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Next thing Draco knew, he was in a small office room. Alone. He blinked at the door, getting up off of the floor. "What the hell?" he murmured, frowning as he looked about him. He staggered to the door and tried the handle. Locked. He knocked loudly. "Let me out," he shouted, pressing his ear to the door to listen for a response. He didn't get any. He rattled the handle again, growing exasperated by the second. "Let me out!" he yelled, kicking the door. "Fuck," he hissed, feeling more helpless than ever. "I just need to see him," he called out. "I need to see Harry. Please, just… open the door! Open the fucking door!"

Harry was struggling to breathe over the pain. His arm was being wrenched back and it felt ready to snap. He tried to push away the assailant but kept getting disoriented by the sharp pain in his head. He was shoved into a dank and dark room. His arm hung loose, as though dislocated. He fell to his knees and tried to cover his ears from the hushed voices around him. "Let me out," he whispered hoarsely.


He screamed in terror as he felt them. He scrambled back and pressed himself against the wall, cowering. "Please! Let me out!" he shouted. And now he saw them. He pulled his knees up to his chest and hid his face, trembling in fear. "Please," he sobbed. The cold hands touched him, burning him. "NO!" he screamed, faint with panic. "NO!"

Then they were gone. Harry pressed a hand against his mouth as he cried.

"He came in with a dislocated shoulder and a laceration on his head," the Mediwizard explained to Healer Warren. "He was unconscious."

"Where was he?" Joseph asked.

"Ministry, I believe. They say he just fainted. He fell on his side, unsupported."

"Okay," Joseph sighed, looking at Harry through the window. The man was pressed against the corner of the room, shaking and crying. "Did you wake him up?" the Healer asked.

"Yes," the Mediwizard nodded. "And that's what happened," he pointed at the patient.

"He wasn't ready to wake up," Healer Warren explained. "It's just the shock of being conscious again so quickly."

"We can't set his shoulder or heal his head injury…"


"Every time we try, he does that."

Joseph observed Harry for a beat longer before turning to the Mediwizard. "I guess we'll just have to wait for him to wake up," he murmured, his heart heavy with worry.

Draco looked up when the door clicked open. He struggled off of the chair but was made to sit back down by a silent spell. Two Hit wizards from the Ministry of Magic walked in grimly and closed the door behind them. "I didn't do anything," Draco maintained, trying to get up. He was held fast.

"Mr. Malfoy. Are you aware of your parole re-"

"Yes, damn it!" Draco interrupted. "I know! I just need to see Harry!"

"Are you also aware that you have broken several-"

"At least tell me if he's alright," Draco begged desperately.

"Why the interest?"

"He's my friend! Why won't you let me see him?" Draco asked, frustration causing him to raise his voice.

"How come you are the only friend who knows about this?"

Draco bit back a loud swear. "Why does it matter? I'm here now and I want to see him," he said slowly.

"I am sure you are also aware of Veritaserum."

Draco paled in shock. "I-I'm sorry?" he stammered, his voice breaking.

"You are subject to questioning at any time during the duration of your parole."

"N-no," Draco shook his head vehemently. "That's… no."

"I'm afraid you are in no position to refuse, Mr. Malfoy."

Draco's head fell back and his jaw moved on its own accord. He couldn't even tell when the drops touched his tongue and ran into his throat. His eyes glazed over even as he tried to keep his mind from being overpowered.

"What is your name?"

Draco attempted to keep his voice hidden but he heard himself answer, "Draco Lucius Malfoy."

"When were you born?"

"June 5, 1980."

"What are you doing at this hospital?"

Draco felt sick to the stomach. "I need to see Harry," he whispered, eyes prickling. "Please, I need to see Harry."

"Why do you need to Harry Potter?"

"I don't know," Draco choked out, shaking his head. "I just-is he-is he alright? I don't know."

"Do you want to know if Harry Potter is alive?"

"Yes, yes," Draco gasped. "Please."

"Why do you want to know if Harry Potter is alive?"

Harry was dead? No. That can't be… Draco's throat closed up. "Please," he pleaded voicelessly.

Now the Hit wizards were more than perplexed. "Is he resistant?" one of them asked.

"I'm not sure," the other responded, frowning at Draco with concern. "Mr. Malfoy? Why do you want to know if Harry Potter is alive?"

Draco let out the sob he had been holding in for so long. "I don't want him to die. Please. Don't let him die," he whispered in fear.

