AUTHORESS: Amaya~Ikari


TITLE: Deilicious

ANIME: Naruto

PAIRING: Yaoi: ItachiXDeidara

STATUS: Oneshot: Completed


WARNINGS: Graphic sex between two men, spanking.

~Punishment is best served hot~

Deidara was freaking out. He'd messed up. He was supposed to only kill the given target, but he'd messed up on a bomb, and the explosion wiped out almost the entire village, leading to a battle that cost him the scroll he had originally been sent to get. He was now heading to Pein's office, knowing he had it in for him. He knocked, and that fatal voice answered him, too calmly.

"Come in Deidara."

He slowly walked in, awaiting inevitable punishment. Instead, his leader smirked at him maliciously.

"No, I have something else in mind. Go to Itachi."

Deidara warily exited the room, anxious at the turn of events in his reprimanding. He slowly walked down the corridor toward his rival's room. He knocked, blinking as the door opened, no one was there. He walked inside the dim room, looking around suspiciously. The door shut behind him. He whirled to look, but instantly turned back around when someone moved quickly, and he missed the sound of the door locking.

He felt hot breath on his neck, and he stiffened, the scope on his eye allowed him to dimly see Itachi circling him.

"I hear you've been bad, Deidara."

Came Itachi's seductive voice. Deidara regarded him with suspicious eyes. In a flash of speed only the Sharingan could track, Itachi was against Deidara, ripping the eye scope off, and tearing his shirt from him with sharp nails. Deidara gasped as his pants were unzipped, he attempted a desperate escape, but Itachi held fast and put his mouth next to Deidara's ear.

"What happens, when children misbehave?"

Deidara gasped as he was pulled over Itachi's lap, arms being handcuffed to the leg of the chair. He felt fingers slip under the band of his boxers and he tensed as they were pulled off and thrown somewhere, he felt hands running over his stomach. He was dizzy, one minute he had been standing fully clothed now he was over his nemesis' lap, completely nude.

"This happens..."

Itachi whispered, and brought a hand down hard on the seventeen year old blonde's bare ass. He gasped in pain, tears formed in his eyes, mostly from the shock that he was in such a degrading position. Itachi smirked. He brought his hand down again, slapping Deidara's ass hard. The blonde squirmed wildly, a tremendous stinging pain forcing tears from his eyes.

As Itachi delivered that last blow Deidara had tears streaming like a waterfall down his face. Sobbing sounds choked out from him. Itachi uncuffed him, but he simply threw him onto his bed; the action startled Deidara. The sound of Itachi's belt sliding from his pants caused his heart to stop, and as it whistled through the air toward him, he cried out through tears.


He managed to choke out, as the belt hit him, he screamed. Trying to crawl away, Itachi grabbed his ankles, yanking him back, hitting him over and over. Deidara screamed each time, his ass throbbed unbearably. Itachi released him. Deidara tried desperately to get away, but couldn't move. Instead he curled into a ball. Muttering "I'm sorry I'm sorry." Over and over again. Itachi sighed. He hadn't wanted to do this. He started out with his sadistic side thirsting for the blonde's pain, but him being a master of emotion was able to hide the fact that it really unsettled him hearing the teenager cry. He crushed on the blonde, but only Kisame knew. He bent forward, pulling the younger male into a hug.

He tensed; Itachi tilted his head to stare into his eyes. Sapphire, fear filled eyes swam with tears in front of him. Terrified of what he would do next. Whether Deidara hated this man or not, he knew he was capable of serious damage. Itachi stared back, and then kissed him. Deidara was shocked, to say the least; hs blue eyes flew wide. Itachi smirked.

Itachi gently massaged his bottom lip, and uncertain, Deidara opened his mouth. Itachi explored each crevice. Very nervously, Deidara kissed back, Itachi smiled. He let his hands wander, tickling the young blonde on his very sensitive stomach. Deidara moaned into the kiss as Itachi massaged his thighs. He began to trail his mouth down, sucking on Deidara's neck gently. Deidara gasped loudly and arched up when Itachi reached his stomach, licking the tan skin with his rough tongue. He slid his hands to Deidara's dick quickly, capturing his lips again.

Deidara moaned, as Itachi squeezed and stroked his sensitive cock, he wasn't able to hold his load very long and came with a loud scream. Itachi laughed at the blonde's quick orgasm, earning a tearful glare and blush. He wiped his hand on the sheets and stuck the other to his lover's mouth, three fingers to his sweet lips. Deidara knew what he wanted. He was a virgin, but he was not naive. He made sure they were coated well in saliva, before Itachi jerked them out of his hot mouth in a sign of impatience. Itachi flipped him to his stomach, and entered one finger gently into his lover's entrance. Deidara mewled in discomfort, wincing as Itachi thrust the other two in quickly, as to get this over and done.

He thrust them in slowly as he bent down; licking off his tears that Deidara hadn't even been aware he had shed. He suddenly removed his fingers; shocking the blonde and causing an uncomfortable whine. They were replaced with something much larger. Deidara whimpered as Itachi pushed all the way in, his breathing labored and punctuated with whimpers. Itachi shushed him, stroking Deidara's stomach, Deidara yelped softly when Itachi slowly pulled out, and then thrust back in a little rougher.

Deidara gasped as a sharp and unusual pleasure exploded through his body like a bomb, arching into Itachi with a loud, shrill, moan. Itachi chuckled as Deidara blushed brightly in embarrassment.

He began a rhythmic pattern that had the bomber writhing under his mercy, screaming in ecstasy as his prostate was struck repeatedly. The sound of skin slapping against skin resounded on the walls, the eroticism in the room elevated due to the lewd sounds. Itachi pumped Deidara's cock at a slightly faster pace than his thrusts. Deidara's muscles began to tighten; Itachi suddenly plunged deep into him, cumming with a loud moan, his grip bruised the bomber's hips. Deidara came not a second later when he felt the hot fluid fill him, moaning loudly into the bed sheets. As he fell next to him Itachi pulled him into a protective embrace,

"Try to behave Dei-Chan, I hate hurting you..."

Deidara smiled.

"But some pain can be delicious, Itachi."

Itachi smirked before kissing him gently, vaguely thinking Deidara had actually enjoyed the "punishment."


I despise this story too. You're tired of me saying that, hm?

I realize how OOC Itachi-sama is, But... As my sister said, he doesn't have to be emotionless, it is a story after all, so... Enjoy... :D

You can also blame her for the pun in the title.