Another Look…

What happens when the gang tries looking at the midnight channel, again, after Izanami-no-Okami is defeated… makes no sense, but it's the goddess' last joke.

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*click* Channel 00

"Heey~!" came a squeal from the back of the group as they were heading towards the exit after defeating the 'evil' goddess of lies, "I got a great idea!" was it weird that the former pop-idol was bouncing on the balls of her feet and looking at them like she had stars in her eyes?

"Uh…" about half of them got out, including their leader before the bubbly maroon haired girl continued…

"What if we watched the midnight channel again," her grinned eerily, "Ya know, for old times' sake?"

Again, the team just stared at her like she was on a sugar high, which in a way she was, data overload or something.

"C'mon, it'll be fun!" she grinned wide enough to cause her eyes to close as she latched onto their leader's arm, "Before Senpai here leaves us for good, one last good shout out!"

A slightly grim atmosphere filled the studio area at the impending 'doom' that none of them wanted to face.

"Well," Yosuke scratched the back of his head, "I guess it couldn't hurt…"

"Yea," Chie looked at him with a grim face, "I suppose we could try it?"

"Why not?" Yukiko said to her two friends, then looking at the rest and then her eyes finally landing on their fearless leader, "I mean, it's as good excuse as any to have one last 'party' before he goes."

"Score!" Rise said as she jumped from the white haired boy's arm to hug the dark haired girl around the shoulder, "See, not a bad idea eh?" she said looking at the three that had yet to say anything.

"Uh…" Kanji rubbed the back of his neck, "S'okay, dun see how it'd be all that bad, right Senpai?"

The naturally grey haired young man just seemed to shrug at Kanji's look, about as unsure as he was.

"This is preposterous," Naoto said under her breath as she pushed up her glasses. All eyes turned to their shortest member, even if she was in pumps, and she just gave them that 'detective' look she always had when logic said she was right, "We just defeated Izanami-no-Okami, we cleared the fog, destroyed the window…" eyebrows rose but they didn't seem to be getting it, she openly sighed, "Wouldn't that mean there IS no Midnight channel anymore?"

"Oh…" group pondering went around.

"Well we could try doing it here?" Teddie raised his fluffy bear paw, looking around the group, "I mean, it might not work in your world, but something's gotta work in this world, right?"

"Oh my god, Teddie, you're a genius!" The former pop idol immediately latched onto the bear, nuzzling into his soft fur, inciting a glare from Kanji, since the punk never got to touch the soft fur.

"I am?" his big glass eyes seemed almost watery, before he grinned closing them, "That's right baby, Teddie has all the answers!" the next moment had Teddie being pushed as he fell over on his ass as Rise let him go.

"How about it Senpai?" she looked to their leader, as if now they still needed his approval.

The quiet boy just smiled a half grin and nodded his consent.

"Wahoo!" Rise jumped up squealing again. Other forms of approval went about the group, but as they turned to the 'Detective Prince' it was obvious she did not agree.

"What's wrong Naoto?" Kanji said to her right, slight dusting on his face, conveniently covered by his glasses, and her own ignoring of it.

"This still won't work," she was in that 'detective' mode again, arm up holding her chin and pondering, "First off we don't have a TV…"

Teddie tapped his foot, and the three stacked TVs they used to leave popped up, "You were saying?"

"I don't think we can all see those," Chie said looking at the old tube-style sets curiously.

"Yea Ted, got anything, ya know," Yosuke made an odd gesture with his hands, "Bigger?"

"Hmm," the blue bear seemed to be pondering again, he did it for long enough that the crew seemed to just lean in on him, curious what he was going to do. Suddenly he popped up, "I got it!" he slammed his fist down into his paw, and the sudden gesture had the team leaning back in surprise. He gave them all an odd grin, before tapping his foot again, harder they noticed, and for a moment nothing happened. Then suddenly the whole studio area started to shake violently, and then the floor in the back area just exploded, and a wall of TVs just shot up in front of them. The bear grinned widely, "Tadaa!" the wall behind him was a good ten by ten stacked of tube-style TVs, while still older then what the team was expecting, these ones were at least three times the size of the three-stack they were used to.

"Umm…" Yosuke just stared, "Yea, I-I think that'll work Ted…"

"Heehee," The bear openly grinned while the team just stared.

Naoto just blinked at the wall of TVs, before shaking her head, "That still doesn't mean we'll pick up anything," she looked around the group, "Like with the rest of the rumor, the conditions needed for the midnight channel to work?"

"Oh yea," Chie said while tapping her chin, "How its gotta be raining…"

"And you need to be alone," Yukiko to the girl's right finished her sentence.

"No problem!" All eyes turned to Rise as she had that bright grin on again, "We can't get the signal the 'normal' way, we'll just try another way!"

The team just stared at her a moment, before a cobalt brow rose and Naoto just had to ask, "And how do you propose we do that, Rise-san?"

"Easy!" she practically squealed out. In the next moment Kanzeon mystically appeared behind the idol, its hands obscuring the girl's eyes, "I'll just plug Kanzeon in, and she'll pick up anything we want to see!" the cumulative looks of surprise around the group was nothing compared to the satellite dish Kanzeon used as a head just tilting down and staring at her obviously demented master, the look was obviously an 'are you crazy?' look.