That was all it took for the Hit wizards to flick their wands at Draco, erasing the potion from the man's system and letting him off the chair. Draco sagged as his mind cleared up and the spell was lifted off of him. He wiped his tears vehemently, pulling himself together.

"What… is your relationship with Mr. Potter?" one of the Hit wizards asked hesitantly.

Draco gritted his teeth as he willed his thoughts to stop racing. Harry wasn't dead. That wasn't possible. If Harry was dead, then… Draco would have been the first one to know. Harry was okay. He kept silent.

"Mr. Malfoy. What is your relationship with Mr. Potter?"

Draco squeezed his eyes shut. All he wanted to do was see Harry. Why did it have to be like this? He rested his face in his hands, shivering from the thoughts he was suppressing.

"Wow," the first Hit wizard sighed, raking fingers through his hair.

"Yeah," his partner murmured as he jerked his thumb towards the door. They left Draco alone in the office, closing the door firmly behind them.

Harry whimpered as he felt a hand against his. He tried to pull away but fingers slid between his, holding him tight. He lifted his head up, blinking back the tears. "Draco?" he dared to hope.

"What's wrong?" Draco asked, wiping away Harry's tears.

"You can't be here," Harry sobbed, falling into Draco's arms. "They'll get you. They can't-you shouldn't-you should go. Now. Okay?"

"Or I could stay," Draco said.

"Don't stay," Harry implored. "Go." He let go of Draco and pushed him.

"I don't know where else to go," Draco said simply, crawling beside Harry and sitting down next to him. "Where are we?"

Harry was torn between keeping Draco and forcing him to leave. "Azkaban," he whispered, curling into Draco's warmth. Such inviting warmth.

"Oh," Draco murmured, dismayed.

"That's why you should leave. Don't you see?" Harry asked. "Please. For me."

"For you, I'll stay."

Harry didn't know what to say to that. He was so grateful. He was so relieved. "Thank you," he croaked.

Draco kissed Harry firmly. "I love you…"

Harry nodded, feeling exhausted. "I love you too," he said. Then he smiled wryly. "Although, I think you might love me more than I love you."


"You came to Azkaban for me, didn't you?" Harry said.

Draco shook his head. "You're dreaming again," he murmured.

Harry blinked at Draco. "What?"

Draco brushed his hand against Harry's head. "That hurts, doesn't it?" he asked.

Harry touched his bloodied head. "Hmm… yeah. So does this," he added, waving a hand at his useless arm.

"Shall we fix that?" Draco asked.

Harry frowned in confusion. "You know how?" he asked.

"The Healers do," Draco elaborated, gesturing vaguely.

A chill came over Harry again. The Dementors were here. "No," he gasped, pressing against Draco. "Oh God, no. Draco, you have to-"

"It's okay, Harry," Draco said soothingly. "We'll be okay."

"We won't!" Harry interrupted fiercely. The black creatures were moving in, silent and cold. "I need you to-"

"I'm staying right here with you," Draco said. The Dementors were too close. Harry was on his feet in a flash, ignoring the piercing pain in his shoulder. Draco followed suit, facing Harry and putting himself between the Dementors and the frantic man. "It's okay. We'll be okay. It's just a dream," he said.

Harry pushed Draco towards the wall and stepped in front of him, shielding him from the Dementors. "Leave him," he said, his words trembling with sadness. "Please, don't hurt him. Take me instead. Don't hurt him…"

Suddenly, Draco found this situation quite comical. Here they were in a hospital room and he was pressed against the wall with Harry blubbering and begging at two bewildered Mediwizards and three distressed Apprentices who had no idea what to do. He wrapped his arms around Harry, his chest pressed against Harry's back. "What the fuck, Potter?" he whispered shakily, laughing.

Harry blinked at the hospital staff, swaying in Draco's arms. He turned around quickly, staring up at Draco. "Uh…"

"You're seriously messed up, aren't you?" Draco chuckled.

It took Harry several seconds to figure out what was happening. And when he finally did, he blushed in mortification, wanting to crawl into a hole and die. "Damn it," he swore, hiding his face against Draco. "Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck…"

Draco smiled at the confused Mediwizards. "He's fine," he said.

"I'm not," Harry hissed urgently. "Kill me now."

"Not before we fix you up," Draco said, forcing Harry to turn around.

Harry looked at the 'Dementors' sheepishly. "Sorry," he said with a wan smile. "Um… hi."

Harry was patched up in less than ten minutes. Draco wandered out of the room, stopping short when he ran into Joseph and the Hit wizards. "Oh… you're all… still here," he said uncertainly.

