Tomoya and Nagisa loaded their stuff into the car, along with their daughter Ushio.

"I'm really looking forward to seeing your grandmother," said Nagisa.

"Well, I just want to catch up with her and Dad," Tomoya said. "I know they'd like to spend time with Ushio."

"Objection!" Ushio said, as she pointed at Tomoya.

"I'm beginning to regret letting her use my DS."

Soon, the three of them were on the road.

Half an hour into their trip, Tomoya said "Ushio, do you need to use the toilet?"

"No," said Ushio.

"Well, if you do you better speak up, 'cause we'll soon be passing the last rest stop for a while."

"Actually," said Nagisa, "I need to go." She had a somewhat pained look on her face.

"It'll be just a few minutes."

What awaited Nagisa was not relief, but disappointment and horror.

"This map is totally wrong!" said Tomoya. "There is no rest stop!"

"That somehow makes me have to go worse," said Nagisa.

"Well, there are some bushes nearby..."

"I couldn't! This is... well, a number two..."

"Mama has to go poop," said Ushio.

"Ushio, you're not helping!" said Tomoya. "Nagisa, if there's any truth to this so-called map, there's a rest stop about a mile from here."

He started the car and got it back on the road.

"Hold it!" said a voice coming from the DS.

"I'm trying, I'm trying," said Nagisa, who was no longer enjoying this trip.

They soon pulled up to a rest stop - one that actually existed, this time.

"I'll be right back," said Nagisa.

"So," Tomoya said, "how are you enjoying the game?"

"That lady with the whip is scary," said Ushio.

"Just remember, she isn't real."

Just then, Nagisa came running back.

"Well, that was fast," said Tomoya.

"It wasn't. At all!" whined Nagisa. "It was out of order. The doors were locked and everything!"

"I'm afraid that's it for rest stops."

"I guess I'll just have to hold it until we get to your grandmother's." She got into the car, which yet again drove off. Indeed, she was not enjoying this trip one bit.