America's first course of action was to call Keith the armored car driver.

Normally, Keith was only called upon for important political type meetings and summits. Or, you know, when he was drunk. But America figured that without this car, this was the best option for traveling across the various continents.

"So where we off to, Al?" Keith asked, slipping into the driver's seat as America rolled down the privacy window.

"WacDonalds," the nation replied easily, slipping into the Chicago accent he always found himself speaking in when around the old Chicago native. "I lost my keys."

His pale green eyes connected with America's in the rearview window. "No kidding? That sucks, man! Don't you worry, we'll find them in no time!"

America smiled widely and gave the man an enthusiastic thumbs up. "Let's roll."

Keith pulled back of the car up to the luminescent speaker and rolled down the window on America's side.

In years past, America was a strictly Sunbucks Mocha Frap and egg croissant sandwich kind of guy in the morning, but once the economy started struggling, his boss made him make some changes. Not that it was a big deal, Egg WacMuffins were just as good, and a WacCafé Frappé was actually quite delicious.

"Welcome to WacDonalds!" the pre-recorded, animated voice chirped. "Would you like to sample our new 100% Angus Deluxe burger for only $4.99?"

America stuck his head out the window. "No thanks!"

There was a brief sizzle as the microphone was connected before a much less perky sounding voice took over. "Can I take your order?" It asked.

At least, America assumed it asked, because it was barely audible through the heavy static. He furrowed his eyebrows before clearing his throat. "Uh...yeah. Um, I'm actually not here for food. I was here this morning, and I lost my keys and I was wondering if anyone found them."

"Okay," the voice cracked. "You wanted a number three with a chocolate shake?"

America blinked. "Where the hell did you get-? No! No, I'm looking for my keys! Keeeeys!"

"Extra cheese?"


Keith sent him a look from the front seat. "See? This is why I said we should go in."

"Not now, Keith!" America spat, spinning to glare at the smirking man before turning back to the speaker. "Okay, listen really carefully. No food. Noooo food! I'm looking for my keys. Keys. Are. They. In. There?"

"I'm sorry sir, we don't have pears. Would you like sliced apples with dipping sauce instead?"


"That will be $5.53, please pull up to the first window."

America gaped at the speaker for a few moments, opening and closing his mouth before finally shutting it and leaning back into his seat with a pout. His eyes met the amused pair of his driver's in the rear view mirror, and he instantly narrowed them into a glower. "What?"

"You gonna eat that number three? 'Cause I missed lunch to cart your ass across the world and I'm feeling a little hungry."

"You're a douche."

"I'll take that as a yes."

The President pursed his lips, taking one last peak into the kitchen. Where was that boy? They were intended to meet to talk about his meeting with the G8 earlier that day at 4 o'clock, and it was already a quarter past.

Not that America coming to a meeting late was all that unheard of, but he always at least called.

It almost made him think that the young nation was hiding from him, probably because he had done something stupid.

Oh god, he had done something stupid, hadn't he?

"There you are, sweetie!" The President jumped as his wife suddenly appeared out of nowhere, smiling with a rather creepy grin on her face. "I was looking everywhere for you!"

The President narrowed his eyes skeptically at his suspiciously acting wife. "I've been looking everywhere for Alfred," he began slowly. "Have you seen him?"

"Alfred?" she asked far too innocently for his taste. "Didn't he have that…thing tonight?"

He raised an eyebrow. "…Thing?"

"Yeah!" She exclaimed. "You know, that…thing. With the…people?" When the President responded with merely a perplexed look on his face, she quickly continued. "Anyway, would you come with me a moment? I have some stuff I need you to help me with."

"Stuff? You're being particularly vague tonight, dear."

The First lady laughed nervously, taking his hand and dragging him down the hall. "Well, you know what they say, less is more!"

She winced at herself, praying America found his keys and found them fast.

Keith and America pulled out of the parking lot, Keith, munching happily on his Big Wac with extra cheese and apple slices, and America slurping on the chocolate shake he had taken reluctantly at Keith's insistence.

"So where to, little man?" the driver asked.

America groaned and lazily took his post-it from his pocket. "After breakfast I went to the summit. In France."

Keith thought that over for a moment. "That fruity, hairy boy that always grabs my ass?"

"That's the one."

The car made a sharp right. "You are one lucky S.O.B. that I like to you, boy."

America simply grinned, taking a long sip on his shake.

Keith joins the rank of Larry the bodyguard from Executive Residence and Tom the workbitch from Stand Beside Her and Guide Her. XD He's a cool cat, and is also based partly on my father. :P

We are off to France! I got some neat suggestions for the future, so believe me, we are gonna have some fun! Keep giving me ideas! Seriously, even the most forgotten about character could make an appearance!

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