"You did very well, Draco," Joseph said with a wide smile.

"He was just… dreaming," Draco said. "I thought something awful had happened." He laughed nervously, still shaken.

"How did you know that something had happened?" the Healer asked, piquing a brow.

Draco looked guilty at this question. The Hit wizards were silent but attentive, which didn't help Draco one bit. "I… um… I put a marker on him," he confessed.

"Oh?" Joseph asked, now raising both eyebrows.

"He's always sleepwalking and apparating and stuff," Draco said quickly, trying to justify himself. "And I just wanted to… I mean, he kept… so I… but you should probably… not tell him… please?"

One of the Hit wizards scoffed, rolling his eyes. "We need to interview Mr. Potter," he murmured, tugging his partner towards the room Harry was in.

Once the Ministry officials were gone, Joseph looked at Draco reproachfully. "What exactly did you do to wind up on the wrong side?" he asked.

Draco fell into the chair, exhausted. "I didn't do anything," he grumbled. "I just wanted to see Harry and they wouldn't let me."


"And I made a scene," Draco finished, scuffing the floor with his shoe. "This sucks."

Before Joseph could continue reprimanding Draco, they were interrupted by a rather panicky Ron. "Where is he?" the redhead asked, stumbling over his words.

"He's fine," Joseph was quick to inform Ron. "He just had an incident at the Ministry."

"What incident?" Ron asked, wringing his hands. Then his gaze fell on Draco. "Whoa, wait… What are you doing here?"

"I… um… I-I'm doing nothing," Draco said, unprepared.

"Why are you here?" Ron asked, eyes narrowed.

Draco's mind was racing. He didn't know what Harry would want him to say. "I wanted to see how Harry was doing," he said vaguely.

"How did you know he was here?" Ron asked again.

Joseph was Draco's saving grace. The Healer seemed to have figured out that Ron had no idea about Draco's relationship with Harry. "I called him," Joseph interrupted. Ron turned his attention to Joseph now. "Harry was having another episode and I figured Draco could help him…" he trailed off.

"You helped him?" Ron asked, glancing at Draco. Draco shrugged in response.

Joseph smiled at Draco. "Yes, he helped Harry. That's why I said it's fine," he said the last part emphatically so Ron would stop his rapid fire questioning.

Ron sighed with relief, sitting down next to Draco. "You can't seem to get rid of him, huh?" he asked Draco ruefully. "Thanks. Again."

"It-it's no trouble," Draco answered.

"I know this is probably the last place you want to be," Ron murmured. "After all the things he did to you and-"

"It's okay, Ron," Draco interjected, squirming.

Joseph kept from rolling his eyes as he said, "I'm going to check up on Harry," and walked away.

The two men sat in rather uncomfortable silence for a few moments. Draco's mind was occupied with ways to get out of Ron's questions while Ron was trying not to worry himself into another frenzy. "He really does like you," he blurted out before he could stop himself.

Draco stiffened at the wayward comment. "What?" he asked in disbelief.

Ron kept his eyes on the floor. "I mean, I know things didn't end well with you and he's confused and all. But he… I'm sure he's sorry. Do you know what I'm saying?"

Draco was gaping at Ron's profile. "A-are you… are you telling me that he... likes me?" he asked incredulously.

Ron fidgeted in his seat. "Um… no?"

"But you just did! You said he really likes me!" Draco exclaimed. "Did he tell you that he likes me?" he pressed on, wondering what else Harry had told Ron.

"Well, it's just that… after that sleepwalking incident, he… I don't know. He's been less moody. That's all," Ron said. "I think he's just relieved that you two worked it all out."

Draco blinked blankly. "We're dating, Ron…"

Ron shot up from the chair, pointing a finger at Draco and exclaiming, "Ah hah!"

"What?" Draco asked, startled.

"I knew it!" Ron said, grinning. "I knew you two were going out! Gosh, I'm so good!"

"What's going on?" Draco asked weakly.

"Hermione wouldn't believe me," Ron said, pacing in front of Draco. "She said there was no way! I knew it when you fire-called. But he wouldn't tell me anything! Gosh, he's in so much trouble! I can't believe you are dating him! Of all the convoluted things to do, you two are together?" He laughed in disbelief, shaking his head at Draco.

"So… you… are okay with this?" Draco asked.

"I know you aren't going to kill him," Ron responded, as though that were the answer to Draco's question.

"Okay…" Draco said, drawing out the word.

