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As night fell over the town, no one at a certain condominium knew that they would have the unfortunate displeasure of a visit from a mysterious guest. Especially not little Miss Penelope, who was about to retire to bed. All the lights were turn off- except for her favorite banana nightlight- and she slip herself into the soft, comforting sheets of her bed. But before she could fall asleep, she could hear the muffle sounds of footsteps up above her; thump, thump.

After a few moments of thumps, they suddenly stop for a moment, and was soon replace by the sound of something heavy being drag across the floor. Soon that had stop as well, but then there was another odd noise just outside her window. It sounds like someone decided to bang their fist against the side of the building repeatedly. She turn to her uncover window, and try to see what it was out there through the thick darkness.

She shiver with forebode chills, as the noise got louder. Her body became tense, as her heart beat quicken. Creatively, horrific images of monsters with sharp claws and teeth dance around in her head. Fearful tears began to well up in her eyes, as she could just envision their ugly faces press up against the glass. Out of fear she pull the covers up over her head and curl up into a tight, little ball like a scare child.

Which was exactly what she was. She listen intently to the ominous bangs from outside.

Soon everything became quiet again, and Penelope began to relax. She peek out from under her shelter, that she hope would keep the monsters from getting to her. Only calm silence was the one to greet her when she did; she let out a sigh of relief, for a moment there she really thought there was something scary outside. Soon after that, something drop down from the sky and appear in the window! She let out a terror stricken shriek, flee from the condominium and down the street as she continue her long, loud screams of horror. Which had waken up almost everyone in the entire the town.

-The Case of the Red Fang: Part 1-

At the home of the town's very own detective Mackenzie; the said detective flip through the channels with a board expression on. She change from channel to channel in a quest to find something remotely interesting on, while her partner Funghi lay asleep by her side. After about 20 minutes of channel surf, she had given up on finding anything worth wild to watch. It seems T.V just sucks today, with it being chock full of shows that were either stupid or to weird for her taste. On the channel she had left it on, there was a commercial that advertise a bazar, gothic like convention, that was going to be in town soon.

She could then feel the remote being taken out of her hand, "Milady it is getting late; you should be heading off to bed," said her butler Cromwell, as he turn off the television. Mackenzie reply with a sleepy yawn and gently pick up her partner. She walk slowly towards her bedroom, and was about to turn her bedroom door's knob when suddenly frantic knocks came from the front door, "Now who could that be at this hour of the night?" inquire Cromwell as he unlock the door. Which then slam right into his face and brutally knock him over onto to the floor. As a bug eye, panic stricken Penelope rush in as if her life depends upon it. In fact she run in so quickly that she trip over her own feet and fell face first onto the the wooden floor. Mackenzie stare at her friend with surprise eyes, while Funghi remain peacefully in dream world. Cromwell brush himself off, "Why Miss Penelope, what are you doing here at this hour of the night?" he ask, as he help her up off the floor.

Penelope shiver as if she was cold, while her eyes were like the ones of a frighten animal when its face to face with a hunter. She spoke in a shrill voice as she said, "M-Mackenzie I-I saw a, a, a…" but she couldn't finish for one furious Chloe storm in and roughly grab her by her shoulders.

"Whats the big idea running around screaming in the middle of the night! I was having the most marvelous dream, and then you came screaming down the street like a maniac! Do you have any idea what time it is, seriously?" Chloe yell in the girl's face, as she shake her vigorously. It soon look like the poor girl was going to be sick, with her face turning a sickly green. Luckily for her, Mackenzie intervene before that could happen.

"Uh, Chloe," said Mackenzie quietly, but loud enough to draw Chloe's attention.

"Its practically midnight, I should be sleeping right now!" Chloe bark angrily, as she stop her previous action. Penelope's head sway from side to side, as the world spin around her. It was like she was on an out of control marry-go-round, but without all the nice music.

