"And that? That's Mars right there…" Sam leaned back from the telescope to let Kurt take a look, watching with a goofy grin as his shoulders hunched and a smile broke out on the smaller boy's face.

"Sam! It's so beautiful!"

He smiled wider. "For the planet of war, yeah." His smile faltered a bit as he remembered Quinn pointing that out to him that day he'd tried to kiss her. Their relationship had been short lived, and maybe that had been the cosmo's attempt to get him out while the getting was good. Of course he'd missed that opportunity and had suffered heartache for it, but hey, you have to be cool to let the cool run through you, right? And being here with Kurt, well… that was cool. That was –really- cool.

"Smart and handsome, huh? The full package," Kurt laughed, looking through and moving the telescope. Before Sam could comment on what Kurt had said, the boy spoke up again. "Ooh, what's that?"

Sam moved closer, and as he leaned forward, his fingers grazing Kurt's shoulder as he looked down. His smile returned as he realized what planet Kurt had found. "That's Venus."

Kurt smiled widely at him. "The planet of love?"

Sam blushed, smile threatening to get too wide. "Yeah." He looked down, trying to keep his cool, pretending to fiddle with the telescope.

The kiss was a surprise, and maybe that's why it was perfect. Kurt's hands rested gently around Sam's hips and Sam's hands were around Kurt's back and in his hair, and it was soft and needy and wanted and delicious and oh-so-overpowering. It hadn't been rushed at all, and as they stood there, wrapped in each other's arms and sighing, Sam felt like he couldn't be luckier… the only astronomer to ever hold this bright little star.