"Wait until Hermione hears about this," Ron cackled, sitting back down now that the excitement had worn off. "Am I right in guessing that every time he gives us a lame excuse, he's at your place?"

"Erm… hopefully?" Draco said in bewilderment.

"Thank goodness," Ron leaned back on the chair.

"He can look after himself, you know," Draco said, defensive for Harry.

"Sure he can," Ron jibed, smiling to himself.

"He can!" Draco argued.

"Is this," Ron pointed to the hospital room, "him looking after himself?"

"And that's why I'm here," Draco grumbled, folding his arms against his chest. "Shut up."


Then there was more silence, this time with Ron gloating as a smug smile played on his lips and Draco wondering how much trouble he was in. "But it's not like we're doing anything wrong," Draco said out of the blue. "I mean, he's allowed to have a life."

"Sure, sure," Ron said patronizingly, "with a Death Eater."

"I'm not a Death Eater!" Draco said, reining in his anger.

"Won't matter to the press outside," Ron said, casting a wary eye at Draco.

"Press?" Draco gulped.

"Harry's kind of a celebrity," Ron said with a smirk. "Or didn't you notice?"

"Yeah, but they don't have to know about me," Draco said. "I mean, he's going to be killed!"

"Not before the fan girls kill you," Ron added.

"Oh," Draco moaned, massaging his aching temple. "Why is this so complicated?"

"It's stuff you'll have to deal with if you're Harry's friend," Ron sympathized.

Joseph and the Hit wizards exited the room then, stopping the conversation. "You can go in now," the Healer said to Draco and Ron. They were already halfway in the door before he finished.

Harry coughed out the water he had been drinking when he saw them. "Oh, Ron…"

"Yeah. Ron. Remember me?" Ron asked, shoving Harry against the propped pillow. "Your best friend."

Harry hazarded a glance at Draco, who was smiling helplessly. "I'm… sorry?" Harry apologized to Ron.

"About what?" Ron asked, looking thoroughly offended.

Harry tried to gauge Ron's expression and Draco's shrug. "I'm… um-I'm sorry for… not… telling you?" he said, grimacing.

"Not telling me about what?" Ron asked as he loomed over Harry.

Harry cleared his dry throat. "A-about…" He tried to will Draco into giving him a sign. Draco mouthed, 'he found out'. "Draco?" Harry finished, paling.

Ron glared back at Draco before turning that same glare at Harry. "Damn right! You are the worst," he huffed, sitting down on the edge of the bed.

"Sorry," Harry mumbled, shrinking into the bed. "I-um… I didn't-I didn't know how-if you'd… I don't know."

"I was fine with you dating Ginny. Why wouldn't I be fine with him?" Ron asked intently.

"He's not like Ginny! He's a-"

"If you say Death Eater, I swear to Merlin I'll give you something to cry about," Draco growled.

Harry frowned in response. "He's a lot like the guy you hated five years ago," he continued, waiting for Ron's answer.

Draco tsked. "That's not much better," he groused.

Ron ignored Draco. "But he helped you, Harry. It doesn't really matter if I hate him," he said.

Harry snored in derision. "Oh, sure. What was I supposed to say? Hey, guys. Guess what? Draco Malfoy loves me and he's totally awesome because he… um…" he caught Draco's frenetic waving arms and desperate expression. "Shit," he muttered.

"Love?" Ron squeaked, whipping around to stare at Draco in wonder.

"You said he found out," Harry said breathlessly.

"That we're dating," Draco groaned. "I'm going away now." He trudged out of the room, mortified.

"He loves you?" Ron asked, scooting in closer.

Harry groaned as well, imitating Draco. "Go away…"

"I didn't know he-I thought it was just-I mean you-not him…"

"Not him?" Harry asked, trepidation rising. What did Ron mean? "He-he's not like before, Ron. He's… why not him?"

Ron shook his head quickly, leaning back. "N-no. That's not-I… I meant that… like… I knew you… but not him…"

"Why?" Harry asked in distress.

Ron exhaled slowly, trying to get the words right. He could sense Harry getting worked up. "Stop," he said, placing hands on Harry's shoulders. "What I meant to say was that I knew you loved him. But I didn't think he loved you. So it's just… surprising that… it's both ways, you know?"

Harry slumped against the pillows, reassured. "Oh," he said, blushing. "Um… yeah…"

"Like, really weird," Ron said definitely.


"No, I don't think you understand," Ron interrupted, shaking his head. "You have no idea how weird this is."