The first thought that pop up in Mackenzie's mind was, "Its only 8:00,"she said as she points Chloe's attention to the antique, grandfather clock that was on the other side of the room. This didn't help with Chloe's already peevish mood, and the pulsate vain that appear on her large forehead was proof enough of that.

"What does it matter what time it is! Its nighttime and I should be in bed asleep! I could be dreaming about next Monday's test answers right now," she then turn her attention back to the slightly dizzy Penelope, "What were you screaming for anyway?" Penelope then remember why she came here in the first place and she let out a frighten squeal at the thought of it. Chloe was quickly loosing her patience, as she stare down at Penelope curl up on the floor, "Spit it out already!"

"Please lower your voice, Miss Chloe," Cromwell ask politely and then turn his attention to the wreck on the floor, "Now Miss Penelope, would you please tell us the reason why you're here tonight."

Penelope immediately got up off the hard floor, "Oh, yeah, well its really scary," said Penelope with chills going up and down her spine.

"Just spit it out already, I wanna go home and go to bed," said Chloe irritably, as she tap her foot on the hard wooden floor impatiently. Which reminds Penelope of the creepy footsteps from Daisy's room. She let out a high pitch squeak, as the whole scene replay itself in her mind. In response, Chloe's foot taps grew louder and quicker; like Penelope's heart beat when the images of wicked creatures that had pranced around in her head, "Spit it out!"

"F-footsteps," Penelope whisper; she soon brought her hands to her mouth, while she tremble like she was outside in a snowstorm. The sounds from those awful footsteps echo in her eardrum. Tears well up in her eyes as she relive the frightful moment in her mind's eye.

Chloe cease her aggressive foot taps, "Footsteps?"

"I-I-I heard footsteps above me," she whisper and then she bit her lip.

"Footsteps, whats wrong with that?" inquiry Mackenzie, she didn't see any reason for this to be such a scary thing, "Wouldn't that just mean that Daisy came home?"

"Yeah, but Daisy left this morning to go spend the night, with her mother whose sick," said Penelope, "She said she wouldn't be home until 10:00 tomorrow morning," Mackenzie contemplate over this; if Daisy wasn't home and wasn't going to be home until tomorrow morning. Then who was in her room?

"It was obviously a burglar. Didn't you say that Daisy had all shorts of cool stuff in her room? He probably waited until she left and broke in," said Chloe, "This is a job for," her hand ball itself up into a fist that face the ground, "Chloe the super sleuth!" she said as she un-ball her fist into a sideways peace sign, place up to her eye, and then snap her fingers, "I'll catch that burglar in no time and then get the reward," and for all this trouble Penelope had put her though she better get a good one. She was the about to sprint out the door, but before she could Penelope exclaim.

"B-but thats not all, I saw it!" that had stop Chloe from leaving. Everyone then turn their attention to her.

"Really, well then who is it?" Chloe ask, not wanting to stick around here anymore then she had to.

"It was a, a, a-" she starts off but was soon cut her off from her stutters of the letter a, by an increasingly irritated Chloe.

"Good grief, say it already, seriously. I don't have time for this!" Chloe complain, as she look back at the antique clock that read 8:27. She couldn't wait to jump back into bed, luckily for everyone it was Friday so she could sleep for hours tomorrow morning. She would have been in an unbearably foul mood if she didn't have adequate amount of sleep. In which she would have taken it out on everyone for the rest of the day.

"Yes, please do Miss Penelope, it is getting rather late and we would all like retire to bed as soon as possible," said Cromwell politely, like everyone else in that room- asides from Penelope, who was to work up to even consider sleep- he too long for the hard, cold enclose space of his bed. However, he was a tad bit curious about what had disturb the poor girl so much.

"I saw a-," she said the last part so quietly that nobody heard it.

"I didn't hear any of that! Thats it, I'm leaving, I got dreams to dream," said Chloe as she approach the doorway.

"I, I saw a vampire!" Penelope squeak, as soon as she said that the old clock rung out to alert everyone that it was 8:30. For that moment, the clock's alarm sounds almost sinister.

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