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"I can't believe I'm doing this".

I am to marry my best friend Jacob Black in 14 days. The reason this marriage is taking place is because my father is the ruler of quite a big nation and Jacob is going to be the king of an entire kingdom. And because I am my father's only daughter, I am to take over his nation when he thinks I'm ready, and ready means when I'm married.

"Ugh" just thinking about it makes me ill. My best friends Angela and Jessica looked at me with questioning looks witch confused me for a minute then I realized I must have said it out loud.

I gave them a small smile to silently tell them nothing was wrong. Although they did not believe me, they still dismissed it and went back to staring out the carriage windows.

Right know we were on our way to the ship that would take me to Jacob's kingdom where we were to be married. I am to arrive earlier to help with preparations so I asked my friends to come along so they could help.

The reason I am so against this wedding is not because i don't like Jacob. He is a wonderful and kind man and we have been friends since i was merely 5 winters old. But in my head he will always be a friend to me .No matter how hard i tried I could not see him as a man, or as my husband no matter how beautiful he was. It took my father 9 months to convince me to marry Jacob.

You see I'm not the easiest person to reason with; I'm quite stubborn and I am not scared to speak up. It is the reason my father found it difficult to find a man for me.

"Isabella you have t to stop fighting this, you are too ** them, you have got to stop testing them and bossing them around, you test them to no limit. And please, please, please, do not ask them to battle with you, I have yet to dismiss a man without blood on his clothing." He had once told me in a pleading voice in his office after the latest candidate had left.

He had also asked me what it is I wanted the man to be like. But no matter how many times I told him, he never understood. What I want is a man that is not afraid to tell me no, a man that needs me, a man that can speak to, a man that knew how to shut me up, and it wouldn't hurt if he could beat me in a dam sword fight.

"How long until we arrive at the doc Andy" I asked the driver trying to distract myself.

"We are actually here madam," he said in an official voice that I hated. I had told them over and over again not to use it but my father said it was mandatory for them to treat me like royalty when not home, or whenever I wore a dress.

The dress I had on now was definitely made to impress Jacob. My father had to buy me a new sword to get me to wear it today (pic on profile). I must admit it is quite beautiful. It has no sleeves, just very thin straps, beading on the bodies and the color was wonderful.

After some time, the carriage came to halt and we began to step out of the carriage.

After everything was set aboard, the ship began to move and I went to my cabin to rest. It would only be a half a day trip but no matter how short, it could be exhausting.