So this is my next generation fic.

I finally decided to post it up and hope you like it. After a couple of month deciding if i should post one up about my next generation i finally did. It also posted up on my DeviantArt profile which you can find a link to it on my Fanfiction profile. Also if you go check out my deviantart you'll see that i posted up some of the next generation kids up so it can give you some kind of idea.

Naruto doesnt belong to me but belongs to Kishimoto

15 years ago an organisation showed its face. The dreaded organization called themselves Akatsuki. They were a group of S-rank criminals from the five great countries. People recognize them as wearing black coats with red clouds and bamboo hats whenever they were moving from one place to another. When they first showed up no one knew what they were after nor who was involved in all of this. Two Akatsuki members made an appearance in the village hidden in the leaves, that was then were the organization Akatsuki was discovered.

They were after a certain knuckle head ninja who had the nine tailed fox demon sealed inside him, what they were going to do when they capture him was still a mystery all they knew was that they where ordered to capture him and bring him back to their leader. Luckily they weren't able since he was travelling with one of the legendary Sanin, Jiraiya. After this the Akatsuki disappear until they were ready for their attack. Three years later they showed their faces in Suna capturing the Kazekage, who had the one tailed beast inside him. A group of leaf ninja were sent to get back the Kazekage and successfully made it but lost a life of a dear friend from the sand.

After that, more and more Akatsuki members where shown, that was when they figure out that they were after the Bijuu-tailed beasts. But one by one were destroy by the one who they've been trying to catch and his friends. Naruto Uzumaki and his friends took in charge to make sure that after the death of Itachi Uchiha that none of the Akatsuki members where to stay alive. So they took them down one by one and Akatsuki met its fated end.

After all this they where named "The 12 Guardians of Konoha" being that they were the only ones able to destroy the Akatsuki. After destroying Akatsuki, killed an impostor that was about to destroy Konoha as the next Hokage, stop a war to break, and bringing back a close one, Naruto and the gang made history and are known all over the five countries as the ones who defeated the Akatsuki threat. When everything settled down so did the rookie 12 and they fulfill their dreams. Naruto finally got his wish in being the top rank ninja in Konoha, Rokudaime Hokage. Now all five countries are at peace with each other, or so what they think. What will happen when history repeats itself? Will the next generation be able to stand the horrifying truth that their parents kept from them? Or will they all fall and give up? What happens when the ones you care for are in danger from the same threat that they pass threw? What will happen to the rookie 12 when they face in battle with the enemies from their pass?

So this is the prologue, next chapter you'll get to meet with our next gen kids!

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