Ok everyone, sorry for the wait, but there's going to be no porn in this chapter so I decided to write chapter 4 to go along with it so I wouldn't deprive anyone of the rare Johnny/Sissy porn.

Also, this story is going to be plot driven. Not just porn without plot.

God damn that fucking little slut. Who the fuck does she think she is just walking up to Johnny and putting her hands all over my man. I should rip those damn hands of hers off and shove them up her slutty little ass. Ok, calm down Sissy, Johnny's with you now and he's not the type to go behind a girl's back.

I guess I should explain, see my rivalry with Janet started around our second year of high school when Johnny had started growing really tall and muscular. Naturally, she was the most popular girl in school so she automatically got to have any boy she wanted. Being as attracted as I am to Johnny, I instantly caught on to her plan and managed to avoid leaving him alone for the school day. Last period I had gym with Janet, making it a lot easier to keep an eye on her. Too bad she was coming after me that period.


I was in the showers, cleaning up from a hard gym class when I heard Janet's voice from behind me.

"Sissy," I turned around and looked at the shallow witch. Like me, she was naked and had a bit of suds on her. She snapped her fingers and immediately every girl in the room grabbed a towel and left.

"What do you want?" I sighed.

She crosses her arms and glared coldly at me. "I know what you've been doing. You've been purposely hanging around Johnny more so you can stop me when I go to ask him out." She said and pointed an accusing finger in my direction.

"Good for you." I said like I was talking to a three year-old and clapped my hands. "You figured it out. Well tough luck, I like Johnny and I'm the one he's going to be with, not you." I turned back to my shower.

Suddenly Janet grabbed me from behind, spun me around, and slammed me into the wall. "Listen here you little bitch. I don't care that you like him. I'm the popular girl and in case you didn't notice, the popular girls always get the hot guys in real life." She said and stepped back. "Besides, you don't really think you can compete with 'this', do you?" She stepped back and posed. As much as I hate to admit it, Janet was a lot prettier than me. She had slender shoulders, perfectly smooth, tanned skin, D-cup breasts, flat stomach, a narrow waist, bubble butt, and long, slender legs.

Not to say I was ugly or anything, but my features weren't exactly stunning compared to hers. My shoulders were broader and more muscular, my skin was pale, my breasts were an entire bra size smaller than her, I have a slight fem six pack, my waist wasn't as narrow as hers, my ass is toned and round, and my legs are just toned.

"So, I know Johnny a hell of a lot better than you do and I happen to know he likes girls for who they are, not how they look." I spat.

Janet scoffed and rolled her eyes. "You honestly believe that? Let's face it, guys are guys and they're going to go for whatever girl that can satisfy them."

I growled and resisted to punch her teeth out. Just who the hell does she think she is? She doesn't know Johnny, not like I do. "They also tend to stay away from the disease ridden whores." Janet's confident smirk turned into a furious scowl as she screamed and lunged at me. I curled my hand into a fist and smashed it into her cheek, making her fall backwards and onto the tiled floor. I turned my shower head off and grabbed my towel. "Here's a little hint, don't attack someone who could easily snap you in half." I said and walked out.

Flashback end

I slowed down my walking to a normal pace, but still felt on edge. Johnny must have sense my unease, because he suddenly dropped my hand and wrapped his arm around my waist. I leaned into him and returned the gesture. We walked like that in a comfortable silence until we reached the old inn. The place was always busy, but there were enough tables so you never had to worry.

We got a small booth big enough for the two of us and ordered our food. I didn't eat much though; thoughts of beating Janet to death kept distracting me. Johnny must have noticed, because the next thing I knew he was sitting beside me and had slipped a hand under my shirt to glide over my stomach.
"Johnny what are you doing? What if someone sees us?" I whispered urgently.

"Why do you and Janet hate each other so much?" He asked, completely ignoring my question and continuing his menstruations on my stomach. As good as it felt, I had to put it to a stop before we were kicked out.

"I hate her because she's a slutty little bitch, now stop." I said and pried his hand off. The look in his eye told me that he knew I was lying.

"Fine," he sighed. "But one day I want the truth from you." He said and slipped back over to his side.

For the next half an hour, Johnny and I talked about everything and anything. We already knew a lot about each other, but there was just a few questions we couldn't ask each other when we were just friends. One thing I was defiantly curious about was how he was so huge. He blushed and mumbled something about most of his sister's experiments involved boosting his testosterone level. When I raised a non-believing eyebrow he only asked if I actually believed he got it from his genetics. I had to cover my mouth with both hands to stop from bursting into laughter.

When we had paid our bill and left the restaurant we were left with nothing to do. I raked my brain for ideas. Well, we could go back to Johnny's and play video-games, we could have sex, we could skateboard, have sex, go to the park, have sex, and did I mention we could have sex? I shook my head clear of those thoughts, because as good as he is, I'm afraid if we keep going the way we do we'll probably become sex addicts or I'll end up getting pregnant.

