The setting sun cast a red glow onto the golden desert sands. Everything seemed quiet and still, until a sudden loud roar cut through the air as the Turbokat sped by low to the ground, kicking up a cloud of dust and sand in it's wake. T-Bone pulled up sharp, leaving a small dust devil on the ground below. Razor simply fought to stay conscious through the multitudes of twists, turns, rolls and dives at mach 4 and 5. Things had been fairly quiet in Megakat City lately and they were bored. Especially T-Bone. He put the jet, and himself, through their paces, keeping his flying skills sharp.

A sudden rattling sound combined with a flashing warning light caught Razor's attention. "Slow it down, Hot Shot! Looks like we got a loose heat shield panel."

"Aw crud." Reluctantly, T-Bone decreased the power to the engines, slowing the jet down to only mach 2. The rattling stopped and the light went off.

"I thought we checked those recently?"

"Last week."

"That long?"

"Yeah, things have been that slow, guess we got a little too lax."

"No kidding." The large tabby angled the jet down into a canyon, flying sideways through the narrow walls. As he pulled out of it, something caught his partner's attention.

"Hey! Did you see that?"

"See what?"

"That flash of light in the cliff side."

"I didn't see anything? Is your radar picking anything up?"

"Negative. Swing back. I wanna have another look."

"Roger that." The jet turned and swept back over the canyon, this time flying just above it. This time they both saw it, a silvery light glistening in the rock. T-Bone brought the jet as close as he dared to the cliff so Razor could run a sweep with his sensors as they passed by. What happened next shocked them both.

The light suddenly flashed blindingly bright, then everything went dark, as if the setting sun had suddenly vanished, bringing on the night an hour early. Even though the dimensional radar was on, the screen went completely static. They were totally blind. And worse, they were spinning, with no idea which direction they were going, and absolutely no control over the jet.

"Razor! What the heck's going on? I can't level her out!"

"Got me! All my sensors are going haywire!"

Suddenly there was another bright flash, and they could see again. The dimensional radar came back online. T-Bone immediately leveled out the jet and looked around, making sure they weren't about to crash. They weren't. In fact, they were now some distance up, looking down on a foreign landscape. The sun seemed a bit higher in the sky than before, about 2 hours till sundown now. But it was strange. It appeared bigger, and was a deep red color, casting an eerie red glow on the land below them. It wasn't desert, but forest!

"What the...? Oh please don't tell me we just got thrown back into the Dark Ages?"

"I don't know, T-Bone. That sure didn't seem like one of the Pastmaster's time portals, but this deffinantly isn't home?"

"Oh, when I get my claws on that Pastmaster I'm gonna..."

"T-Bone, look out!"

Too late, they both looked up to see the great beast drop down out of the clouds above them. T-Bone managed to turn the jet just in time to avoid a direct collision, but not fast enough to avoid the creature's barbed tail from slashing into the right wing. "What the heck is that?"

"A dragon?"

"Pastmaster..." T-Bone growled as he lined up the jet behind the flying monster to give Razor a clear shot.

"Launching bola missile!" The missile fired, and hit it's mark, pinning the creature's wings. It dropped from the sky with a loud screech. But the fight wasn't over yet. Two more dropped down out of the clouds, attacking with their barbed tails, powerful jaws, and the claws on their single pair of legs. With the right wing already damaged, even T-Bone's piloting skill wasn't enough to avoid more severe damage and they went down.

"We've got to eject!"

"No way! I can still level her out! Landing gear down!" T-Bone fought the controls hard, trying to keep the jet steady and they descended, fast. "C'mon baby..." He managed to mostly level off just before they crashed through the canopy of trees. The trees were large, the trunks spaced far apart despite the emense branches tangling together above. The crash 'landing' was jarring, and one of the landing gear broke off on a fallen tree. Still, they made it in one piece.

"Woah, nice flying."

"Told ya I could get her leveled out." He opened the canopy and they both stood up to get a better look around. Despite the red sun above, the forest canopy was so thick that it seemed like dusk. Everything was strange, and completely quiet now that the engines were shut off.

"Yeah, but the question is, where are we?"

This is my first attempt at a SWAT Kats fan fic. Hope you enjoy!