"Ah… But, that doesn't," Naoto's eye was definitely twitching at the lack of logic, let alone common sense, stating that there was no way this could work. Suddenly a light seemed to envelop the girl, and when it dissipated she felt a hand on her shoulder, looking to her left she was rather surprised to see Yamato-Takeru. She blinked grey eyes a moment before getting the feeling her persona was trying to tell her to just let it go. The girl sighed deeply before adjusting her cap, "Alright."

At her admittance, it seemed like some sort of cue, as a light seemed to envelop everyone else and all their persona seemed to appear on their own. In front of her, to Rise and Kanzeon's left Kamui seemed to pop up and do a little jig spreading its large yellow claws as Teddie joined it. To the idol's right Suzuka Gongen seemed to take Amaterasu's hand and the two set their respective weapons down and sat down behind Chie and Yukiko, leaving their 'owners' rather confused. Chie and Yukiko seemed to just shrug before the kung-fu obsessed girl did the same as her persona, taking the Amagi heiress by the hand and just heading over to a spot they could see the TVs from, in front of their much larger persona and sitting down. Yosuke, watching the scene, seemed to just sigh a moment before being lifted up in the air by Susano-o and perched on his fiery haired persona's blue shoulder, he then sat down casually to Suzuka Gongen's left before tossing Yosuke to land on his face in front of Chie, getting a snicker from the two girls and their respective persona. Their leader seemed to just smirk at the team's antics before taking a seat to Yukiko's right, the persona from him that seemed to answer his call right now was Izanagi-no-Okami, which walked casually towards the wall of TVs, setting a hand on the end of the wall as all the screens seemed to blip on. The grey larger-than-average Persona seemed to just shoo both Rise and Teddie away from the front of the screens, along with their persona. The quartet seemed to shrug and take a seat on the other side of the TVs, Kanzeon taking a seat to the side behind Rise as Kamui just leaned on her, with Teddie and Rise practically bouncing on a sugar high in front of them.

When Naoto felt the hand of Yamato-Takeru leave her shoulder, she looked back and saw that her human-sized persona, the smallest of the bunch, had flown off and sat rather comfortably on Rokuten Maoh's, the largest of all the persona present, broad shoulder. She found the action weird a moment, before looking away ignoring the light heat she could feel on her cheeks.

"Uh…" She looked to her right, seeing Kanji with his face looking up like he always seemed to be, "Guess we oughta take our seats as well," His hand closest to her seemed to twitch a moment, as if he wanted to do something, before he just shoved them both in his pockets before tilting his head in the direction of the TVs with an odd lopsided grin on his face. Naoto looked and saw that Rokuten Maoh had sat in the middle of the semi-circle of persona, taking up the most space, almost like as much as it could, but sitting down with its legs crossed, and its sword set in its lap. Its large flame colored head was turned towards them, along with Yamato-Takeru's long pointed one; she noticed his sward was also placed in the large red persona's lap, as if he trusted it there. Kanji's persona she could easily ignore the obvious disgruntled look of impatience on his face, hell all the persona and their partners were looking their way, all of them she could ignore. It was her own, with his long pointed face that she couldn't, he tilted his head in a certain way she was sure was saying, 'coming or what?', The cobalt haired girl couldn't help the almost childish pout rising on her face, as she copied Kanji's earlier action and shoved her hands in her pockets and started walking forward to take a seat in front of her tiny and his massive persona. It took a few moments, but she could easily hear him following her.

It seemed when they all finally sat down, in as much of a semi-circle as their large persona would allow, everyone was ready to watch whatever they were about to tune into. Starting from the far left was Yosuke sitting senza with a disgruntled look on his face, Susano-o obviously grinning smugly behind him with his arms crossed. Next to him was Suzuka Gongen who was leaning back lounging, with a hand partially obscuring her mouth in a 'laughing' style, with Chie doing the same in front of her, a bit more obviously. Next to the dark blonde was Yukiko who was holding her stomach in a full on laughing fit, with one hand gripping their Leader's arm tightly for support, behind them was Amaterasu's shinning featureless self, both hands before her mouth in a laughing style, but being far more subtle then the cocky armor clad white haired woman next to her. Next to the shining goddess was the towering form of Rokuten Maoh with both legs and arms crossed, as he tilted his head almost bored, with Yamato-Takeru sitting comfortably on his shoulder, both persona's swords sitting in the flame colored giant's lap, as their 'masters' sat rather uncomfortably in front of his large form. It was about a good ten feet away from Kanji's right that Teddie sat, with Rise next to him, they had somehow managed to get his bear head off and filled it with popcorn from god-knows-where. The Human form of Teddie sitting cross-legged with his bear suit off to his waist sharing the 'head' full of popcorn between his lap and Rise's, while the two information gathering persona seemed to just sit casually, with Kamui leaning on Kanzeon as she sat on her side. All eyes were on the ten by ten screens in front of them, with Izanagi-no-Okami standing to the far left side a few feet from Kanzeon, his hand on the wall of TVs, waiting for a sign from his master to continue.

Looking around, seeing that the whole team was settled in, the grey haired teen finally looked at his grey clad persona, the one he had used to defeat Izanami-no-Okami, now patiently waiting to do something none of them thought possible, copy her ability. He didn't know how it was going to work, or what they were going to see, but whatever happened, happened. They had been through so much together, suffered, grown, and loved together; this would be just another thing they could enjoy together. With a slight smirk on his lips he nodded to his equally silent persona, he nodded back before turning to the screens as they all blipped up showing black and white circles as if tuning in until something finally showed up on the screen…

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