Gynecologist and Obstetrician (OB/GYN)

I work as a Gynecologist and

Quick thinker when something is out of hand.

Years of studying, I work hard all night.

My bright emerald eyes shine with delight

When my "expecting" patients come today

While I wear blue scrubs and a pen all day.

I check women's genital area.

Delivering, they're in hysteria,

Feel amused and sympathy for their guy.

Covered in blood, I hear the baby cry.

Lonely I feel though I have a lover

Brings me lilies but goes undercover.

I'll tell a story of a friend of mine

Spoke little English, who wet the floor line.

OB/GYN's Tale

Wobbling down the street was a woman

Hands layed on her swollen stomach, her man

Arms wrapped around his dark hair beauty wife

As they wait for their miracle of life.

Her name is Julia, nine months pregnant

Her husband a retired lieutenant.

He worries about her, due date is soon

While she hums her son a lullaby tune.

Voice like an angel baby kicks her hand.

She smiles in delight and understands.

Walking for hours she's still not tired.

She sees an ice cream stand with desire

With no choice he buys her what she's craving

They leave, behind the woman is waving.

It starts to get cloudy up in the sky.

She tells the sun "Adios" meaning good-bye.

They don't notice the awaiting showers,

That soon will not protect them in hours.

Panicking not good in her condition,

Finding a plan is his new ambition.

Luck not on their side, water breaks, Oh my!

Her painful contractions start to come by.

Raining he tells her to sit on side walk

Tries to calm her down, yet he is in shock.

No time to take her to the hospital

Prayed to God, help him with this obstacle.

He bent down took off her pants and checked her

Cervical dilation which made her stir.

Raining and dark as it can be, still he

Thinks she's ready. Tells her "Count One, Two, Three

Push with all your might my sweet lovely wife."

She listens to her husband without strife.

Her pain unbearable, silent she cries

Feels the baby's head rip between her thighs.

Starts to breathe up to three can't go on no

More. Her husband sees son's head down below.

He tells her, "Tengas fe" push once again.

She is in strain and yells at him in pain.

For her baby she pushes One, Two, Three.

As she pushes the baby's cry breaks free

Exhausted, relieved, feeling glee. Husband

Protects baby from rain, gives wife a hand.

As they wait for help they noticed the rain

Ceased. Kept miracle baby entertain,

For all Julia's pain long forgotten

As she gazed her son, her dark eyes soften.