Harry closed his eyes, grimacing.

"You made it all the way to Azkaban for me, didn't you?"

Draco looked away from his book, frowning in puzzlement at Harry. "Hmm?"

Harry leaned his head against Draco's shoulder. "That was nice of you," he murmured.

"You think so?" Draco asked, humoring Harry.

"I do," Harry said in all sincerity. "I think you are amazing."

"Harry," Draco rolled his eyes. "You aren't making any sense." He returned to his book.

"Can I show you off, Draco?"

Draco dropped the book, mouth agape. "W-what?" he stammered.

"Can I show you off?"

"What are you talking about?" Draco asked helplessly.

Harry looked at Draco out of the corner of his eye. "I like you…"

Draco blinked at Harry for a few seconds. "So?" he asked after trying to figure out Harry's line of argument and failing to come up with a possible answer.

"Can I show you off?" Harry repeated.

"To who?" Draco asked incredulously.

"To everybody."


Harry's scandalous love affair was the favored gossip over the next few months. He didn't do much to prompt it. When asked if it was true that he was seeing Draco Malfoy in a more personal sense, he said yes. Now both his home and the Malfoy Manor were crawling with reporters dying to catch a glimpse of the elusive 'couple'. Rumors of Draco's hysterical visit to the hospital and Harry's miraculous recovery after Draco was allowed in were greatly exaggerated to the point of Harry having nearly died and Draco making a potion that cured him.

"You won't believe the things they are saying," Harry chuckled, reading the subscriber-sent columns in the Prophet.

"Bugger off," Draco grumbled, slapping the paper out of Harry's hand as he walked to the kitchen to put his dishes away.

"Hey," Harry exclaimed in offense, bending down to pick up the fallen newspaper. "I was reading that."

"You won't believe the Howlers I'm getting nearly every day," Draco grumbled. "The worst part is that they're either from Blaise or Astoria. Damn them."

"But now we're out in the open, Draco," Harry laughed, feeling unusually ecstatic as he brought his empty mug to the sink.

"What are you so bloody happy about?" Draco asked.

"Because now I can kiss you in public," Harry said, enunciating the last word tantalizingly.

"And all your wildest dreams have come true," Draco deadpanned, rolling his eyes.

"Don't be like that," Harry smiled, kissing Draco adoringly.

"This is a fairy tale for you, isn't it?" Draco asked, wrapping his arms around Harry. "Just another dream."

"My best dream ever," Harry blushed.

Draco smiled helplessly, shaking his head as he kissed Harry's cheek. "My best dream too," he winked.

"Ginny's visiting," Ron said hesitantly.

Harry jerked in response, his heart hammering. "Wh-what? Sh-oh… I-wh-when?" he asked.

"She'll be here tomorrow around noon."


Draco was watching Harry carefully when Ginny arrived with her beau. He saw the slightly dazed expression that Harry was trying so hard to rearrange. He slipped his hand in Harry's, squeezing the cold fingers. Harry nodded unconsciously, reassured that he wasn't trapped in his mind again. He stood up from the sofa, waiting for the reunited family to finish hugging and kissing Ginny.

Ginny's gaze slid from George to Harry, her stomach tightening instantly. She felt as though she had fallen through the looking glass. Harry had a shy smile, looking all of seventeen once again. Hands in his pockets, hair ruffled messily, slouching boyishly… It was as though she had never left him. She brushed past George, moving to Harry. "Hey," he said, stammering. "I-um… C-congratulations. I'm so happy for you."

Ginny hugged Harry crushingly, apologizing through the gesture. Having Ginny so close to him was weighing down on Harry's mind. He struggled to keep his thoughts from drifting into his memories. He knew he would get trapped in them if he wasn't…


He was in front of the Room of Requirements, Ginny's hands in his. He couldn't stop staring at her. She was beautiful. And she held his heart.

"I missed you," she said, her bright eyes wide and innocent.

"Me too," Harry murmured. "I thought I wouldn't get to say goodbye…"

Ginny frowned slightly, puzzled. "Goodbye?" she asked. "Where are you going?"

"I love you," Harry whispered, leaning close to tell her. "Always. No matter what."

Ginny stepped back, alarmed. "H-Harry?" she asked, appearing panicked.

"I know you love me too," Harry reassured her. "I wanted to tell you before you left."

"What are you talking about?" Ginny asked. "Are you alright?"

Harry felt a sharp jab to the side of his ribs. With a soft yelp, he glared at Draco. "What?" he scowled.

