AUTHORESS: Amaya~Ikari


TITLE: Through Your Eyes

ANIME: Naruto

PAIRING: Hentai: DeidaraXSakura

STATUS: Multichapter: Completed


WARNINGS: Graphic sex between male and female, abuse, near rape, dark and sensitive themes, self-harm, mentions of homosexual relationships.

Italics= Flashbacks

~They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself~

The pink haired woman had been a shattered, pathetic excuse of garbage. Before they rescued her and made her over into a human again.

No, healed her.

Now they were her family.

She stood, her glistening tears falling like a waterfall of depression across her porcelain face, her pink hair whipping around her in the chill of winter. The welcoming winds caressing her hair gently, whispering.



She glanced behind her, a spark of foolishness making her, just hope, that someone cared enough to stop her. Ha, what a joke. If they did, it was because she was their favorite toy; if she died they wouldn't have someone to take their problems out on anymore. She took a deep breath, sobbing on the air as she realized what her life had come to, and let herself gently sway in the wind.

"Sakura, don't!"

She started, and realized someone was trying to stop her from ending her pain. Why couldn't she be left alone? She ignored whoever had tried to stop her, knowing it was another monster from her village. She inhaled deeply, enjoying the fresh air of the clean forest.

And fell.

She let her body fall off the cliff, gravity pulling her fast to her demise. She smiled at the peaceful serenity, pink hair flowing in the wind; her last moments spent appreciating the beauty of nature.

Suddenly she heard what sounded like the flapping of giant wings, and something warm enveloped her, her fall halted abruptly. She opened her tear swimming orbs to see azure blue eyes and long blond hair. Her heart pulsed at remembering Naruto. She'd thought he'd been so kind, her only friend. What a lie. He was as deceiving as the rest of them. It was her fault, in believing anyone actually cared about her worthlessness.

She instantly realized the man to be Iwa Deidara, the partner of Akasuna no Sasori, of Akatsuki, one of the artistic duo she and her "team" had fought a year before. Why was he helping her, more than that, pretending to care? He had no use for her, even less than the people of Konoha. He soared up on the clay bird he'd caught her on, holding her tightly in case she decided to throw herself off the bird, which she desperately wanted to do. Though, as she watched the beautiful earth from the sky, she grew far from the thoughts of death.

A loud, harsh cry carried on the wind toward them. "Get back here you ugly pink whore, I didn't fucking finish with you!" Sasuke screamed angrily, she almost sobbed out of fear of the Uchiha, he and his blonde slut were the reason she had made the decision to stand on that cliff… Because of what had happened earlier.

"Hey! Blondie! You'll get a turn to play with her later!"

Yamanaka Ino. Her once best friend had betrayed her for the luxury of popularity.

She pressed up against her rescuer almost unwillingly, shaking at the fear of him actually giving her to Sasuke and his personal whore Ino, after she, barley two hours ago, escaped them.

Sasuke's violent hands roamed over her body, painfully jamming his fingers inside her and pulling her hair, taunting her with scalding words as she begged him to stop. He bit harshly into her neck as she fought him. Ino laughed the entire time, hitting her when she became too much for Sasuke to handle. She had escaped when her terror gave her the strength to violently attack both captors and run. Just run as fast as she could.

She shuddered in disgust.

Sakura looked up, waiting for him to throw her into Sasuke's clutches once more, only to be shocked by what she saw. She almost had a heart attack, and was probably going to if she didn't remember how to breathe.

He looked so, angry. He glared at them with intense fury, holding her in a protective embrace, growling at the two teenagers below them.

Deidara jumped from the bird, leaving her curled up on it to watch the show, her suicidal thoughts currently gone. He landed in front of the two ninja, surprising them at first. He smirked maliciously, and tossed something at Ino. She caught it, like the foolish girl she was, making a weird face at the white clay butterfly. She opened her mouth to ask him what the hell it was supposed to be, when it blew up.

Her pain wrenching scream made Sakura smile a little sadistically, she was getting a taste of her own medicine. Deidara turned to Sasuke, tilted his head, and smiled at the irate Uchiha. He jumped backward, with a mutter of a word, and the ground surrounding them exploded, Sasuke screamed bloody murder, with pain etched into his voice as he was thrown backward. Deidara landed back onto the bird, settling back down. Sasuke's voice carried to her.

"You'll be begging for me one day Haruno. I could've made you a woman, like no one else will! You aren't worthy of anyone you pink whore!"

She felt the sting of a thousand tears she had pent up for far too long, and let them fall. Deidara shook with anger at the people who had broken this girl, and pulled her into his lap. Her breath hitched, wondering in fear what pain he would cause her. But he just held her close, running gentle fingers through her shoulder length pink hair. It seemed to sooth him at the same time it began to calm her. She felt herself get sleepy, her Insomnia wearing off for a little while, and his soothing words lulled her into her first peaceful slumber in years, as they drifted in the wind.

When she awoke Deidara was carrying her against his chest bridal style, he appeared to be talking to someone, but he seemed irritated. Suddenly a seductive voice appeared close to her, "Hey sleeping beauty, have fun with Blondie?" She was pulled away from the voice, Deidara growled to whoever it was.

"Leave her alone Hidan, she's the new addition, un. Not your toy." He walked away, leaving the man, apparently Hidan, standing. He walked to some large double doors, and set her on her feet, which she amazingly managed to stay on. He opened the door for her, smiling reassuringly to her though it didn't help. Why was she in the Akatsuki base, what did they want to do to her? There wasn't much left to be done... She stepped in the dark room. An alluring voice called. "Is this her, Deidara?"

Deidara nodded once. "Yes Leader-sama, un. Haruno Sakura, top medical Nin in the known world with supreme intelligence in Gen-Jutsu and strength surpassing the legendary Tsunade, un."

If she was so strong, why was she so broken?


Hey. This changed dramatically; it was going to be a one shot sex scene with Sakura and Deidara! But now it's going to be a long multi chapter thing.