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Five years ago, the Kyuubi, a monstrous fox with nine tails, came to Konoha. A beast of unmatched size and of demonic fury armed with fangs larger than the tallest of trees, nine tails longer than the rivers, each able to crush mountains and create tidal waves. Its red eyes shone in the black night, striking fear in the bravest of men. Yet even though fear struck through every man, woman, and child, the brave shinobis of Konoha banded together to stop the beast from destroying their homes. Every imaginable jutsu were thrown at the beast. Clouds of kunai, shuriken, and explosive tags flew in the air. Yet the kitsune merely shrugged them off as it continued its rampage, crushing many under its flailing tails and humongous paws. Soon it reached within a mere arm's length to Konoha when the leader of Konoha arrived upon a toad the size of a mountain. Using a jutsu that surpassed the power of man and into the realm of the gods, the Yondaime Hokage, Minato Namikaze, summoned the power of the Shinigami and sealed the beast into a newborn babe, not even an hour's old. With the danger passed, the Yondaime Hokage passed from the realm of the living and gave his soul to the Shinigami. The Yondaime was carried back into the village and given the funeral fit for the hero he was. Yet the babe that held the Kyuubi was seen as the reincarnation of the demon itself. In order to protect the boy, the Sandaime Hokage issued an edict to never reveal the truth of that fateful night to anyone. Despite this, for the next five years of his life, the boy was spat and scorned by many villagers of Konoha and the hate of the parents soon spread to the children. It continued until the eve of that fateful night.

"Get him!"

"Kill the demon!"

Naruto panted as he jumped on a fence and quickly climbed over it. He looked back to see the shinobis chasing him simply jump over the fence. Naruto willed his legs to go even faster as he dove into a sewage pipe. He began to scrabble through the rotten water when a hand grabbed his ankle. Naruto screamed in fear and he clawed desperately but it was all for naught. The shinobi picked him up and threw him roughly on the ground. Naruto instinctively tried to run but a kunai stabbed his hand, pinning him to the ground. Naruto wailed in pain only to have a soiled cloth stuffed in his mouth. He fearfully looked around at the six ninjas that surrounded him.

"So what should we do first? Hm?"

"I say just kill the demon and get it over with."

"He killed the Yondaime, you stupid bastard! I say we flay his skin first."

"Nah too much like Kiri. Just roast him alive I say. It's a painful way to die and we can always just douse him over and over."

There was a moment of deliberation as everyone considered the idea.


Naruto could only watch helplessly as the shinobis began to make hand seals for the fire jutsu he knew was heading his way.

Hours later

Naruto gasped weakly as the he was doused again with ice cold water. Pain clouded his mind as every part of his skin was repeatedly burned over and over by various fire jutsus, It was only due to the Kyuubi's regenerative chakra that he was still alive. Even now, Naruto could feel his skin start to heal.

"Shit ANBU! Scram!"

"You aren't going anywhere."

In a matter of seconds, an ANBU wearing a raven's mask dropped down and quickly disabled the six rogue ninjas with crippling blows that quickly knocked them out. The ANBU strode towards the drenched and burnt form of Naruto and cursed under his breath. The ANBU pulled off his cloak and wrapped it gently around Naruto. He carefully bundled Naruto and with a hand seal vanished in a puff of smoke. He reappeared at the front of the hospital. He kicked open the door and ran straight into the emergency room.

"I need a doctor here! I have a patient who's nearly burned to death!"

Immediately a crash cart appeared but as the ANBU unwrapped Naruto, he spotted the angry stare of the doctor.

"Him again. I have better things to do than treat the Kyuubi brat."

Without so much as a warning, the ANBU stabbed a kunai into the doctor's neck. The doctor gurgled as blood flew into the air.

"There, you can treat yourself. Any other comments?" the ANBU snapped. The boy was quickly rushed into surgery and stabilized. The ANBU created a shadow clone and left the clone to guard Naruto while he sped off to the Hokage's Tower. He knocked on the Hokage's door and waited for permission.

"Come in."

The ANBU stepped inside to see the Hokage at his desk, smoking on his pipe already. The man gave his subordinate a gentle smile and gestured towards a seat. The ANBU sat down and reached towards his mask, removing it from his face. Behind the mask was a worn, tired young man of around sixteen years old with two prominent lines were etched into his face. The teen looked at the Hokage, waiting for the elderly man to speak. The Hokage breathed in the cured tobacco as he examined the teen in front of him.

"So young but those eyes are much more older than those of his age."

"Itachi-kun, what brings you to my office so late? I don't recall you having any reports assigned to you by me personally."

"No Hokage-sama, its about Naruto Uzumaki. He is currently in the hospital recovering from first-degree burns on 78 percent of his body and second degree burns on the rest. I found him tortured by several of our own shinobi."

"Kami, what would Minato think if he were here," the Hokage muttered, cursing at the stupidity of some people.

"Permission to speak freely sir?" Itachi asked. The Hokage nodded.

"This has been the 13th attempt on his life for this year. Naruto is remarkably good-hearted but I fear that he will soon snap. An emotional outbreak of that magnitude will only weaken the seal the Yondaime had placed upon him, possibly even releasing the Kyuubi."

"I know Itachi. However, I can't have him leave Konoha without supervision and the only shinobis I trust to escort Naruto out for several years are either too important to lose or not here."

"I may have a solution Hokage-sama."

The Hokage looked up, incredulously.

"Please share."

"A month ago, I was approached by your three advisors. They presented me with startling evidence that incriminated the majority of the Uchiha clan. Their evidence pointed out that the Uchiha clan would create a coup, overthrowing your and the council."