"Shut up," Draco huffed. "You're weirding her out."

Harry blinked back to the present, paling as he did so. He swayed slightly as his head spun. Draco held him steady. Harry noticed the death-like silence around him. He groaned in dismay, pressing the heels of his palms to his eyes. "I'm going to… go over there now," he muttered, dragging his feet as he walked out of the drawing room.

Draco smiled fondly as he gazed after his boyfriend. "Sorry. He has lapses in memory," he apologized to Ginny.

"You…" Ginny murmured, staring at Draco.

"Yeah. I know," Draco rubbed the back of his neck. "Weird, huh?"

"So bloody weird," Ginny breathed. That caused the room to become animated again as the redheads pulled Ginny's fiancé into the group and making sure to humiliate Ginny at the same time with adorable comments.

Harry was on the kitchen counter, face in his hands and elbows on his knees. He wanted to obliviate everyone in that room. He kicked the cabinet with the heel of his shoe, angry with himself and wishing Draco had stopped him a few sentences sooner. Feeling a soft touch to his hair, he murmured, "You can go fucking die, Malfoy."

"I don't think he would appreciate that," Ginny whispered playfully.

Harry nearly fell off the counter in shock. "G-Ginny," he stuttered. "I-I'm so sorry! About… before, I mean. I just-I don't know what I was thinking. I-J-just forget about it, okay? Please?" he begged.

"I thought it was sweet," Ginny grinned. "I always knew you were sweet."

"Ginny," Harry moaned, embarrassed.

"You forgive me that easily?" she asked.

"F-forgive you?" Harry asked incredulously. "F-for what?"

"For leaving you," she said.

"But you… you don't-you don't have anything to be sorry about," Harry rushed. "I'm a mess, Gin. I'm glad you moved on."

"And I'm glad you have too," Ginny added.

"Hmm," Harry couldn't help smiling.

"I left you, Harry. But he won't, will he?" she asked, concerned.

Harry shook his head without a second thought. "Never. He loves me," he said.

"I love you. I left you," Ginny pressed on.

"He would be lost without me," Harry chuckled. "He's not going to leave me. I know. I know this."


"Do you think Mike could leave you?" he asked her.

"No," Ginny answered after a moment of thought, smiling. "He'd be lost without me."

"We can do without each other, huh?" Harry sighed.

"That's sad."

Harry nodded in agreement. "I'm glad you're my friend, Ginny," he said, hopping down from the counter and hugging her. "You always know how to make me feel better."

"And I'm glad you're happy," Ginny said, her heart lightened and her guilt ebbing away.

Harry stared up at the canopy, hands behind his head and knees bent so his feet were planted on the sheets. Draco sighed finally, turning over and looking at Harry. "Go to sleep, Potter. You're freaking me out."

"I just realized that I don't have any more secrets," Harry said distantly.


"It feels strange," Harry explained.

"Why? Want a secret?" Draco asked sarcastically.

"Funnily enough, yeah, I do," Harry said.

"Blaise and Astoria are sleeping tog-"

"Gah!" Harry plugged his ears with his fingers, sitting up shock. "I thought Blaise was gay!" he exclaimed, whipping around.

"Astoria can turn anyone straight. Or gay, as the case may be," Draco yawned. "There, you have a secret. Now go to sleep, damn it."

"How on Earth do you expect me to sleep now?" Harry asked helplessly. "I cant' stop thinking about them having sex and now it's so gross!"

"Shut up," Draco whined, pulling Harry back onto the bed and kissing him into quieting down.

"That's so gross," Harry whispered, shuddering against Draco's lips. "Why would tell me that?"

"I said shut up," Draco muttered, his hand cupping Harry's groin.

"Ah," Harry arched his back, trying to shirk away.

"Instead of thinking about them having sex, think of us having sex," Draco said, crawling on top of Harry. "Because now I can't bloody sleep, all thanks to you."

Harry hummed in appreciation when Draco's fingers slid under his shirt and caressed him. "How many secrets do you have, Draco?" he asked.

"Millions," Draco whispered, sucking on Harry's neck.

"Can you tell me one every night?" Harry asked.

Draco smiled at the innocent question. "Okay," he promised.

"Good," Harry grinned, urgently pushing Draco's shirt up. "Sex it up," he announced, whipping the shirt off with a flourish.

Draco hid his laughing face against Harry's shoulder. He loved his life. All because of a clearly insane and utterly endearing Harry damned Potter…

The End!

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