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The bright Flash of light died down as we finished making the jump through time and space. I had taken Sissy to see the most important moments in our lives so far. The day I saved Sissy's life from Wacko, our first high school dance where we danced to a slow song together, and so many memories that we've shared over the years we've known each other. Now we were standing in the middle of a large field, surrounded by nothing but wildlife. Oh, and all of the plant life was blue.

"Johnny," Sissy looked around, the shock and confusion obvious on her face. "Where are we?"

I smirked a little bit. This had been the final surprise I had planed and I was curious to see her reaction. "This is planet Dead Planet four one nine, two thousand years ago." Sissy's jaw dropped and her eyes widened. I had to suppress the urge to laugh at her expression and the way she managed to look so adorable. "Welcome to outer space."

I pointed upwards. She fallowed my finger and gasped when she saw the sky. The reason why I had chosen this planet for our final stop was because this planet's magnetic field was different and much stronger than earth's. For that reason the solar flares from this planet's blue sun caused a magnificent aurora borealis to flow across the dark sky, filling it with every colour you could ever imagine.

"Oh my god, Johnny it's beautiful." She whispered, still staring in awe.

"It's still nothing compared to your beauty." I leaned in and planted a soft kiss on her lips. "Besides, only the best will do for my girlfriend." I pulled a picnic blanket out of the basket and laid it down on the grass. We both sat down, watching the lights in the sky and absentmindedly ate food from the basket. After a while I looked over at Sissy to see if she was still enjoying the show and felt my breath hitch when I did.

The sun had already set on this planet and there was also no moon, but there was still just enough light to cast a beautiful glow around Sissy. It's like every time I look at her she gets more and more beautiful. I have no idea why this amazing goddess of a woman chose to be with me when there are guys out there that are ten times better than me that would gladly be her boyfriend is beyond me. I couldn't help myself from leaning in and stealing a kiss from her. She squeaked in surprise, but then moaned in delight. "I love you." I said, breaking the kiss then crushing our lips together much more passionately. We kissed each other harder and harder with each passing second until I was sure our lips were bruised. Suddenly, I felt the silky tip of Sissy's tongue trace my lips to ask for entrance. I parted my lips and her tongue shot in, feeling everything until she found my tongue. Both of our tongues wrestled for dominance over the other until it slowly dissolved into gentle caresses.

Finally, the need for air became to much and we were forced to separate. When I got air back into my lungs I shot down, quick as lightning to kiss Sissy again. I only lingered on her lips for a second, before I began to leave a trail of soft, wet kisses down her cheek and to her neck.

"Oh Johnny," she moaned.

Her moans encouraged me to go farther, kissing down to her collar bone and leaving a few love bites along the way. I reached up and pulled the top of her dress down slowly, until her gorgeous breast spilled out. I paused only for a second to marvel at their beauty then dipped my head down and ran my tongue up through the valley between her breasts.

"Johnny," she giggled. "That tickles."

Ignoring her for the most part, I dragged my tongue back down onto her right breast, kissing and licking all along it, but avoiding the nipple. Sissy would moan and whimper every time I got close to the sensitive pink flesh then groan with frustration when I moved away. Her hand came up and began to unbutton my shirt, exposing my torso to the open air. She slowly traced a line with her finger from my collar bone down to the helm of my jeans. A low growl of pleasure came from my throat when the palm of her hand began to grind against the head of my cock through my jeans. I rewarded her by finally taking one of her stiff pink nubs into my mouth and sucked on it.

Sissy threw her head back and nearly screamed, doubling her efforts with her hand. The sounds she was making turned me on to the point where I thought my cock was going to explode if I didn't get any sort of relief. Fortunately, Sissy seemed to have sense this, because she stopped her ministrations and started unbuckling my pants. Not wanting to be out done though, I sucked on her nipple harder, grabbing the other mound with one hand and slowly sliding my other hand up her dress.

Without warning I was roughly shoved in the chest hard enough to send me to the ground.
"Ow, Sissy what the-" The words died in my throat as Sissy stood up and pulled her half on dress over her head, showing that she had only been wearing as much as I could see. I stared in awe at her perfect naked body illuminated by the lights in the sky making her body look all the more stunning. With a grin that was so sexy I almost came right then, she crawled over and pulled down my jeans and boxers until my cock popped free of its confinements. Then she surprised me by swinging her right leg over my head, giving me a perfect view of her soaking wet folds.

