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Here we go again... The yelling. The screaming. And I was sick of it all.

I sighed as I started packing my bags with what I needed. Water, change of clothes, first aid kit, non perishable snacks, and a book.

A book my grandmother had given me.

The book has a ton of fairy tales that she has written. My favorite one that she would tell me over and over again was about a young girl that wishes away her brother to goblins and has 13 hours to get him back.

"The King of the Goblins had fallen in love with the girl and given her certain powers. So, one night, she called on the goblins for help. "Say your right words", the goblins said, "and we'll take the baby to the Goblin City, and you'll be free. "

The first time I heard that story was when I was very little.

"Grandma, I'm gonna wish my self away to the goblins. I wanna have adventures like the girl in the story." I looked up at the old lady with a big grin.

Her face showed panic. "Scarlett, NEVER wish yourself or ANYBODY away to goblins, no matter what. do you hear me?" Her voice was stern but not angry. She started coughing.

"Mother!" My mom ran into the room and put her arm around the fragile women. "It's time to take your medicine mom. Scarlett it's time to go to bed, okay? Say goodnight to your grandmother."

"Night grandma. And I promise I won't wish myself or anybody to the goblins." I hugged my grandmother and showed her an innocent smile of a young child.

She showed me a smile, and I ran to my room and drifted of to peaceful dreams.

A year later my grandma was at her deathbed. I went into the room my grandma was on and looked at her with tears streaming down my face.

"Don't worry, love. I'll be OK." She gave me a weak smile. "I want you to promise me something before I go, okay?"

"Yah." I nodded. I started sobbing.

She stretched arms wide, and I ran into them, hugging her with all my love, but not enough to harm her.

"Promise me again that you will never wish yourself or somebody else no matter what." she whispered soft enough that my ears were the only ones to hear.

"okay. I promise" Tears streamed down my face as a grin lit her face, and she took her last breath.

I never understood why she wanted me to promise her that. Even though I'm older, I still keep that promise. But even though I'm older I still love fairy tales, mystic beings, especially fairies.

I have always wanted to see one. But to my dismay, none of the spells I have tried have worked. I have tried alot of spells for many different things. I'm not a devil worshiper or anything. I'm just the type of person that loves fairy tales, fantasy books, mystic and enchanted things. Ogres, pixies, Fae, and goblins.

I looked long and hard at the book, and put it in my bag.

"SCARLETT!" I heard my name being yelled, and feet running up the stairs

"And where you think your going?" My door swung open

"None of your business." I shot a glare at the women standing in my door way

"None of my business? I'm your Mother!" She raised her voice.

"Then maybe you should try acting it!" I ran past her, down the steps, and out the door of my house.

"Scarlett!" I heard her scream outside of the door.

I just ran. I ran as fast as my feet would carry me. Not caring about anything except of getting away.

My pace slowed as I reached a bench in a park. The sun is setting. It's getting late.

Another fight with my mom. She just didn't understand. I know alot of teenagers this day go through it to. My grandma used to tell me, she never got along with her step-mother at first.

"But you have to try to see it from her point of view" She told me before she died.

Of course I wasn't really old enough to be able to relate to her, but now that I am, I wish I wasn't. It all started going down hill after my grandmother died. My parents divorced and my mom got a boyfriend. After the divorce my dad left. It's as if he never existed, and that pisses me off.

I sighed as a plopped down on the bench and pulled out my book. I flipped through the pages and stopped at the page that started the story about the girl and the goblin king.

A girl that takes powerful words for granted, and accidentally wishes her brother away. The Goblin King and his Goblins takes her brother away "to the castle beyond the goblin city", and she lives the story she was just telling. She meets many friends along the way, beats the labyrinth in less then 13 hours, and declines the Goblin King to get her brother back.

Before I asked my Grandma why the Goblin King doesn't look like a goblin. She told me it's because he isn't a goblin, he's a Fae. A fairy that looks like a human, but isn't very human like except for appearances. In the story he can create crystal balls out of nothing, and use them to make illusions, dreams, or to see from a distance.

It was now dark. I jumped at a sound, and saw a white barn owl fly out of the trees . I looked at it in awe as it danced in the sky, and across the full moon.

The owl was far out of sight.

I sighed to myself in fustration.

'Okay. Well, I've run away... Now what?'

I need somewhere to at least sleep. I wonder if it's safe to sleep on the bench. I don't know if they have people patrolling the park after dark, and I would have to get up before people start going on their early jogs or walks.'

I heard a police sirens and jolted up from my seat.

'Craaaaap!' I started running away.

'Usually you have to wait a day or two for police to get involved with a run away, so i thought I would be okay. But I totally forgot about Darek! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! I yelled to myself in my head. 'How could I foget my mom's boyfriend is a cop!'

I jolted out of the park, took a sharp turn, and crossed a street into a narrow alley. It was a dead end.

The police sirens were getting closer. They probably saw me running out of the park.

'Shit!' I heard a car door slam closed.

"Scarlett! Are you in there? Come on it's time for you to get back home. Your mom's worried."

I heard him getting closer and I held my breath.

I didn't want to go home. At least not yet. The only other time I was this upset at my mom was when she almost threw out my book, saying that I was to old for fairy tales.

"Come on, Scarlett. I'm serious. Do you really want to play this game?" I could now see his shadow on the dim alley wall.

Thoughts rushed through my head. "Never wish yourself away to goblins"

... Why was this coming to my head now?

I heard foot steps getting closer, and closer.

"I - I wish... that the ... Fairies would take me away from here, right now!" I closed my eyes shut as I shouted.

The foots steps were gone. The sound of cars riding past on the street were gone. The sound of people on the side walks were gone. All I could hear now was the rustling trees.

I cautiously opened my eyes to see... a labyrinth?

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