Ch 21

"That was interesting." Kisuke Urahara said as he watched Amagi's body glow and than fall to the ground just moments before.

"To easy more like it." Uryuu softly said, pushing up his glasses as he stood next to Urahara.

The rest of them witnessed Rangiku kneeling over Amagi's lifeless body and tried to wake him. Orihime Inue walked over to her and placed her hand on her shoulder while resting her arm across her torso. The wind blew her hair red hair across her face as she reassured her and attempted to get her to move.

"Come one Rangiku, we need to get moving," Captain Hitsugaya said as he, Captain Kyoraku, and Vice-captains Hisagi and Kira appeared. She slowly stood up and wiped away the tears looking at Orihime who smiled and than to her captain, who only nodded.

"It's ok Rangiku; it was something that he knew needed to be done." Orihime reassured her. Ichigo stood next to them looking down at Amagi's peaceful face and soon regret overcame him.

"Ichigo, no need to beat yourself up about it," Kyoraku said walking over to him, "You had to do what you had to do. There was no way of knowing what he was planning, and he was always like that. I knew the kid and I found out he is always plotting, or always has something on his mind. Though, who you killed was not the same person as I knew, it was still Amagi." Ichigo looked up and stared him in the eyes. He knew Kyoraku was right so he nodded and agreed with him.

"Ichigo," Orihime gasped as she looked at the extent of Ichigo's injuries. He looked over at her and when he did, he collapsed. She quickly ran over to him and kneeled next to him. Orihime quickly began to heal Ichigo who was staring up into the blue sky Ichigo can only wonder what will happen next.

"What are we still doing here?" Hisagi asked as he sat on a partially destroyed wall, looking out at the decimated Karakura Town.

"We were ordered to stay here until further notice," Hitsugaya said with his hands in his pockets. He and Rangiku walked over to a hill not to far away from Hisagi.

"Amagi basically said someone he knows is on their way," Kisuke stated, Yuroichi walked next to him as he approached the wall Hisagi and Kira were sitting on, "and knowing what Amagi was like before he died, we are guessing they won't be so friendly either."

Rangiku paid no attention to them as they spoke, her mind and focus was still on Amagi's lifeless body as it lay out in the open. She stood with an arm across her midsection, pushing up her breasts, as she clasped her other arm as it hung by her side. She tried to move it, but an invisible field kept pushing them away every time she or anyone else got near to the body. She pondered what is to happen next.

"Don't look so down Rangiku." Hitsugaya told her as he put his hands in his pocket. She looked at him and smiled. Though the smile had no meaning, it was to try and reassure him that she was ok. They both knew that she was struggling.

Uryuu and Chad walked over to where Amagi's body laid. It still retained the awkward sense that Amagi was still somehow alive. Chad stopped a few feet behind Uryuu as he continued to walk towards Amagi. Rangiku tried to move his body not to long before but could not. He reached out and his hand was immediately pushed back with great force that he was almost thrown off his feet.

"This is what happened to Rangiku." Uryuu muttered as he regained his balance and pushed up his glasses. He again reached out but this time he placed the palms of his hands flat against what ever was there. This time a definite dome like field appeared and little streams of static electricity flowed around Uryuu's hands.

"What is this?" He quietly asked.

"It is no barrier I have ever seen before." Yuroichi said as she walked up behind them and kneeled down. She was closely followed by Kisuke who looked just as puzzled as the rest of them. Uryuu still held his hands on the barrier.

"This is not Kidu." Kisuke said as placed his hand on the barrier. But before anyone could say another word a strange new presence filled the air and captured all their attentions.

The wind died and the sky slowly turned black. As soon as the sky did, it was followed by a loud bang and a sound that resembled paper being slowly torn. The sky in front of them slowly began to split and two figures appeared in the dark recesses of the opening. As soon as the opening was wide enough for them, they stepped out onto the hard ground and looked around. The older of the two men, took a deep breath and slowly exhaled.

"Just feel all this reiatsu Toshino!" He laughed as he looked around at the darkened sky and the destroyed town. The older man reached up and ruffled his gray hair. Than he proceeded to fix the collar on his long black trench coat as he took a step forward and kicked a small rock out of his path. The old man was followed closely by the younger one.

"I feel it, Boss," The other man said smiling as he unfolded his arms and flipped up the hood on his jacket that seemed to be way to big for him, "Damn cold here though."

"Oh, when we get through with this place," The other man said looking back at Toshino, "it will be just like home!"

"Good," Toshino said as folded his arms.

"Well I see that sending Amagi here was a massive waste of our time." Aku said to Toshino as he looked at Amagi and shook his head in pity.

"He was always the weak one." Toshino added.

"Who might you be?" Kisuke Urahara called over to the two men, interrupting their conversation.

"I am the Boss of that pathetic boy laying there dead on the ground," The old man said in annoyance as he pointed at Amagi's body.

"So be it, but, what is your name?" Urahara asked

"The name is Aku." The old man said with added irritance

"Aku, what do you want?" Urahara responded.

"I want all of you," Aku paused, glaring at Urahara as he lifted up his right hand and snapped his fingers," To die." Instantly a swarm of black creatures emerged from the tear in the sky behind Aku. The creatures shot up ward and began to scatter, screeching as they did. Every Shinigami drew their zanpakutos and jumped up after them. These creatures looked almost bat-like as they zipped across the sky. Yet, as soon as they appeared, the creatures began to break apart or just simply stop moving and fall from the sky.

"What the hell!" Ichigo said as he watched the creatures fall down to the ground like a mixture of snow and hail. He still sat on the ground as Orihime finished up healing him.

"Really?" Aku laughed. Toshino was laughing and pointing at the Shinigami as they scattered to intercept the creatures for nothing.

"What's so funny?" Hitsugaya called out to him.

"They couldn't withstand being in this world," Aku chuckled to himself, "how pathetic."

"Seriously," Kyoraku persisted, "What's so funny?"

"This is." Aku stopped laughing; he raised his hand and snapped his fingers, instantly thirty or so of Aku's henchmen appeared around each of the Captains, Vice-captains, and humans. Each individual had at least three of four of Aku's henchmen around them.

"Why aren't all of you laughing?" Aku called out to them smirking as he looked them all in the eyes.