I didn't need any more invitation to dive in tongue first. Sissy screamed with pleasure as I licked, sucked, and bit to my heart's content. A second later Sissy lips wrapped tightly around the head of my dick as well as her tongue. I groaned, thrusting up to push more of my length into her hot mouth. She didn't seem to mind, instead taking me deeper and sucked harder. I reached up and took hold of her firm ass to pull her closer to my face.

So there we were, on an unknown planet light years away from earth two hundred years in the past, giving each other head in the middle of an open field. Hard to believe I lost my virginity only three days ago. I briefly wondered if Sissy and I were having to much sex and if it was going to be bad for our relationship later on down the road. That thought was squashed almost as soon as it entered my head. Sissy and I weren't making love just for the raw pleasure of it, we made love for the closeness, the safety and comfort we took in each other, but most of all we do it for that magical feeling that flows between us every time our bodies are connected. Anyone who says that there can be too much sex between people who love each other as much as Sissy and I has obviously never shared a love with someone like we do.

I gasped in shock and pleasure when Sissy decided to take things further and swallowed as much of me as her tight throat could take. Which, surprisingly, was almost all of it. My hips bucked up on their own, trying to shove in the last inch of my cock that wasn't in my mouth. I followed suit brought and brought two of my fingers together then thrust them inside her waiting hole. Sissy absolutely screamed as my fingers moved like a piston in overdrive. I angled my head so I could wrap my lips around her clit, alternating between sucking hard on it then gently massaging it with my tongue.

Sissy was moaning continuously now, just like I was. We were both reaching our limits fast with Sissy's hips bucking against my fingers and me thrusting inside of Sissy's mouth in time with the bobs of her head. Both of us were struggling to hold off our orgasms as long as possible, but it was a losing battle. I could feel the tightness in my balls building so much that I thought they were going to tear themselves apart a d Sissy's inner walls were clamping around my fingers like a vice grip. Just as Sissy was about to reach her peak, I pulled my fingers out, grabbed her supple ass and used it was leverage to drove my tongue in as far as it could possibly go into her pussy.

Sissy screamed as her orgasm tore through her body. Her walls clamped down on my tongue and a rush of her juices flooded into my mouth all the while I came, sending spurt after spurt of cum into her mouth. Neither of us stopped our ministrations on each other until our orgasms had completely subsided. After that, Sissy rolled off of me and we curled up beside each other to bask in the afterglow. Neither of us said anything for a while, only soft pants to try and catch our breath.

"That... Was... Amazing." Sissy said in between breaths.

"Yeah, we should try that position more often." I said.

Kisses were planted up the side of my neck in response, making me shiver. I kisses her deeply and passionately, our tongues swirling together. A few more seconds of kissing and we broke apart. Sissy climbed on top of me, positioning herself over top of my still erect manhood. Both of us groaned at the feeling of being connected again. She didn't spend any time savouring it though and started pumping her hips up and down, bracing her hands on my chest for support. I fallowed her lead, thrusting my hips in time with hers to drive myself in as deep as possible. I had to take deep gulps of air just to keep the pressure from building too fast. It was so tempting to let go and cum the second I entered her, but I refused to let myself finish before Sissy get her release.

Her bouncing breasts were hypnotic, watching them sway and jiggle each time out hips me only served to make me want her more. It only took a few more seconds before I couldn't help myself any longer and grabbed both of them. Sissy moaned extra loud as my hands played with her soft mounds. Kneading, squeezing and pinching her rock hard nipples. I don't know how long we lasted, all I know was that it was too soon when I felt a familiar tightness in my balls.

"Sissy... I can't, I can't hold it much longer." I grunted. My thrusts were starting to lose rhythm as I came closer and closer to cumming.

"Me... Too, JOHNNY!" Sissy screamed, her inner walls clamping down on my cock and milking it for all it was worth. I came just as hard, pumping shot after shot of my cum into her. We stayed like that until our orgasms finally faded and Sissy fell onto my chest.

"Wow," was all Sissy said, to hazed from her orgasm to say any more.

"I know,"

We lay there panting for a few minutes, our nude and sweaty bodies fitting together perfectly. Sissy planted a few lazy kisses along my jaw. I shuddered at the feeling of her lips. It was funny that even just little simple things like those kisses could cause such an effect on me. Speaking of affects.
"Well, it looks like somebody is ready for another round." Sissy giggled as my erection swelled inside of her. Then she surprised me by pulling herself off of me. "Come on," she said, pulling me up by my half on shirt. "I want you on top this time."

