21. Search and Retrieve Part Three

Story Start: Hidden Sound Base: Shadow Clone Designation Beta 220 Reporting

Beta 220, the chosen leader of the forty strong shadow clone task force that had joined him in locating the Hidden Sound base that the retreating Sound army fled to looked at his gathered brothers as they stood in the top of the trees surrounding the underground entrance to the base. They were currently safe from any prying eyes due to the fact that no patrol would think to look so close to the base since there were guards posted at the bottom of the stairs leading into the base. Gaining a grim smile at the fact that no one had detected them yet, he said "Alright, it's taken us nearly twenty four hours to get everything ready, but we're now ready to begin the fun part of our mission."

All of the clones chuckled while rather evil grins were sprouted by some of the more eager ones. Sporting a vicious grin of his own, B220 said "We've let these guys think they got away clean long enough." Growing serious, he continued "However, as much as I would like to just blow the place to kingdom come and be done with it, we have prisoners to evacuate before we activate those explosive seals that we have placed. Alpha squad, that's your job. Once the mission starts, you'll have a minute and a half tops to teleport to the cells, take out the guards, and get everyone out. Any longer than that and we risk one of the roving patrols sounding an alarm on you. Thankfully, no experiments are ongoing right now so they're all in one place. As soon as you are out, we blow the seals. Once the dust settles, Beta and Charlie squads will take care of any survivors while Delta and Echo squads will maintain a perimeter and make sure no one leaves alive. Foxtrot, you boys get the fun job. Orochimaru is currently somewhere down there, and it's your job to find him, and do your absolute best to end his miserable existence on this planet. Beta and Charlie will join you once we're finished with our jobs if you're having trouble."

All eight of the Foxtrot clones grinned as their squad leader, F39 said "Are we authorized to go Legendary and use their unique attacks if needed sir?"

"Yes, but only if necessary. Remember, our brothers who helped Boss get the Old Man out of Orochimaru's barrier were able to turn the snake into walking charcoal with the explosion they created. He shouldn't be able to put up enough of a fight to warrant that kind of force. And for Tree's sake, don't turn into an Entei if you do have to go legendary. The last thing we need is to have a volcano suddenly appear around us all while we're fighting." B220 trailed off as each of the clones imagined a volcano erupting underneath the base and killing everybody making their jobs a lot easier before he shook his head and said "As much fun as THAT would be to watch, we really don't want to create such a massive change in geography like that in a primarily agricultural country. Volcanic soil may be good for farming, but the molten lava it produces isn't as friendly for it. Now, does anyone else have any questions?"

Seeing that there were none, B220 transformed into a Luxray and used his new chakra augmented X-Ray vision to look through the branch he was on, through the ground and into the base proper. Seeing that the roving patrol of two Sound Nin closest to the cells were having a conversation with the guards, B220 decided now was a good time to begin and informed Alpha squad the enemy's positions and authorized them to begin the mission.

Immediately after, B220 saw all eight members of Alpha Squad Teleport in as Gallades behind each guard and decapitated each one before they even knew someone was behind them. The roving patrol barely had time to widen their eyes in surprise before Alpha's squad leader, A43, telekinetically threw the two headlong into a wall at terminal velocity leaving a rather nasty mess on said wall. Guards and patrollers now removed, Alpha squad began telekinetically ripping cell doors out of walls and pulling the shell shocked prisoners towards them before teleporting out when everyone was around them.

Back with the rest of the squads, Charlie Squad's leader, C15 blinked his own Luxray eyes and said "Well now, that was rather efficient of them."

B220 chuckled even as he transformed into a Gengar and brought up his hands and said "Yeah well, let's see if we can match that efficiency, Katsu!"

