Tsunade's honey colored eyes widened slightly, shock overcoming her features before fury painted over it. "How dare you! I've taught you everything you know, you ungrateful brat! And you run off to the Akatsuki because a couple of people don't like you?" She bellowed, fists clenching. Sakura remained impassive, though her green eyes clearly conveyed her hatred. She didn't like the feeling; it was engulfing and caused a void inside of her.

"You stood by, while everyone else belittled me. A Hokage has many responsibilities, including caring about her villagers and promising their safety." Sakura sounded as though she were reprimanding the woman. Tsunade's eyes widened slightly, and Naruto lunged forward with an angered look in his blue eyes. "Sakura-chan-"

He was cut off by the girl. "Never, call me that. You don't deserve the affection it implies." She growled, inhaling slowly to calm her temper when Deidara inched closer to her. "You're old enough to protect yourself! Not everyone has had the best life but you don't see me running off to the Akatsuki, who tried to murder both me and Garra!" Naruto cried in disbelief and anger.

Sakura chuckled darkly. "I didn't run. I was taken. But I willingly accepted to remain a member. You speak like you're something special, you're not. If you knew pain, then you wouldn't dare to inflict on another in the way you've done to me." Her voice was sharp and her eyes were cold. "So you're going to try to kill me?" He cried. She paused, her mind taking her back to their younger years. She was weak, she was useless, and they all preyed from it. They got their strength from her weakness.

She snapped out of her daze with a growl of unconcealed anger, turning to look up at him. She wouldn't be the one taking him down; she wasn't one to take on a tailed beast. She would be fending off the other ninja.

"No, but I'll watch you die." She hissed menacingly. With a flick of her hand she sent a kunai at his direction, igniting the war that had raged in her heart. She broke away from the battle to allow Itachi to fight against Naruto, her emerald eyes settled on Yamanaka Ino. The blonde girl looked excited, she'd always wanted to have a serious fight with the pinkette; it was time to put the blonde pig in her place, Sakura decided. "Come on forehead, what're you waiting on?" She taunted, Sakura's eyes flashed over Ino's shoulder before she could retort, horror overcoming her features.

Ino fell for the very old trick; hell, last time Sakura used that one she'd fallen off her dinosaur. "Dumb bitch." She muttered as she shot a round of senbon straight for Ino's throat; the blonde girl dodged in time, but she turned at the wrong moment and a senbon grazed her cheek. She laughed cruelly. "Is that all you've got? We're better off without you anyway!" She cackled, standing up and throwing a right uppercut at Sakura.

The kunoichi dodged the attack, as she did the next hit. Ino panted for air as she attempted to land a strike on the other girl, cursing when she slid to her knees. "Wh-what did you…" She couldn't breathe, it felt like her throat was closing up; her blue eyes looked in alarm at Sakura, who gave her a sinister smirk. "Poison needles; never saw it coming, did you?" She whispered as the girl fell forward. She glared hard at the lifeless body, wishing she felt satisfaction for the death of her tormentor, some peace, but she didn't. She felt even angrier.

She whirled to look behind her when someone cried out her name, it was Lee. Kisame had him backed against a tree, trapped. He looked exhausted. She felt the overwhelming feeling of the desire to stop him; Lee had always been kind towards her. "Kisame, no!" She cried, reaching out to stop him before he killed the teenage boy. He shot her an annoyed look, swinging his sword back over his shoulder. She looked down at Lee, shaking her head slowly. "I…I'm not a murderer…" She whispered softly, turning to look around her at the destruction she caused.

She was not a murderer. She didn't kill the innocent. These people were guilty of being cruel, but that did not deserve a death sentence. Someone lunged at her from behind; she wasn't fast enough to move in time. She relaxed her body to lessen the effectiveness of the strike, instantly realizing she made a nearly fatal mistake. Tsunade's fist crashed into her back, though she was holding back immensely it still sent the teenager flying across the ground. She leaned up on her knees, wiping some blood off her leg. She glared up at her infuriated former teacher and leader. "Haruno Sakura. You were once a cherished ninja of our village. Why did you take such a path?" She asked, voice thick in anger and sorrow.

"I had to take my life into my own hands. I couldn't let them walk over me anymore. I took my path to salvation, that is not wrong, Tsunade-sama." The girl replied in a coldly respectful tone. The Sannin shook her head slowly. "You've got no idea what you are starting!" She yelled. Sakura chuckled, standing and rapidly performing hand signs. "I know exactly what we're doing." She murmured, three clones coming up at Tsunade in quick succession. The Hokage easily swiped her leg to take them down, but failed to notice a fourth one that had been concealed as a kunai Sakura had thrown. The clone appeared directly behind her and punched Tsunade across the head hard enough to send her into the nearby shop, as blood trickled down her forehead.

Sakura took a step towards Tsunade, but shook her head and retreated. She'd killed enough. She'd taken enough away from the village. This was her birthplace, she could not blame all the people here for the mistakes a few did.

"Sakura!" She turned to look at Deidara as he called her name; he was above her on one of his birds. She turned to the side, noting Naruto was gone; had Pein managed to capture him already? With a final look at Tsunade she noted her chest was still moving, of course she was alive. Sakura hadn't intended a fatal hit. She couldn't kill the Hokage anyway, the woman was far too stubborn. She jumped up with him, overlooking the village with disquiet in her eyes.

Vengeance should feel good. Not this guilt. Not this shame inside of her. "Sakura?" She looked at her boyfriend; it felt nice to call him that. "Are you all right, un?" She blinked at him, shaking her head slowly. "This was wrong… I killed innocent people-"

He placed a hand on hers. "No, you got justice." He said firmly. "Justice for those who had hurt you." She gave a short, sharp laugh that dripped with malice. "They didn't kill me…" She whispered. But they might as well have. He tilted her chin up to make her look at him. "They didn't care if you lived or died, that's the same thing as killing you in the ninja world, Sakura, un."

She gazed sorrowfully into his bright, defiant eyes. Those blue eyes she had fallen in love with. "Deidara… I was never meant to be a ninja. I belong in the hospital helping people, not killing like I've done today. Kakashi… even Ino! They're not bad people. But I've become one today." She murmured. Deidara drew her into his lap, much like that day months ago.

"You can't dwell on what you've done. They took from you, you took back. You needed this, you needed to prove how strong you were, how you'd broken free from their hold." He told her, voice determined. She shook her head, leaning against him. "Ino should have gone to jail for assisting in a sexual assault. She deserved what she got." He hissed in anger for the blonde girl. Sakura pursed her lips.

"Does this get any easier?" She whispered. He sighed. "You don't want it to…" He told her softly.

He was right. She didn't want murdering innocent people to become easy. "Stick with what you said, hm. Heal who is hurt, that's the greatest you can do." He promised, kissing her forehead. "This was the first of many battles, Sakura. I can't guarantee your safety, from being killed or the one killing. But understand, some acts of justice may look cruel, but it's what many people deserve and need." He whispered. She swallowed; he was speaking for both of them. "One heinous act doesn't deserve another." She murmured. "But if it's to free one's soul, then I believe it is right." He nodded in agreement, and Sakura stared deep into his blue eyes, feeling the overwhelming urge to tell him something.

"I love you." She suddenly said, knowing now more than ever how much she meant it. He smiled gently at her, leaning down to press his lips against hers. "I love you more, Sakura." He said. She searched his expression for a sign that he was lying, that maybe he didn't truly love her, but there was none.

He truly did love her.

She thought that this, might be, what peace felt like.


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