Kenta: Allo Everybody! Kenta Raikiri here with a solution to his many many MANY stories problems! I have a bad habit of getting REALLY excited about stories that come into my head, which happens ALOT. I get inspiration from the most random of places, and the story will stay in my head until I write it down. Since I don't want to keep popping up stories that will get delayed, (and start working on my other stories) I have decided to create a Luigi-centric fic that I'll be able to place all of my strange Luigi stories in. Unless it goes on for more than four chapters, it will go in here.

A word of WARNING for those reading. This will have LOTS of wierd and non-wierd Luigi pairings, including LuigiXPeach, LuigiXDaisy (maybe, if I get inspired to do one again), LuigiXRosalina, LuigiXEclaire (go to MarioWiki and read the Super Luigi Series if you havn't played Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door), and LuigiXCharacters that I will randomly think up as a pairing, like the most recent LuigiXSamus. I don't know, I was reading the 'It Sucks to be Weegee' comics on DeviantArt and saw something out of Luigi...blowing the chance of a lifetime. I felt sorry, so I started thinking about it.

With that stated, I shall start this off with a LuigiXEclair fanfic.

I hope you enjoy.

For those of you who have read my other story 'The Legendary Knight' I thank you, and this is kind of a spoiler for it, so be careful. It's not like you havn't read it before, it's just than the book version of it.

This time I mean it, enjoy.

Dreams of a Knight

LuigiXEclair Rated T for Violence and Language.

Brown hair blew softly in the wind, a shaky gasp originating from a young woman. Eclair Waffle, princess of the Waffle Kingdom, watched in awe as the one-man army known as The Legendary Knight demolished his enemies left and right. Seven pieces of the Marvelous Compass were in his grasp, the final piece shining in her tiara. He would stumble and trip constantly, but it always turned in his favor; barely dodging a spear, making the enemies hit each other. So many trips and 'Lucky break's as the evil minister Crepe would mutter, she wondered if they really were accidental, or actually perfectly timed dodges.

Eclair POV

When the Legendary Knight had gotten past the courtyard, the minister dragged me down to the ballroom, where Prince Cashew was then transformed once more into the evil Chestnut King. He looked horrible, scared, I could feel his terror of the minister from my place next to the robed counselor.

"Listen well my pet. There is a man who will enter through those doors. If you defeat him, I will turn you back to normal. If not," He grinned wickedly. "Well, let's not worry about that. Shall we?"

The doors slammed open, revealing the Legendary Knight. He was panting, fatigue showing like a large banner above his head. He really wasn't wearing any armor, like I had thought knights would. He was wearing blue overalls, wore a hat and brown boots. His green shirt was ripped and cut, along with his facial hair, undoubtedly caused by the fighting of the twenty or so gaurds he had just faced, along with his original quest. However, there were SOME things that gave him a knightly look. A brown cloak blew behind him and his hands were covered by silver and gold gauntlets. A sword was strapped behind him, and a hammer was in his right hand.

"Crepe!" He shouted, taking deep breaths. "Release the princess! Now!"

The minister frowned. "Chestnut King! Attack!"

The Legendary Knight looked pale as the Chestnut King roared as it stood between him and Crepe, it was obvious he was fearful of trying to do battle with the monstrocity before him. But just when I thought he would turn to run, his gaze found mine, and I could see courage swell up inside of him. His eyes narrowed in determination, and he lept at my beloved, transformed prince. They fought each other, neither side giving up. The Legendary Knight tightened his fist, a crackling glow emenating from his hand. He slammed his glowing fist into the Chestnut King's stomach, electrocuting him and knocking him onto his back. The Legendary Knight jumped on top of him, panting as he raised his hammer above his head, ready to deal the finishing blow.

"NO!" I shout. "Don't hurt him anymore! He is my betrothed!"

