The Lost Soul Arc

Chapter 1

"Order! Silence Amagi! You are not innocent like you say you are!" A voice boomed through the shadow. The room is dark with only a single beam of light emitting from the ceiling. In that long beam of light a young man stands shackled to a podium.

"So apparently I am being sentenced for some crime that I have not committed? I demand that…"

"SILENCE I said! If you keep up with that mouth of yours, your punishment will be greater than what it already is!" The booming voice interrupted the young man, and at the same time, the guards standing around the podium come forward and draw their swords in warning.

"I have done nothing wrong! These false accusations will be the death of you!" The man, Amagi, said in shear frustration and anger.

"Fine, you leave me with no choice! I hereby sentence you to be execu-"Being interupted by a new figure, "Captain-commander Yamamato, what brings you here?"

"I override your final decision! Amagi Mitsuko will be stripped of his powers and his zanpakuto destroyed, he will than be sent to the World of the Living to spend all eternity in despair! Nothing else! My sentence is final."

Yamamoto taps the end of his cane down on the wooden floors, signaling his, and the rest of the courts, decision. Everyone in the room is abuzz about the random appearance of the 13 Court Squads head captain, but no one objects, not even Amagi.

Why the hell do I keep having that dream? I lived it once, and I sure as hell don't need to live it again. Amagi opens his eyes and looks up at the sky. Seriously, I live in a nightmare now, so why do I have to dream them too? He slowly gets up off the ground and brushes himself off. It has been many years since the ordeal with in the court room. Looking off in the distance he wonders what the Soul Society is like now and where all his friends are. Especially the one he had loved, Rangiku Matsumoto. As he begins to walk aimlessly for another day in the World of the Living, he couldn't help but think to himself if Rangiku still loved him. I hope she doesn't, I'm nothing but a criminal to them now, and all what she knows is that I am mostlikely dead, and that's how it should be from now on. Swinging his sheathed zanpakuto, Amagi begins to laugh, "Even if they think I am dead, Some day they will regret that thought, and beg for forgiveness, 'I forgive you all,' I will tell them, but not until after Yamamoto is dead."

"I like you attitude, kid," a voice said from behind a tree.

Pulling out his zanpakuto, Amagi just stared at this man who just appeared in front of him, "Who the hell are you?"

"Oh, you can call me your new best friend! I like your attitude; I like your hatred the most, though." He continued, "My name is Aku Tatsu, and this is Nia Utsukushii."

"So, what do two want from me?" Amagi asked

"Well, besides adding a cute face, we want you to join us!" Nia said as she flash stepped behind Amagi, who still had his zanpakuto still drawn.

"I see, and what will I be joining?"

"We two have once endured much in the Soul Society, and we want to see it destroyed. Well, mainly I do, she only wants to fight the shinigami. Any who, I have been following you for some time and, to be honest, I am truly amazed that you were somehow able to regain your spiritual pressure, and alas! Even a zanpakuto! My, you sure are an interesting young man." Aku explained to Amagi. Amagi, didn't seem to thrilled with the thought of destroying the Soul Society, but if that meant finding a way back there, he would join, but would have to find a way to dispose of these two before they enact their plan.

"So cutie, are you in? Or do I have to cut you down?" Nia said.

Amagi turned around to face her, but was lost for words when he gazed upon her. Her long blood-red wavy hair almost reached the ground. She was shorter than Amagi was, but didn't seem to be the aggressive, fighting type. She looked more gentle, and fragile to be wielding a zanpakuto almost the same height as she was. What got him the most were those eyes, a brilliant pale light green. Amagi thought to himself, She is so gorgeous! But butterflies?! I haven't felt these in such a long time. Her blue low cut shirt hugged her petite frame and the black pants tightly shaped her slender legs. He was mesmerized but what he saw. Still flustered, Amagi turned back to take a good look at Aku. He was the same height as Amagi was. He couldn't tell how old he was, or how strong he was due to him wearing an oversized robe and the hood was up covering his face. Amagi himself only seemed to be the type of man to follow orders, and not object. He never had a knack of following orders or being bossed around.

"Hello! I said are you in or not? It's a simple yes or no!"

"For someone who is as short and tiny as you are, you sure act tough, but-"

Before Amagi could finish, Nia had launched herself at him and punched him in the jaw.

"Screw you! You sure are an ass! I wouldn't expect that from someone who looks like he couldn't hurt a damn fly!" Nia grunted as she turned away in anger. Amagi lay on the ground in pain, but than begins to laugh, "Same goes to you. (Nia moves in to punch him again, but he dodges and smiles at her) So, yeah, I guess I will join you both. So what's the plan?"

"Good, I am glad to see that you both are getting along very well already! There is no plan, we will make one up as we go along. Until that time though, lets get a move on, no time to waste! We must get stronger before we make any plan." Aku said. An evil like smirk could be seen underneath the dark hood.