Immediately after, the ground below them bulged for a moment as fire poured out of the stairs before the ground suddenly collapsed into a giant sink hole toppling all of the trees in the area. Charlie and Beta squads immediately followed their leader's actions and turned into Ghost types as they plummeted to the ground and phased through before stopping inside a collapsed tunnel and split up to find any survivors. Foxtrot fell even further, stopping at the bottom level of the base where the secure bunker that Orochimaru resided was. Meanwhile, back topside, Delta and Echo took to the skies as Flygon scanning the area with their Infrared Vision as they began forming a perimeter around the sink hole beneath them.

Scene Change: With Alpha Squad, One Mile North of Sound Base, Thirty Seconds After Mission Start

A43 felt the ground underneath him tremble before the thunderous sound of centuries old trees falling and hitting the ground rang out through the clearing he and the other members of Alpha squad had teleported to with the rescued prisoners. Turning back to where the base was most likely a lot less functional, he said "The chief certainly doesn't waste any time." Dropping his transformation, he turned to the prisoners who were now coming out of their shocked states and said "Sorry about the sudden Grab and Teleport back there people, but we were on a time limit. We should be safe here, but just in case, we're going to raise a Barrier while we tend to any injuries you have before linking back up with the rest of our task force after they finish their assault on the base and work on getting you all back to your homes. Any questions?"

"W-What are you guys?" One of the prisoners asked staring at A43 and his brothers who had also dropped their transformations after raising a Barrier around them.

A43 grinned and said "Just a squad of Shadow Clones sir. Now, who among you is injured?"

Scene Change: With Charlie Squad Leader

C15 ducked to avoid a kunai that was thrown at his head as he rushed his current enemy. Not that he needed to of course, since as a Haunter, something as simple as a kunai couldn't even touch him. No, the duck just coincided with the fact that he went low to grab his opponent's foot and pulled it out from under him which he then used to position said opponent behind him in order to catch the five other kunai sent at him. Opponent now dead from friendly fire, C15 dropped the corpse and turned around to stare at the enemy nin who had thrown the barrage and sent a Thunderbolt through him before turning around again, stabbing his right hand through a sound nin who made the rather unfortunate mistake of trying to charge him with a chakra filled sword. His hand came out the other side with the nin's heart in it and he watched the nin's eyes widen before he too dropped to the floor. Looking around the mostly ruined tunnel revealed no new targets and so he phased through the mound of dirt blocking the rest of the corridor off in search of more tangos, one of his brothers following while the rest hunted elsewhere.

Scene Change: With Foxtrot Squad

F39's sensitive Ninetails ears twitched as he heard another scream coming from some unfortunate soul upstairs who had survived the initial explosion and consequential collapse of most of the base. More important to him and the rest of his squad was the group of ten Sound nin who had gathered in front of the rather large reinforced steel door that gave entrance to the bunker their target was in. These ten were the only other occupants of this level, and from a certain point of view could be considered lucky since almost no damage had been done to this level. On the flipside, there were now ten Shadow Clones just around the corner transformed into various water, fire, and electric types ready to storm the bunker.

F39 turned towards three of his brothers who had decided to turn into the three original eeveelutions and made a gesture with three of his tails bringing them together to form one point before jerking outwards. The three eons each gave a nod before they sprinted around the corner and before the enemy could react to their sudden presence launched a Thunderbolt, Flamethrower and Hydro Pump down the hallway which connected five feet in front of the enemy and promptly exploded from the three elements combining. Once the smoke cleared, it revealed that none of the ten Sound nin had survived the explosion and the Jolteon clone gave the all clear signal with his tail.

The rest of Foxtrot came around the corner and F39 let out a grim smile at how well the improvised Tri-Attack worked. Seeing the reinforced steel door, he turned to another clone who was acting as their heavy duty support and so was transformed into a Blastoise. Jerking his head towards the offending door, he said "Think you can get through that?"

The two water nozzles on the clones back dipped into the shell and back in a cocking motion as the clone grinned and said "Sure do. The Boss has been wanting to try this for ages." The rest of Foxtrot Squad chuckled as they moved out of the Blastoise clone's way. Said clone leaned forward slightly as his nozzles pointed inwards before water shot out and he recoiled slightly as the water slammed into the top of the bunker door.