I didn't deny my blond haired goddess, planting kisses up her body as I crawled forward. I lingered on her nipples for a bit longer, taking a few seconds to suck on both of her rosy buds, then planting a trail of kisses straight up to her lips. The head of my cock probed at her opening. Sissy whimpered, pushing her hips forward to get me inside her. I gave her an evil smirk. I wanted to be inside her so badly, but I couldn't pass up this opportunity to tease her a little.

"Do you want my big cock, Sissy?" She groaned in response. "I said, do you want my big cock, Sissy?" I added a little emphasis to it by pushing at her opening almost hard enough to slip inside. Sissy groaned again, thrusting her hips to join us together, but I pulled away before it could happen.

"Y-yes," she moaned.

"Do you want it here?" I moved my cock up, rubbing her slit with the shaft and grazing her clit when the head passed over it.

Sissy gritted her teeth from the pleasure. Her hips shot up to increase the stimulation I was making her feel. "N-no-o!" Came her stuttering response.

"Alright then, how about here?" I moved it down this time to press lightly against her asshole, teasing her even more with a few gentle probs.

Sissy looked just about ready to scream. "No!" Her voice was more urgent now, desperate for the pleasure she was craving.

"Hmm, then how about," I lined up my cock with her dripping hole, my throbbing manhood ready. "Here!" I thrust into her, burying everything inside of her.

"Yes!" She screamed, bucking her hips wildly against me. I matched her pace, slamming our hips together vigorously. I growled in pleasure, feeling Sissy's tightness squeezing me harder with every thrust. Sissy made no effort to keep quiet either. She moaned and screamed my name wildly, digging her nails into my shoulders. The pain only made me pound into her with even more force. Sissy surprised me when her hands grabbed me by the back of my head and yanked me down to kiss me so hard that I think my lips instantly bruised. It didn't stop me from kissing her back as hard as I could though. At this rate it wouldn't be long before we both came again, so I slowed my thrusts down.

I pulled out all the way until the only thing left inside was the tip, then slowly thrust back in. Sissy moaned her approval, gasping softly each time I pushed all the way in and then shuddered as I pulled out. Shifting my weight onto my left hand, I let my right roam over her body, caressing everywhere on her beautiful body and giving her ass a good squeeze too. Our tempo began to pick up again, not as fast as before, but fast enough to get our orgasms building and slow enough to make it last.

"You're so beautiful." I said and kissed her. "I love you so much."

"I love you too, Johnny." We kissed again, our tongues meeting in the middle, swirling together. My thrusts became harder and faster as our peaks came closer. I could feel the tightening in my balls that signaled my release and I could tell by the way Sissy's walls were tightening that she was just as close as I was. We never broke the kiss, even as I made the last few powerful strokes into Sissy and she clamped down on my cock tighter than a vice while I erupted inside of her, quickly overflowing her womb with my cum.

Sweaty and now thoroughly exhausted, we pulled our sexes apart. We cuddled with each other for almost half an hour, basking in the afterglow of nearly the best sex we had ever had. Our first time will always be considered the best in my opinion, but this was as close as you could get without tying. Eventually though, my watch beeped, signaling that it was nearly midnight.

"Come on Sissy, we need to get back home before you get grounded."

"But we have a time machine." She whined, not letting me go. "We can go back any time we want."

How I wish that were true. "Time doesn't work like that, I'm afraid." She raised a questioning eyebrow, so I explained. "Time is like a living organism and every time we time travel it damages time, so what happens is time tries to defend itself by erasing the matter that doesn't belong in the time period, or more specifically, us."

Sissy's eyes widened in alarm. "Are you saying that we could be erased from existence any second now?" It's amazing how Sissy can look scared and murderously angry with me at the same time.

"No, don't worry, we only traveled back two hundred years, so it would take decades before the effects took place. Still, since we've been gone for a few hours we have to make sure we reappear the exact same amount of time after we've been gone, or else there could be some unpleasant side effects years down the road."

Sissy shook her head. "Alright, I'm going to pretend that all that science mumbo jumbo made sense. Still, are you sure you don't want to go for another round?" She leaned in close, trailing her fingers down my chest.

I'll always be willing to go for another round." I said. "But I don't want your mother thinking I can't be trusted to bring her only daughter, whom she's highly protective of, back on time from a date. Plus, I like my face best when it's not being smashed in by a frying pan."

"Fair enough," she sighed. "Can we meet up tomorrow at lunch for a quick fuck?"

"I've got an even better idea. How about tomorrow we blow of school altogether, take my car and go to the beach? I know this sweet little spot we can drive into where nobody will be able to see us, so it will be like we're the only people around for miles." As soon as I finished, Sissy latched her lips onto mine for a deep, sensual kiss.

"It's a date."

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