A short while and passed since they left that rest stop behind. Nagisa now had to pee, as well as poop. She turned on the radio in order to take her mind off her growing discomfort.

It wasn't exactly working...

"Pressure reaching critical levels!"

"Hold on!" "No, we gotta go!"


After a few more channels, Nagisa finally found a music station that didn't somehow call attention to her misery.

Tomoya, for his part, was doing his part to distract her.

"How are things going at the bakery?" he asked.

"Just fine," said Nagisa. "Mom's bread is, well, the usual. Dad left his phone off the hook the other day, though, while he ran after her." A moment passed. "You're not surprised, are you?"

"Not really," said Tomoya.

"I wanna play Mario," said Ushio.

"Can it wait?" Considering the circumstances, Tomoya wasn't going to stop the car just to search their bags for a video game.

"I found it." Ushio put the cartridge into the DS, and began playing. "Why does that bad turtle always take her away?"

"Hell if I know," said Tomoya.

Some more time passed. Nagisa was nearing her limit.

"How much longer is it to your grandmother's?" she said. "I can't keep this up forever!"

"Try to hold on a bit longer," said Tomoya. "We should be getting close now."

Finally, their destination was in sight.

"Okay, we're here!"

"If it's okay, I'll come back for my stuff," said Nagisa.

"I'll watch our things while you take care of that."

He eventually parked their car in front of the house. He knocked on the door and waited for the door to open.

"Hello," said his grandmother. "I'm glad to see-"

Nagisa bolted into the house, not even remembering to take her shoes off, and charged right into the bathroom. Moments later, some distinctly unladylike sound could be heard as she unloaded her burden.

"Oh dear," said the grandmother.

Tomoya winced. "I'm sorry," he said. "she's usually more polite."

"Well, when you gotta go..."