Sakura awoke to a strong arm wrapped around her waist. She shivered when hot breath fanned across her neck, turning to face her lover. He slowly opened his sapphire eyes, smiling at the beautiful girl in his bed. Woman, he should say.

"Morning gorgeous."

He whispered, pecking her lips, earning a blush from the teenager as she wasn't used to his kindness or intimacy. She sat up slowly, wincing as the area between her legs throbbed with the aftermath of sex. She took a deep breath, deciding to let it heal on its own, she stood.


She held her arms out as Deidara tossed something at her, looking down to realize it was clothes. She thanked him as she dressed, making a point of ignoring his wandering eyes.

"It's rude to stare!"

She playfully chastised the blonde. He chuckled.

"Can't blame a man's actions, yeah. His dick takes half his brain."

She blushed, teasingly slapping his arm. He bent again to capture her lips, straightening to fix his mussed hair. Someone knocked on the door to the room, Sakura turned to give a small smile at Sasori, who raised a brow at her.

"Meeting in five, be ready."

He told, more like ordered, the two. Deidara nodded, waving him away.

"Got it danna, don't worry we won't keep everyone waiting, hm."

He teased. Sasori narrowed his eyes before exiting the room, leaving with an air of annoyance for the younger members of Akatsuki. Sakura sighed as she brushed her untamed hair, doing a small jump to try to get the ache between her legs to dissipate faster. Deidara snickered at her; earning an emerald glare.

He took her hand and led her out of the bedroom that still contained memories of sin and into the dark and chilled meeting room. She slid into her seat silently, masking her earlier emotion to match the calm aura radiating the ominous room. Deidara sat to her right, and Hidan sat to her left.

"It has come to my attention that the only Bijuu we need to complete our goal lies in Konohagakure, Uzumaki Naruto, the nine-tailed fox."

Pein spoke with an air of regality at the front of the stone made table. Sakura swallowed hard at the mention of her blonde ex-teammate, of the times he'd fondly called her "chan" and dragged her around to Ichiraku's.

Of the time he'd tricked her into going to a party at a recently opened nightclub, and she had been pelted with raw eggs and rotten fruit. She hadn't had the strength to cry after she'd forced all her energy into deceiving nearly seven of the Konoha twelve into thinking she'd simply disappeared somewhere, and left to go back to their party. She numbly watched as Naruto high-fived Ino and shared a smug look with Sasuke, her two worst enemies, and she realized he too had been her enemy all along.


She blinked when Pein called her, looking straight up to him.

"Yes Leader-sama?"

She said calmly, her eyes had iced in repressed hatred for the people that had ruined her life.

"You and Itachi both are born from the leaf village, I expect you to come forward later with any vital information you might have."

Sakura nodded while Itachi remained stoic.

Could she, really give them the knowledge that could mean the destruction of her village? The death of her teammates?

Her eyes hardened.

Yes, she could.

It was a spurious day, really. Today was a blissfully calm and peaceful time in Konoha, with mild weather. No one that didn't harbor the ability to read the future could know what lurked in the shadows.

"They're spineless, one look should get us by. Backup will come but it shouldn't be too much for you to handle."

Sakura rapidly gave directions to assist Kisame while Itachi stood a ways off, scanning the front gates where Izumo and Kotetsu stood with their undeserved sense of entitlement. When it came down to the real criminals, neither would meet the challenge. A sinister grin twisted Sakura's features. How often had the girl daydreamed about standing up to the ones who had brought her misery? How often had she prayed for punishment for the ones who hurt her?

"Signal in three…two…"


Sakura chuckled as the explosion sent at least a dozen Jounin racing towards it, on the opposite side of the village.


To say hell broke loose might have been an understatement, because the second she entered the land of this godforsaken village, Sakura lost her sense of right and wrong as it mingled with her inner-self's sense of hatred and destruction. Her fist connected with multiple Ninja's faces, must be Chūnin, because a Jounin would cause much more mayhem.

She both dreaded and welcomed the confrontation of someone she knew.

"You said there would be danger here."

Hidan muttered from his place near her, standing back to back to watch for an ambush.

"There is, I'm not sure what their pl-"

The crackle of lightning pierced the once slick air, making Sakura's hair stand on end. She whirled, propelling herself backward to avoid the rage of the Chidori that her old Sensei wielded expertly, giving vague thanks the same attack had missed Hidan as well; despite knowing it wouldn't have truly harmed him. His eyes narrowed harshly at her for a moment, Hidan chose to leave, for once catching the subtle hint that they needed to be left alone. Questions to be answered and battles to finish still lingered.


Kakashi's question sounded more of a demand. She glowered at him in a manner that suggested he should watch himself. How dare he ask her such things.

"Why did you make my life a living hell?"

His eyes widened.

"Sakura I never did anything to hurt-"

"Why don't you stop your lies before I take out your heart."

She growled, allowing her composure to slip; it felt too good to release her pent up hatred and fury.

"You never gave me the time of day, Sasuke and Naruto were always in your eyes, I never mattered because I was the little clingy girl who was never going to amount to anything!"

He looked her over, her hooded Akatsuki cloak swaying slightly in the wind.

"And you never did."

He whispered. She chuckled at him as though he were a child that couldn't understand anything.

"I'm far above you now, Kakashi."

She told him, tensing when his chakra flared.

One hit and I'm done for.

She smirked, allowing him to make the first move. If there was anything she'd been grateful for from her battle with Sasori, it was that she learned to move rapidly and gracefully. She sidestepped the older man's violent attack, only letting herself take the slightest offense that he wasn't giving his all. Something pecked at her mind; was it because he didn't genuinely want to harm her, or was it because he saw her unworthy of his energy?

The last thought was what sent her kunai ripping into his left shoulder; even if it was only proof that she was strong enough to take him.

"Give me all you've got, Sensei. I'm not that useless brat anymore!"

She snarled when he chuckled, turning to look at her heavily.

"No, you're not."

He let her. She knew he let her land that hit. She always would know that when she landed the fatal blow, it was because he let her. She gave him the grace of listening to his final words; if it was only because she was respectful, but she knew better.

"I'm sorry…"

He rasped. She nodded, watching the light leave his visible eye.

"I know."

She closed his eyes, standing with a nod to the sky. She felt the painful weight of the guilt that followed vengeance like a ghost.

"Pull back, Pink!"

She immediately recognized Hidan's voice and his nickname for her; following suit behind him into the woods. She wondered why they suddenly chose to pull back.

She remained silent as Pein stood before the Hokage, the woman looked feral.

"You have something we desire."

He told the enraged woman that stood before her damaged village.

"Over my dead body!"

"This could go peacefully, it is your decision."

"You declared a war on us, you bastards!"

Tsunade screamed in her uncontrollable rage, glaring in undeniable loathing at the members of Akatsuki surrounding the outskirts of her village.

"No, they didn't."

A voice called from the dark. Haruno Sakura stepped from the shadowed forest, her eyes of a blazing jade and her essence of strength and confidence, not of what they had broken.

"I waged war."


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