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"Annie to the Rescue"

Chapter 4

All of a sudden, the story stopped right after Annie had given Alex an antidote for whatever was going on. It was quickly followed by a set of songs. The first one Alex recognized from "Adventures in Wonderland." There were a few more AIW songs that followed the first one. Then came "Part of Your World" from the Little Mermaid. It was quickly followed by a song sung by a little girl in a different language.

Alex liked this song and found herself rewinding it twice more after it had played the first time.

About a half an hour later, they arrived at school.

Glancing up, Alex was half expecting to see Danielle ATron Junior High loaming in front of her with its familiar walk way and lawns. She frowned when another school altogether stood in its place.

Putting the tape recorder and tape back into the bag, Alex slung it over her shoulder and unfolded the cane. She had never used one before, but she was a fast learner.

"Have a good day, honey," the bus driver called.

"Thanks! You too!" Alex called back.

Walking up to the building, Alex went inside and tried to figure out her way around. She didn't even know where Sadira's first class was.

'Well," she thought as she glanced around with the sight she had, 'let the games begin. At least I don't have to worry about Vince looking for me here.'

Alex was jolted out of her thoughts by someone calling Sadira's name.

"Sadira! Hey, Sadira!"

Whirling around, Alex found herself face to face with a girl a year or two younger than herself. She had brown hair and brown eyes and her skin was the same color as Nicole's. But Alex could tell this wasn't Nicole.

"Hey," Alex greeted, smiling at her, "what's up?"
"We're gonna be late for English," the girl replied, "That's what's up. Come on. I know you just got back from being sick, but you still don't want to be late." With that ,she took Alex's hand and led her down the hallway.

"I'm fine to follow you," Alex said, slipping her hand out of the girl's grip and walking beside her while using the cane.

"So did you get that story done?" She asked.

"What story?" Alex raised her eyebrows.

Before the girl could answer, someone else called out to them.

"Hey Sadira! Hey, Adrian."

Alex silently thanked God for the save. Now at least she knew what this girl's name was.

"Hey, Faith!" Adrian echoed.

"Hey Faith!" Alex called back. Once they were walking again, she repeated her question, "What story are you talking about?"

"The Alex Mack story you were working on," Adrian replied, "you were really excited about it. You said you were at the part where Alex finds out that Danielle and Vince rigged the cruise to try and find her."

Alex gasped before she could stop herself. So that was the story she had heard on Sadira's tape recorder. And if that was the case, then that meant Sadira was the one acting them out. As unnerving as this fact was, Alex had to hand it to her. She was a great actress. She had her and Annie's relationship down to a T as well as how they sounded. Alex also had a feeling that Sadira used her actual voice whenever she played her and changed it to match Annie's.

"I'm still working on it," Alex replied.

"Can I read it once it's done?" Adrian asked.

"Sure," Alex agreed.

"Are you finished the Sabrina one yet? I really wanna read that one."

"Almost," Alex replied. She guessed that Sadira had acted out the Sabrina one too. Again, she had to hand it to her as far as her acting ability went. Her British accent was right on.

They had reached the classroom by this point and went inside. Alex took a seat next to Adrian and got out a binder and a pen. Now that she knew Sadira was the one acting out the stories and writing them, the only thing left to figure out was why?


Before Alex knew it, she was sitting at a lunch table in the cafeteria with Adrian, Faith and a girl named Ariel. She liked Faith and Adrian a lot, but she was still trying to figure Ariel out.

"Are your parents still fighting?" Adrian asked.

It took Alex a minute to realize she was talking to her.

"No," Alex replied, "not that I know of."

"You were pretty upset on Wednesday," Adrian informed her, "you said you were tired of your mother breaking her promises to you. I would be pretty upset as well if it were me."

Alex frowned in concern this time more so than confusion. If what Adrian said was true, she felt bad for Sadira. She knew she wouldn't like it if her parents were arguing and one of them was breaking promises to her. To make matters worse, Sadira didn't appear to have any siblings to help her when things got really bad. Alex found herself thanking God for Annie.

"Now wonder you wish you were Alex so much," Adrian said sympathetically, "if you were, you would have Annie to help you."

Alex nodded. Suddenly, she didn't feel so suspicious of Sadira's motives for writing stories about her and Annie. She probably did it as a way of seeing what it would be like to have an older sister and not be so alone.

"It has to be hard," Adrian commented.

"Yeah, it is," Alex replied, not knowing what else to say.

Once lunch was over, Alex, along with Adrian and Faith went to Science while Ariel went to English.

Alex was momentarily surprised when the teacher called on her to answer a medical question. Alex was never really good at science. That was Annie's specialty. As she began to panic, she had an idea. If she was Sadira for a while, maybe she could tap into her mind somehow.

Taking a deep breath, she tried to clear her mind and prayed it worked.

"Sadira, do you know the answer?" The teacher asked.

Alex thought for a second and was surprised when she came up with it!

"The gull blatter," she replied with surprising confidence.

"That's right. Good job. Watching "ER" has really helped your science skills." With that, she moved onto another student.

Alex grinned. She was beginning to understand why Sadira had such a strong connection with Annie. Then again, Sadira's interest in medicine might be from wanting to help people. After all, when Alex had been listening to both stories Sadira had acted out, she had gotten Annie's love for Alex down to a T. Alex knew that couldn't be acted totally and it made her feel better knowing Sadira was a caring person.

Science flew by quickly as did math and computer class.

Before Alex knew it, it was the end of the day and she was getting on the school bus to head back to Sadira's house.

