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Scientific Method

Part One: Spirit Awakened

By: Danae Bowen

When she opened her eyes that morning, nothing physical she could define had been altered. A quick hand run through her hair determined her blonde locks were well and truly dishevelled. A quick glance down the length of her body determined the pink flannel pyjama bottoms she'd put on the night before were still covering her long legs and the yellow tank top she loved sleeping in still hid away most of her torso. When her feet struck the ground as she slid out of bed, the shudder that ran through her from the cool metal beneath her confirmed she was not trapped inside a dream. All in all, every single physical aspect of the morning was exactly like any other morning for Rose Tyler - awaking on the TARDIS wishing she'd remembered to bring those fuzzy pink slippers back from her mum's, yawning and wondering if the Doctor had thought to make tea.

This morning, however, deterred slightly from any previous morning. This morning Rose Tyler had awakened with her breath caught in her throat, her heart beating rapidly in her chest, her eyes wide and half glazed as she peered around her room. This morning, Rose awoke with the taste of the Doctor's lips upon her own, even his scent still filled her nostrils as she breathed in deeply, adjusting to the fact that she was, indeed, alone.

This was the morning Rose Tyler acknowledged that the 900 year old alien with whom she travelled was perhaps slightly more than just her best friend. Alright, definitely more than just her best friend. Cor, he was the center of her universe and this was the morning she was determined to face that very fact.

She paused. After she'd had a cup of tea.

"If I didn't know better, I'd think you're doing this to make me look the idiot," Rose muttered at the TARDIS, her voice muted by the cupboard in which she'd stuck her head and most of her upper body as she struggled to find the sugar. Any other morning, a cup of tea would have been a simple task; hot water, tea bag, a drop of milk and a spoonful of the sugar that was always, always available in the top left cupboard on the bottom shelf. This morning, Rose had searched all the upper shelves and now found herself on her hands and knees, digging into cupboards she wasn't positive existed twelve hours ago.

She knew she had to look ridiculous, pyjama bottoms riding low on her hips as her pink rear waggled behind her. Judging by the draft she was developing, it was quite possible her yellow tank top had ridden far higher than it was ever supposed to as well, leaving her regretting not getting changed, or at the very least not having slipped on a bra before making the foray into the kitchen. All in all, this morning was not shaping up to be one of her best, a fact made resoundingly clear when her hand finally closed around the hidden bag of sugar just as her brain registered a second presence in the room.

The Doctor's trainer squeaked on the metal floor, Rose's body jerked in surprise, the back of her head cracked into the top of the cupboard, and the sugar bag split down the center spraying white granules all through her hair and face, leaving the girl blinking in surprise and mortification as she struggled to free herself from the embarrassing position. Her lip popped into her mouth and she chewed on it soundly, a cross look marring her features as she found her footing and pulled herself up to her full height. Swallowing her rapidly beating heart, she turned to face the Doctor, expecting the corners of his lips to be upturned in a giggle, his dark gaze to be sparkling with mirth and his body poised to run as his mouth formed words that would earn him the infamous Tyler slap. Rather she was faced with a look entirely different. Even as sugar dropped from her hair to the ground, even through the Rose Tyler glare that would stop a Dalek cold in it's tracks, even without caffeine or makeup, a deep burn had appeared in the Doctor's eyes.

She swallowed thickly, the pace of her heart picking up and fluttering rapidly in her chest. She watched as his tongue slipped out to wet his lips, his fingers tightening on the door frame until his knuckles turned white with effort. When his expression returned to one with some semblance of control, he brought his eyes up, up her long legs to her perfect hips, up her bare midriff to her chest her breasts heaving with her efforts to draw air into her suddenly starved lungs, up over her pale neck, her ruby lips, her burning cheeks, until he captured her dark eyes with his own. Moments passed in silence, neither willing to break the stare, something building in the kitchen atmosphere terrifyingly tangible, threatening to smother them both even as Rose's knees turned weak and she reached for a chair to offer her support. When not even the chair was enough to keep her on her feet, Rose finally broke the gaze, instantly severing the electrical charge bouncing through the room, freeing them both from the impossible moment.

"Came to tell you the TARDIS shifted the upper cupboards to the lower. You found it anyway, don't need me, then." The Doctor cleared his throat, turning away from the girl who sat trembling in his kitchen. "Right, feel like the Trojan war today? I do. Fighting over a woman 'n all, very noble. The stories say Helen was playing both Paris and Agamemnon for control of both territories, but they never had any proof. I bet if we get you into the castle before Agamemnon's forces arrive on the beach, you could get Helen to say for sure. What d'you say, then?" He forced a manic grin onto his face, turning back and reaching his hand out to her, "C'mon, perfect moment in human history... and one of the biggest mysteries left in your civilization." When she still hadn't gotten to her feet, the Doctor cocked his head to the side. "C'mon lazy, the lost city of Troy!"

Finally, Rose rolled her eyes, allowing her body to relax as she brought a grin to her lips even if it didn't quite reach her eyes. "Yeah, yeah, just so you know, Doctor, if I end up kidnapped by a King and tied up in a wooden horse, I'll not be at all happy."

This time, the Doctor's smile was honest, interlacing his fingers into Rose's and pulling her to her feet. "Of course you will. You forget, Rose Tyler, I know you better than you know yourself. There will be screaming, panic and running, and you'll love every second."

She shook her head, allowing herself to be lead out of the kitchen, a giggle slipping past her lips as he pulled her down the corridor and into the dressing room.

It was going to be an interesting day.