Oftentimes in an exercise to get my fingers moving, I ask my best friend and beta, generally known as LoquaciousQuark, to give me a prompt. Sometimes the result is one super-depressing sentence, and sometimes it is longer, and many of them are written in gchat, but one day I turned around and realized that between those prompts and things like the dao_challenge lightning round, I actually have a fair number of little drabbles, and I might as well share them.

She's also given me a fair number of prompts related to my NWN 2 fics, "Falling Slowly" and "Not Yet By Lighting," so I might post them as well. Thanks for stopping by! As always, I love to hear what you think.

Disclaimer: For all of the things posted in this story, the only things I own are the personalities of my Wardens. Everyone and everything else belongs to the good people at Bioware.

Prompt: Dragon Age, "crisp"

Originally Written: 9/6/10

Notes: Warden Amell

She's accustomed to the nip of an autumn breeze as it wends its way through the Tower, but the brown leaf she holds in her hand is something new, something wonderful, and she is immensely disturbed when Alistair takes it from her and crushes it with a boyish grin.

Her face falls and he frowns as little leaf bits fall from his hands, and she tells him, "I've never seen leaves change before."

"You've never seen fall before?" he asks, horrified, and then an even greater horror occurs to him and he says, "You've never jumped in a leaf pile?"

Between her wind spells and his enthusiasm, it is only a matter of time before they gather up all the leaves for a mile around and she balances on his shoulders before jumping - and part of her says this is madness, jumping from this height, that jumping from any height is madness and death, but his grip on her ankles is firm and he looks up at her with such anticipation that she cannot deny him, and so she closes her eyes, and leaps.