Scene Change: Inside Bunker, One Minute Earlier

Orochimaru had been having a bad twenty four hours. First his master plan to destroy the Hidden Leaf Village and personally kill his old teacher had been completely destroyed by a twelve year old brat and his Shadow Clones cutting down over three fourths of his attacking army and leaving his entire body covered in massive chakra burns. Then, when he finally got back to base, his chief medic Kabuto had to spend ten hours doing his best to save his life, and even now, after five additional hours of him trying to heal said burns his body was STILL more burned than healed. Kabuto had worn himself out trying to unsuccessfully heal burned skin without the benefit of any healthy skin around the burns to help him accelerate the healing process. After fifteen hours of surgery with little progress, Kabuto faced the risk of massive chakra exhaustion and so had to postpone the rest of the needed surgery to fully heal him and had instead given him a medicine to drink every hour for a day that was supposed to kick start his body's natural (Or not so natural in his case) healing abilities. Too bad it tasted worse than the vomit it tried to induce and felt like something slimy was going down his throat whenever he drank it.

It was because of this that he had sent his Sound Four to gather Karin from his South base in order to heal him faster. He had to send all four since if he only sent one or two, the ones who stayed behind would be impossible to deal with.

Adding to his bad day was the fact that Kabuto couldn't start searching for Tsunade until he had recovered and he didn't trust anyone else not to jump the gun if she was found before he was able to travel again and so had to wait for him to recover before his former teammate could be found.

And then he heard the sound of a giant explosion practically right over his head and the whole earth shook as the level above him collapsed. He was just struggling to get out of his bed with Kabuto moving across the room to help when a blast of water pierced the reinforced steel door of his bunker leaving a five inch wide hole an inch from the top before separating into two streams that began cutting a large tear shape out of the door and coincidently digging the same shape in the wall on each side of his bed before rejoining at the center two inches off the floor where the water stopped. Kabuto was just barely able to get out of the way of the stream that was above him. Orochimaru's bed wasn't so lucky and slammed into the ground without its support legs but that wasn't what caught his and Kabuto's attention. With nothing supporting the tear shaped slab of steel, the newly cut metal crashed down on the last two inches of the door and then fell forward revealing a familiar large turtle armed with two large dripping water nozzles on its back and several other animals standing behind it as it smirked and said "Knock, Knock."

Scene Change: Tanzaku Gai Twenty Minutes After Fight With Akatsuki

While the assault on the Hidden Sound base continued, another Shadow Clone transformed as a Growlithe stood on the top of the castle overlooking the primary gambling settlement in the Land of Fire. A flash of blue drew his attention to behind him and he said "She's currently on the seventh floor Boss. She's being accompanied by a younger woman named Shizune who seems to be a student of hers and a pig that seems to be a pet judging by the fact its decked out in a set of pearls and a coat."

The original Naruto blinked at that even as he dropped his Mewtwo transformation and said "Well that's an odd choice for a traveling companion. Think they've trained it to be a nin-animal?"

The clone shrugged as he transformed into a Gallade and said "It's possible." The clone then twisted its neck drawing a series of cracking sounds as he turned it first to the right and then to the left drawing a flinch from Jiriaya and a raised eyebrow from the original at the sound before he said "Well, I'm off to fetch the Old Man's clone, see ya." Then the clone flashed out leaving the original and the toad sage alone on the roof.

"Cheeky bugger." Jiriaya muttered as he walked over to the edge of the roof and leaned against it as the two waited for the clone to return.