The Hokage gaped for several moments. In a rare show of anger, he slammed his fist upon the desk. The desk creaked in protest as several spidery cracks appeared.

"Why wasn't I informed of this?"

"They deemed it necessary as they sought to assassinate the Uchiha clan using a shinobi from Kumo or Kiri. In return Kumo would receive the Byakugan or Kiri would receive help in their bloodline wars," Itachi explained. "However, Danzo approached me as he reasoned that the Uchihas would never suspect one of their own. He gave me an offer. One that I couldn't refuse."

"What was the offer?"

"To either accept the mission or he would have his ROOT shinobis eliminate every Uchihas. Even those that were innocent like my brother and mother."

The Hokage sighed. "How many of the Uchihas are in this coup?"

"I am sad to say, the majority of them. They seek to right the wrong done to them by the Senjus, believing that since the only Senju is away, they have the right to rule Konoha," Itachi explained.

"And do your loyalties lie with your clan or Konoha?"

Itachi's eyes flashed red for a second and he stared deep into the Hokage's eyes.

"I have been hailed a genius and a prodigy for all of my life yet I deem it a curse. I have done things no child should ever dream of doing. There has already been much blood spilled by my hands and if I can, I wish to just run away from it all."

The Hokage sighed and reached into his desk. Itachi noticed the small puff of smoke and tensed as the Hokage pulled out a large red folder. He threw it on the desk and motioned for Itachi to open it. Itachi opened the folder and his face stiffened in a combination of shock, anger, and outrage.

"We've been spying on the Uchiha clan for years. My sensei the Nidaime Hokage felt that the Uchiha clan would be the clan that would most likely start a coup as the Senju died out. With the Senju gone, there was a void in the balance of power that was only filled by the unanimous union of the other clans, ninja council, and the Hokage. However recent politics and the rise of Hyuugas have weakened the balance once again. Though I wish it would never happen, the Uchiha clan must be drastically weakened else Konoha would be torn asunder by a civil war."

Itachi could only watch as the Hokage removed his hat and looked at the young Uchiha with sad, tired eyes.

"I am old Itachi, older than any shinobi alive in this village. Despite all of my strength and wisdom, I cannot keep Konoha together if the Uchiha launch this coup. If this would happen, Konoha will be finished. The Will of Fire will be lost under the Fist of Stone."

"So what would you have me do?" Itachi asked. Inwardly he knew what he had to do; yet he could not say it. It was too terrible for him to suggest.

"One last mission, one that I will rank SS-rank due to its nature. Once you have completed it, you will be banished and can never return. Yet I will offer you sanctuary under the Five Daimyos' authority. You will be safe and taken care of. Will you accept?"

Itachi swallowed hard.

"I will Hokage-sama."

The Hokage nodded solemnly and he strode from behind his desk. He laid a hand on Itachi's shoulder and stared straight into Itachi's eyes.

"Your mission is in two parts. You will kill every Uchiha that is disloyal to Konoha. Once you have killed every disloyal Uchiha, you will take Naruto out of the village. Keep him safe and train him until he is ready. Then send him back to Konoha. Do you understand Itachi?"

For a long moment, Itachi stood stock-still. Then after what seemed like an eternity, he nodded his head.

"I understand Hokage-sama."

The Hokage nodded.

"Take as long as you need to. Once you have finished, go to the Valley of the End. Inside the Shodaime's left leg, you will find everything you need. Remember 91-738-2465."

Itachi nodded and disappeared in a swirl of smoke. The Hokage returned back to his desk and sat back down. He reached down and pulled open a small, unopened vial of whiskey that came from lands far across the sea. He opened the vial and drained it in a long swallow, not even minding the burn of alcohol. The pain was soothing as he knew that tonight, he, Hiruzen Sarutobi, God of Shinobi and Sandaime Hokage of Konoha, was responsible of the banishment of one of the finest shinobi under his command, but also the elimination of more than a hundred of his own villagers he swore to protect.

"May Kami forgive me."

That night the souls of many were sent to the dark realm of the Shinigami, waiting for them to embrace the dark eternity, by the hand of one of their very own. Itachi stared emotionless as he stabbed the last Uchiha he deemed traitorous. His own father. With one swift move, he stabbed his father in his sleep with a stolen Suna technique. Fugaku stiffened and died without a sound. His grisly deed done, he made several hand seals and vanished in the wind.

Itachi reappeared inside the hospital. Ridding himself of his blood soaked robe, he quickly raced inside until he found the room where Naruto was resting. He easily picked the lock and carefully wrapped Naruto in his arms. Naruto merely gave a loud snore before slumbering back into his dreams. Itachi chuckled and jumped out of the window, racing to the walls around Konoha. He dodged the guards easily and raced off into the dark forests, not once looking back.

"Someday Naruto. You will return and when that time comes, I promise you, you will become the man that inherited not only the Will of Fire, but also the ability to change this blood-soaked world into one where this endless waltz of violence will end."

Deep inside Naruto, rumbles came from behind a large cage that held back the Kyuubi. Red eyes glowed as they stared into the water. Youki swirled around, illuminating a silhouette of a monstrous fox. Soon the fox morphed into the image of a beautiful woman with long, flowing hair. She touched the water gently, sending youki straight into the water. The water rippled violently once before reverting back to its peaceful state.

"This is my promise to you Naruto. I shall make you stronger than any shinobi before, so strong that your name will live on even longer than the mountains themselves. This is my promise to you and I know that you will succeed. So sleep, my young hero for this is the start of your adventure."

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