On the way back to the house, Alex listened to the rest of the story about the cruise. She found herself enjoying it more now that she understood Sadira's reasons for writing it. She started feeling guilty for her earlier suspicions now that she had learned a little about Sadira's life from Adrian and Faith.

Arriving back at the house, Alex let herself in with the key she had found in Sadira's back pack. Once inside, she greeted Simba and Tai before going to the kitchen and making herself a snack. She found some pretzel sticks in a cabinet near the fridge and poured herself some juice. Taking the snack into the living room, she set it on a table before sitting down. Noticing that "Adventures in Wonderland" was on again, she let herself get lost in the episode. It wasn't until the episode was over did she remember she hadn't called Sadira's father. Picking up the phone, Alex realized she had a problem. She didn't know his number. Getting an idea, she hit redial and prayed it worked.

It wasn't long before Sadira's father picked up on his end.

"Hey, Dad, I'm home," Alex told him, feeling awkward calling him 'Dad since he wasn't her Dad.

"Good. What are you up to?"

"Watching a little TV and eating a snack."

"Do you have any homework?" he inquired.

"Just a story to write for English. I was gonna start it in a few minutes."

"Okay. I'll see you around nine. I love you."
"See ya then," Alex said before hanging up. As she focused on the episode of "The Little Mermaid" TV Series, she let her thoughts wander once again. Even though she understood the reason behind Sadira writing stories about her, she still didn't know how she had found out about her in the first place.

Her thoughts were interrupted when Simba jumped into her lap.

"Hey, buddy," Alex cooed, scratching him behind the ears, "did you have a good day?"

Simba started purring in response and meowed once before settling in her lap.

Gazing around the room, Alex sighed when she didn't find any pictures of Sadira's parents together. She guessed they were divorced and Sadira's mother lived somewhere else.

Glancing down at the back pack laying at her feet, Alex opened it and took the tape recorder out of it. Remembering the one by the wall, she went over to it and slipped the tape from that morning back into it. Pressing play, she listened to a little more of the Sabrina story.

"Cuz, you're gonna be okay," a woman Alex guessed was Cindi assured the teenager, "I'm gonna take care of you. We need to talk once we get back there."

"Do we have to?" Sabrina asked. Her resigned tone made Alex giggle. It reminded her of the many times she had asked Annie that same question in regards to testing her powers.

"What do you think?" Cindi retorted. She spoke again a minute later, "I see Sara already started a witchavive. Did she put anything in it?"

"No," Sabrina replied before swallowing hard.

Alex guessed that Cindi was a doctor of some kind and that Sabrina was in the hospital. She also figured a witchavive was a magical equivalent to an IV.

"Will she be in there?" Sabrina asked.

"Uh-huh. So will Arielle and Lucy."

Alex listened for a few more minutes before turning the recorder off and taking it, along with the back pack upstairs. She turned the TV off before ascending the stairs.

Entering the room, she put the things down on Sadira's bed and flipped on the TV. She started watching a show called "The Journey of Allen Strange" while flipping through the journal she had been reading earlier.

She was soon joined by Simba. He jumped onto the bed and curled up next to her.

Getting an idea, Alex started reading aloud. She smiled as Simba started to purr. As she continued reading, she had a feeling Annie was back at home in Paradise Valley. She couldn't wait to see her again if that was the case. It was then that she realized something. She could still communicate with her sister. She was about to try it when the phone on the dresser rang. She jumped at the noise, but quickly snatched it up on the second ring.

"Hello?" she asked.

"Hey," a woman's voice greeted her, "how was your day?"

Alex's mind raced as she tried to figure out who this person was. Something told her it was Sadira's mother, but she couldn't be sure. Taking a chance, she answered the question truthfully.

"Good. How was yours?"

"It was okay," the woman replied, "did Daddy say anything about…" as Alex listened to the woman talk, she started feeling angry. She didn't know the answer to the next question and she wouldn't have told her even if she did know. "He didn't say anything to me," she finally answered, So what are you doing this weekend?"

"That's why I called," Sadira's mother started, "I can't make it this weekend. Can we do it another weekend instead?"
Alex frowned as a feeling of disappointment came over her. She wasn't expecting it and it made her glow a little with apprehension. Was this how Sadira felt every time her mother broke a promise to her?

"Sure, " Alex said halfheartedly, "listen, I have to go. I'll talk to you later." And before Sadira's mother could say anything else, Alex hung up. The minute she did, she had to fight hard not to start crying. She suddenly found herself needing a hug from Annie. But Annie wasn't there.

'At least she'll be there when you go home again," a voice in her head reminded her.

She sighed. She knew her inner thoughts were telling her the truth. She would have Annie's arms to go back to once she figured out a way to go back home.

Despite this reassurance, Alex could feel a few tears course down her cheeks.

"Annie, I wish you were here now. I really miss you and I could sure use your help."

Forcing herself to calm down, Alex sat back down on the bed and was immediately pounced on by a grey fur ball. Simba licked her cheeks, making her giggle. He was definitely a sweetheart.

As she started feeling better, Alex wondered if she would meet Sadira's mother while she was here. A part of her hoped not. But another part was a little curious to find out more about her. Maybe she could help her treat Sadira better. Only time would tell.

As she lay down for bed somewhere around nine, Alex prayed for Sadira as well as Annie.

"I love you, Annie," she whispered, "I hope I can find my way back home soon." With that, Alex fell asleep to the sound of the crickets outside and Simba purring beside her.