The Legendary Knight stopped, his face pale. Was it because he realized what had been done to Prince Cashew? No, it wasn't just that. There was something else there too. he jumpd off of the Chestnut King, thowing away his hammer, before turning to the minister.

"Now let her go!" He pants.

The minister shoved me forward, into the strong and tense arms of the Legendary Knight, who then pulled out his sword. Had he known what had happened to Prince Cashew? Was that why he had used a hammer and not his sword as the fought the Chestnut King? The minister frowned deeply before thrusting his staff forward, shooting a dark purple sphere at us. The Legendary Knight threw me out of the way, towards the Chestnut King.

"Protect her!" He shouts. I believe he's talking to the Chestnut King.

He holds against the dark sphere, a screaming, resonating sound gyrating from the sword's steel. He flings the sphere back, the minister side-stepping the reflected attack. The Legendary Knight then charges him but is blasted back by a barrier surrounding the minister. He grunts as he gets up before charging. Again, again, and again. I feel fear rise within me as the minister then summons blade-tipped tentacles of darkness. They slash The Legendary Knight across the chest at the same time, all eight of them, and I can only scream as he falls to the ground, heavily hitting the floor with a sickening thud, his body motionless.

"HAHAHAHAHAAA! Finally! Luigi Segale is no more! Now, with all of the shards of the Marvelous Compass, I will rule the Waffle Kingdom! The Luff will rule this empire with an iron fist! HAHAHAHAA!" His evil laughter rings throughought the tower. A cold, bony hand grips my heart as I drop to my knees, tears flowing. The minister cackles. "Now now princess, no need to despair. I shall take good care of the Kingdom. I'll even have a nice prison cell prepared for you and your 'husband'. HAHAHAHA-!" His laughter suddenly stops, and when I look up, the Legendary Knight is floating up, his body limp. A light shines on my tiara, the compass piece shard breaking off and flying past the minister. "Wha-what is the meaning of this?" He shouts, fear in his voice.

The Legendary Knight is suddenly surrounded by the shards of the Marvelous Compass, along with it's base. A light engulfs each piece before they begin spinning around him, suddenly merging with him. When the light dies down, he is standing tall, the completed compass emblazened onto his forehead, looking like a birthmark. The minister's face flies into a fury, but each attack he sends, The Legendary Knight dodges with no effort, swiftly getting closer and closer to the minister. His face is blank, no emotion at all, even as the minister summons the bladded-tentacles again. The Legendary Knight dodges every one, before the minister turns to me, a wicket yet desperate grin on his face. It quickly disappears as his outstretched arm is seperated, courtesy of The Legendary Knight's sword.

"I foresaw that as well." He speaks in a monotone voice. He raises his sword to the minister's nose. "You just thought about commanding the Chestnut King to take Eclair hostage. Now you're wondering how I knew." Crepe's horrified face told it all. "It is simple." He speaks, his voice now getting a slightly angered tone. "I can see the future, and your future will end with this sword." He raised the blade. "Be gone with the howling thunder." The weapon fell.

The day in which we returned to the castle there was a great celebration, but I could not stay cheerful forever.

"I've seen visions of your beauty, and now, really seeing you, I can honestly say I've fallen for you." The Legendary Knight, Sir Luigi, spoke with so much emotion. I tried to speak, to tell him that my heart belonged to another, but he spoke again, sadness in his eyes. "But you love somone else. I had foreseen this, and it is as I envisioned." He wiped his eyes, tears falling. He turned towards the setting sun before speaking again. "This land has had it's peace returned, so there is no need for me to stay." He turned to me before kneeling. "When this Kingdom is in need of aid, send word and I will come, for I am The Legendary Knight."

I jolt upright in my lonely bed, tears running down my face. The dream I had was the exact same one that I have had since Prince Chashew had left me, still fearful of Crepe possibly returning. I walk to my balcony, where the sun is just rising. I only wish...

"I wish I had chosen him..." My tears fly off in the cold wind.