Naruto wisely said nothing as he looked back towards Fun Fun Avenue where the fight with the two members of Akatsuki had taken place. Frowning, he thought 'With a group of S rank criminals coming after me and others like me, I'm going to have to accelerate my training. Simply learning one Attack Chain per month and relying on a Fighting type's inborn combat instincts are no longer going to cut it. I need to go from being an unknown threat on the battlefield to the one who everyone needs a new set of underwear whenever I pay any amount of attention to them. And that's not all.' Naruto's frown grew as he looked down at the three Pokeballs attached to his belt and thought 'I need to overhaul the guys' training as well. I can't always keep them on the sidelines in fear that they will get hurt and I won't be able to heal them. Battling strong opponents is literally in their nature, I need to be able to trust that they can handle themselves. But the only way I can be absolutely sure I won't doubt their ability is if I know for a fact that they can take whatever comes at them. The sooner I can get them to their max level, the sooner I can stop worrying about them and let them do what they do best.'

Naruto was drawn out of his thoughts as his shadow clone returned with a clone of the Hokage beside him who had a rather serious look on his face as he said "Shall we gentlemen?"

Scene Change: Hidden Sound Base

"Knock, Knock."

Those words were barely out of the Blastoise clone's mouth before the three Eevee evolution clones were jumping through the hole sending their improvised Tri Attack at Kabuto with F39 right on their tail sending a Fire Blast at Orochimaru's burned body. Beside him were a Minum and Plusle clones who sent a Thunderbolt at the two targets leaving the last member of Foxtrot squad helping Bastoise provide long range support as a Raichu.

Both Sound nin used the substitution jutsu to avoid the opening barrage and then began launching their own attacks, Kabuto rushing the Vaporeon clone with glowing green hands and Orochimaru blowing out a massive gale of wind at F39 and the two Electric type clones by his side. Vaporeon countered by sending a Water Gun at the floor underneath him and merged with the water an instant before Kabuto's hands reached him before he came out behind Kabuto and blasted the surprised medic into the wall with a much more powerful Hydro Pump. F39 meanwhile had grabbed both smaller clones with a tail and had poured chakra into the other seven of his tails before he stabbed said tails into the ground and cemented his feet to the ground with chakra just as the gale reached them and tried to throw them away. Tried being the key word as the Ninetails clone barely shifted an inch drawing a raised eyebrow of surprise from the Snake user. Behind him, the Blastoise clone hadn't even been affected that much by the wind and wasted no time sending a Hydro Pump over the three clones' heads and Orochimaru was forced to jump to the side to avoid the two streams of water.

F39 pulled his tails out of the ground and released his two brothers from the other two before he curled all nine of them creating a cracking sound as he said "Well now, this should be interesting." Then he telekinetically grabbed Orochimaru and threw him into the back wall with a Confusion attack leaving a one foot crater in the steel and stone wall, and a rather messy Orochimaru who had all of the major bones in his body shattered due to the faster than terminal velocity impact. "Or not." F39 muttered before his and the two clones by his side's eyes widened as a pair of hands appeared out of his opponent's mouth and said man pulled himself out.

"Ok, first of all, ew." Plusle said

"Agreed." Minum said before continuing with a shouted "And second of all, Thunderbolt!" Plusle joined the shouted attack and the two launched the twin sure strike attacks at their opponent only for a log to appear in his place.

F39 narrowed his eyes as he thought 'Note to boss, Thunderbolt isn't a sure fire hit attack when facing ninja due to Substitution Jutsu.' Then he casually diverted Orochimaru's sword by hitting the flat of the blade with a chakra augmented tail as the man tried to skewer him from behind before he turned his head and let loose with a Flamethrower that Orochimaru was hasty to get out of the way of with the Shunshin jutsu. He didn't get far though since F39 tracked his progress around the room with his inherent Psychic abilities and slammed the snake man into the wall again with Confusion before he got halfway around the clone's positional clock.

While F39 and his two Cheering Pokemon brethren were dealing with Orochimaru, The eeveeloution trio were currently making Kabuto's life hell. They might not have had their squad leader's Psychic type abilities but they could each find their opponent through various means, those being by tracking body heat, the human body's bioelectric field and the water in a person's body. Suffice to say, Kabuto was having a bit of a problem trying to sneak up on the three with his usual tricks to stay undetected.