My mind suddenly filled with images of me and Johnny in a house with two small children playing in front of us.

"Want to go to the pool?" Johnny asked. I reel back in shock from the sudden disturbance. A blush was pained all over my face from the thought of having kids with Johnny.

"Uh, sure," I said. The pool actually didn't sound like a bad idea. It would be an excuse to see Johnny without his shirt on.

"Great, race you to ours houses." He yelled then suddenly took off.

"Hey," I yelled and ran to catch up with him. Five minutes later we were at our houses. Johnny was gasping for breath when we finally stopped. "Man, you've got shit cardio." I laughed as he continued to pant.

"True," He said while a sexy smile broke out on his face. "But I have a feeling it'll get better soon with all the exercise I'm going to get with you." He winked and kissed me. I kissed back and after we broke apart, we headed into our houses to change.

I ran upstairs to my closet and began shifting through some of my swimsuits. I obviously couldn't wear the slutty little two-piece I used to seduce Johnny without getting arrested for indecent exposure. Finally, I decided on a black one-piece that fit me like a second skin. After slipping out of my cloths and slipping the swimsuit on, I looked at it and decided that it was sexy enough to show off to Johnny, yet suitable enough that it didn't look slutty. I quickly threw on a sun dress and ran downstairs to get a pair of saddles.

A loud whistle from behind me made me jump a little and turn around to see Johnny standing behind me. "I take it you like my dress." I said, walking towards him with a little swing in my hips and kissed him.

"Hmm, it's more what's under the dress that I'm interested." He kissed me again, this time hooking his arms around me and deepening it.

I let this continue only for a second, before I pushed him away gently. "Wait till we get back and then you can have your fun." I said. He pouted, but let me go.

Ten minutes later and we were at the community pool. I found a nice place to set my towel down and sunbath while Johnny went swimming. I lied on my stomach and pretended to doze, while secretly watching Johnny splash around in the water. I was just about to fall asleep when the world's worst sound hit my ears.

"Johnny, I see you did decide to take me up on my offer." My eyes flew open and I saw Janet talking to Johnny. The little whore was so obviously ogling him. Fire erupted in me like a volcano as I rounded the pool behind Janet, preparing to break her neck from behind. Suddenly, Johnny lunged forward and grabbed my wrist, pulling me beside him.

"Sissy, I was just telling Janet about you and me, isn't that right Janet." Janet's eyes flared with anger that only I caught. Before Janet could respond however I heard Johnny's whisper in my ear. "Be a good girl or I'll punish you." He growled. I gulped and felt a shiver of both fear run up my spine. I could only imagine what sort of horrible, sexual things Johnny could do to me to make me suffer. "So anyways, do you girls want ice-cream?"

"Sure, Janet said in an over enthusiastic voice. "I'll have a Vanilla cone."

"Same," I said. In truth, I just wanted to get out of here so I can confront Janet and tell her to back off.

The moment he left, Janet's sweet and innocent face melted into an angry gaze. "Listen here you little bitch. I don't know what you did to make Johnny think he likes you, but I don't care, so I'll give you the option of dumping him now and I won't have to tell Johnny about all of the guys you've been sleeping with." She said, smirking evilly.

I returned her smirk right back at her. "Well that'll be pretty hard since he was the one who took my virginity yesterday." The feeling I got when her smirk melted right off her face. "And I don't think you're one to talk, how many guys have you slept with? Ten? Twenty?" aside from being the most popular girl in school, Janet was also the school slut. She's fucked just about every popular guy at the school and even a couple of nerds to do her homework for her.

"No, you two couldn't have..." She trailed off, completely gapping at me.

I put my hand over where my hymen had been. "It was painful and I cried, but it was worth it." I said. "Oh and one more thing Janet." She looked up at me and I dragged my hands apart until the gap was about eight inches wide. Janet's jaw dropped down so far, it's a miracle it didn't unhinge.

I smirked and turned away to leave, feeling that I'd beaten her at her own little game. Suddenly Janet screamed with furry and threw me into the pool while my back was turned. Everyone gasped as Janet fallowed me into the pool and tried to claw at me with her nails. Ok, screw this bitch, I'm she schools boxing captain and it's time she learned that. I grabbed her hand as she tried to scratch me and punched her hard in the face with my left. She stumbled back and I punched her again pushed her head under the water.

I probably would have drowned her too if a pair of hands didn't suddenly grip my shoulders and pull me away. Immediately, dread coursed through me as I knew who the owner of the hands was. I turned around and saw Johnny standing behind me with a very angry look in his eyes.

"Come on," He said gruffly. "We're going back to your place and yes, you are going to be punished very harshly for this."

I gulped. I was not going to enjoy this, not one bit.