chain with ease. Finally the chain wrapped around Ichigo's wrist and froze. Ichigo just looked at his wrist "That was a bad move." He said without looking at Hitsugaya. Hitsugaya flash stepped to Ichigo's side. Ichigo just yanked on the chain and Hitsugaya was off balance. Ichigo held his sword to his throat again and held up two fingers with his sword hand. Hitsugaya sneered I have trained so hard and I can't even make a dent on him! He thought to himself.

With Matsumoto and Ikkaku

"This is an interesting fight don't you think Ikkaku?" She asked. Ikkaku just shook his head. She raised an eyebrow. Ikkaku noticed this "The captain is to emotional. His moves are reckless and he has already sealed himself." Matsumoto quirked her head "What do you mean?" Ikkaku pointed to Ichigo's wrist that had a frozen chain attached "He restricted his own movements by doing that. On a weaker opponent it would be good, but Ichigo is stronger and faster than him. Plus he is calm, actually he is just toying with him.

With Ichigo and Hitsugaya

Ichigo was now using the chain to his advantage. Anytime Hitsugaya tried to attack he yanked the chain. He used his strength to fling the small captain around. Hitsugaya hit the ground multiple times. Finally he flashed stepped behind Ichigo again. He went to stab Ichigo in the back. Ichigo turned and glared at the small Captain. He quickly grabbed the blade and snapped it in two. Hitsugaya's eyes widened. Ichigo then kicked him and cut the chain sending him flying. He walked over to Hitsugaya who was on the ground. He tossed the top half of his sword at his feet "Next time I will not be so nice about an attempted assassination." Ichigo then turned and walked back to his body.

End Of Flashback

Renji sighed "It's a good thing he is on our side." Renji muttered. Rukia just watched as the gate opened "How long do you think it will be that way?" She asked Renji. He just shrugged and the five went through the gate.

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