Hey everyone I figured I'd write a mortal instruments story. So here it is, hope it isn't to disappointing! And I own nothing its all Cassandra Clares:]

Clary Fray awoke to the god awful sound of some one singing at the top of their lungs in the bathroom across the hall. She sighed and got out of bed reaching for her robe, about to go down the hall and tell Magnus to shut the hell up.

As she went down the hall of the apartment to make coffee she banged on the bathroom door yelling at Magnus to hurry up and to not touch her body wash again.

The water turned off and she heard Magnus humming. He knew how much she hated humming. He (and his furry little cat Chairman Meow) had been living with her and Luke since he was 15 and had come out of the closet to his parents. They had completely flipped and asked him to leave. Clary was suprised they were deluded enough to not notice, what with Magnus' "colorful and elaborate wardrobe". Long story short they had asked him to leave and he had moved in with her and Luke.

Luke was a counsiler and took Magnus in when he had no where else to go. Ever since Clarys mother was in a terrible car accident and had ended up in a coma ,Luke kept trying to save anyone he could. Which is probably why he was currently travelling around New York helping people at various counceling centers.

Not that Clary minded, Magnus had been here for three years and she couldn't imagine them without him. They were good friend's now and he always drove her to school which was a plus. The bus was not an ideal way for an irritable teen to start the day. He was a senior now while Clary was a juinor. With her short height, red hair and freckles, plus the fact that she had skipped a grade made it kind of hard to be a 15 year old junior.

It united her, Magnus, and Simon, her best friend and major D&D nerd, as the pack of school misfits. Unlike the Lightwoods and their adopted brother Jace Wayland. Clary sighed just thinking about him. Jace was literally one of the hottest guys in New York. Every girl was panting after him. Much to his smug satisfaction. He was definately very conceited.

"Did you get my half and half yesterday midget?" Startled Clary was pulled out of her reverie by a glitter covered Magnus. "Yes of course you would never forgive me if I didn't. You're such a drama queen." Clary sighed remembering some of Magnus' more elaborate hissy fits over his beloved half and half. She grabbed her coffee and downed it in three gulps. On her way to get dressed she grabbed a granola bar and scarfed it down.

"Don't take forever we're going to be late if we don't leave soon." Magnus yelled after her. It took Clary 10 minutes to get dressed and brush her teeth. She didn't like make-up that much so she never bothered. She left that to Magnus. Pulling her hair up she grabbed her olive green backpack and marched to the living room. Silently her and Magnus left the apartment and went to his beloved car to get to school.

On the way Clary and Magnus listened to Sick Puppies, singing at the top of their lungs. It was fun despite the fact that Magnus was completely tone deaf. She grabbed her stuff as the parked and told Magnus a hastey good-bye as she headed to her locker.

She hated her locker with a passion. The idiot that assigned it to her thought it was funny to give the short girl a top locker. Making it impossible to get her stuff it fell to the back of her locker. And it always did. Luckly Simon's locker was next to hers. He always helped her with minimal short jokes. She felt him beside her before she saw him. Simon grabbed her books and handed them down to her.

"Hey Fray ready to tackle the new day." He laughed as if it was the most hilarious thing ever. "Thats funny Lewis. Did you think of that all by yourself." Simon nodded sarcasticly "Yep are you jealous of my creativeness." Clary snorted "Not even alittle. But, as fun as this has been we're going to be late to English if we don't hurry up."

Simon threw his arm over Clarys shoulders and together they made their way down the school hall way to class.

Well its a start right. I hope you guys will give me some feed back. Whether its good or constructive. And I don't have spell check on my laptop and I come from a long line of dyslexics so please forgive me. Also I in know way agree with Magnus' parents just for the record.