Chapter 7: Taking Down Kat

Courage knew that he had to take down Kat before he could literally do any more harm to his original owners Eustace and Muriel. Kat had managed to hoodwink Eustace and Muriel quite well to his plan, as he was likely going to get rid of Muriel first before he could get rid of Eustace. Kat was kind enough to provide tea to Muriel and Eustace which would obviously make them quite sleepy.

"Millie, I didn't know you could make such nice lovely tea" said Muriel as she had a sip of it.

"I can't make tea as good as this" said Millie who didn't realize Kat was the one who made it.

"Then wasn't it your father who did?" asked Eustace who was now a bit concern.

Yet before even Eustace could form any suspicions on Kat, the trio fell asleep in Millie's room which exactly what Kat wanted to happen. It was just then that Courage, along with Coop and Dennis had the courage to barge into the room and noticed what was happening.

"Alright, that's enough!" cried Coop.

Yet Kat simply laughed quite sinisterly as he grabbed Muriel and went right out of the window.

"Muriel!" cried Courage as he ran right after him.

"Wait, what about the plan?" cried Dennis as Coop followed Courage.

The trio then leaped onto the tree that was outside, which they then noticed Kat was dragging an unconscious Muriel toward back inside the house and heading down to the basement of it.

"Quickly, climb down!" ordered Coop.

"Again, where's the plan?" asked Dennis as he had no other choice but to follow.

As the trio climbed down the tree, and headed back into the house, a certain sinister Kat was happily attaching Muriel to what seemed like an electrical chair. Courage was shocked and shaking in fear as he noticed the familiar of it.

"Don't you dare harm Muriel!" cried Courage.

Kat then laid out his blueprint to Courage showing that he'd erase Muriel's memories of Courage if he stopped helping Coop.

"It's some kind of a mind drain chair!" cried Dennis who knew what it really was.

As Kat was about to pull the lever to turn it on, Courage leaped toward him and began to tackle and fight with Kat.

"Yeah, now we're talking!" cried Coop who believed this should have been the outcome he was waiting for all along.

Both Courage and Kat fought each other, and in the process the two destroyed the machine that would have drained Muriel's memories of Courage. The two were in such a fight that Kat had just about enough of Courage as he used his claws to slice Courage causing some injury to the pink dog.

"Hey, that hurt!" cried Courage who was whimpering in pain.

Kat simply gave an evil laugh to poor Courage, along at Dennis and Coop.

"Listen up Kat" said Coop, "as soon as my dad sees this mess, you'd be sorry you ever set foot in this house!"

Kat had no obvious options but to attack poor Coop as well as Courage who was trying to help Coop fight off Kat. A certain Dennis was quite afraid of joining in, and instead ran off to find Burt.

"Sorry, but this is too much for me!" cried Dennis.

Kat was able to beat up poor Coop quite easily, and was in the midst of strangling poor Courage. Once again, Kat got out his sharp claws and was literally about to give Courage an injury he'd never forget. Kat kept on laughing as his claw was about to come right in on poor Courage. It was just then, that unbeknownst to Kat, Muriel was waking up and noticed the drama unfolding and realize just what happen. She used her kitchen club that she had brought and slammed poor Kat right on the head.

"Let go of my Courage!" cried Muriel.

Poor Kat couldn't believe the pain he was in, but as he was about to leap toward Muriel and do the same what he had done to Courage, both Coop and Courage had enough strength to eventually subdue Kat.

"Enough of this!" cried Coop as he was trying to pin Kat down.

Poor Kat couldn't believe that he couldn't win this battle against Coop with Courage at his side. However, before Coop could have Muriel thank him, it was just then that Burt came into the scene and noticed the entire basement was a mess not knowing the sort of carnage of schemes by Kat that typically went on.

"You two!" roared Burt as he separated Courage and Coop from pinning down Kat who then pretended to be the phony cute kitty he always never was, "How you two harass Millie's cat?"

"But, but it wasn't us!" cried Coop.

"And you, are you going to take the word of these two?" asked Burt to Muriel.

"I'm sorry, but I cannot tell a lie" replied Muriel.

"Coop, I think it's time old Courage went back to his original owners and head back to wherever they are from" continued Burt.

"But, but" said Coop who knew Kat was lying again.

"No buts!" roared Burt, "now go to your room. And you, I want you, your husband and your dog out of here pronto!"

"Well, I never" sighed Muriel in a huff as she took Courage with her.

In a matter of a few minutes, things were starting to get back to normal, Eustace typically wasn't happy bringing Courage back home to Nowhere.

"Bah, stupid dog, why did the new owner made him stay with us?" cried Eustace.

"Because he won't believe the story that his son lives in a perilous life of a mangy alien cat" replied Muriel who finally knew the truth about Kat.

"Big deal" said Eustace who was driving his truck, "if that cat is what you say he is, he should have done a better job in getting rid of the stupid dog!"

Muriel's typical response was obviously hitting Eustace over the head with the kitchen club.

"What did I do?" cried Eustace.

"Just keep driving and no more talking" continued Muriel.