Eve Was Thinking To Herself About What Highschool Would Be Like In N.C..becuz she was moving.,..She Starting To Walk To Her School About How Much She Would Miss Her Friends,Kelly,Layla And Michelle,..She Stared Walking Around The School And Bumped Into Her Boyfriend Adam As Know As Edge,"Hey"She Said "Hey Whats Up"..Eve Started A Conversion With Him And Talked About How Much She Would Miss Him,..They Promised They Would Never Fall For Any One Stuck To Her Word,On The Otherside Of The Country,Things Wouldnt Go So Well.

Eve Got Home After School And Finished Packing Her Last Thing,..Her Journal...Before She Packed Her Jounal She Wrote In It:

"Okayy,So Im Set To Leave Tonight,I Wont Even Get To See Adam One Last Time Only ToDay At School,Im Gonna Miss Him So Much,We Made A Cametment That Would Never Fall For AnyOne Else I Trust Him Sooo Much That I Might Only Be 16,But When I Come Back I Will Be Eve Marie Copeland,..I Hope He Can Take His Eyes Of EveryOther Pretty Girl In School,Becuz I Know Theres A lot.

We Will See How Things Go

~Eveiekinez 3

Eve Was Finished Packing When She Herd Her Mom Calling For Her."Im Coming!"She Shouted,She Got Everything And Left With Her They Went To The Airport Eve Started To Cry,Her Dad Asked"Whats Wrong?"She Said"I Don't Wanna Leave,Im Gonna Miss Kelly And Layla And Michelle ..And Adam"..Her Dad Rolled His Eyes..He Didn't Like Adam Very Got On The Plane And Put On Her Lab Top And Chated With Kelly,"Hey Kelly Hows Eveything Down In Cali""Its Kinda Slow Without You"She Just Smilied,"Hows Adam"Kelly Made A Face,"Ugh Fine I Guess"Eve Said"I Know U Don't Like Him But U Don't Have To Beucz I Love Him"..Whatever" She Said..I G2G My Moms Calling"..she also Said,And She Loged Said To Herself "I Hope EveryThing Is Better Tomorrow.

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-XxIHeartNexusxX/Jasmin 3