Case in point, Kabuto had barely got his head out of the ground while he used the Underground Fish Projection jutsu ready to pounce on the Fire type only to have to duck back down to avoid a high powered jet of water thrown at him by the Water type. Sadly, this just reinforced the point that Kabuto was a slippery one and the room was taking much more damage than he was. Outside the door, Blastoise and Raichu looked on wondering how much more damage the room could take even as they added their own potshot attacks in the mix when they thought they had a shot.

This was all made a moot point though when Jolteon finally had enough and sent out a wide ranged Thunder Wave that caught Kabuto flat footed when he tried to sneak up behind him and ended up leaving the spectacled spy twitching on the floor.

Back with the other group, Orochimaru growled as he once again stumbled out of a large dent made from a Confusion attack. He was starting to get really pissed with his opponents right now. He tried getting close with his sword only for the Kyubi lookalike to deflect it with its tails. Taijutsu was also out for the simple fact that even with all four legs on the ground said clone still had more limbs it could use than him. Striking Shadow Snakes was countered with electric attacks paralyzing said snakes or they were burned to a crisp by the Fire Type. Killing Intent didn't even phase them and Genjustu just slipped over the leader like water down a duck's back and said clone would always snap the other two out who never left his side because of this making it impossible to get one of the two little brats alone to eliminate. And he couldn't use his more wide scale jutsu either due to the fact they were underground in an enclosed space. And to top it all off, all of this fighting was leaving his entire body in pure agony due to the fact he still had massive burn damage on most of his body which did not appreciate all of this movement.

The sight of Kabuto doing no better was not helping matters either. Orochimaru needed to create more room but he was currently two stories underground. Deciding that the base was now no more use to him anyway, Orochimaru grinned at the clones he was facing as he said "I must congratulate you clones. You've managed to push me far enough to unleash my trump card."

F39 rose an eyebrow before the other one joined it as Orochimaru's form turned pale white before it exploded outwards shifting into a massive snake body composed of hundreds of smaller white snake bodies and the man's now giant grinning face.

"That's new." Minum said and Plusle nodded with a frown on his face as he said "What now sir?"

"I don't like the fact that he has so many heads on him, and something tells me we can't draw this out. So let's kick things up a notch. Ability Activate: Flash Fire!" F39 shouted as his fur flashed red before he stepped forward and shouted "Flareon, hit me!" Said clone grinned as he turned around from his fight as Jolteon sent a Thunderbolt towards Kabuto's temporarily downed form earning screams of pain from said medic and said "With pleasure boss! Flamethrower!"

Orochimaru watched in shock as one clone seemingly turned on the other and launched a Fire type attack at the seeming leader of this group of clones. His shock turned into confusion when the attack seemed to sink into the clone's body and said clone's body flashed red a second time before his eyes widened again as the clone let loose with a white hot Fire Spin that covered half the room in a raging fire vortex. That half of the room began to rapidly melt from the heat and the other side wasn't that far behind.

The other fight was cut short as two of the three Eevee evolutions bolted out of the hole in the door with the Minum and Plusle doing the same. Kabuto's eyes widened from his currently paralyzed state on the floor as the fire storm continued to grow strength and a strangled "Lord Orochimaru." passed his lips. Even the Blastoise and Raichu clones had moved further back due to the heat. The only ones still standing in the room with the two Sound nin were F39 and the Flareon clone who was now standing next to his squad leader. The two were calmly watching as the vicious vortex the bigger clone had created continued to expand.

"What are those two doing?! The plan never called for a firestorm!" Raichu shouted.

"The plan didn't call for Orochimaru turning into a giant ass snake either!" Minum shouted back.

"Yeah well, that firestorm is going to bring the ceiling down on those two if they're not careful!" Blastoise shouted.

"I think that's the point!" Jolteon shouted as F39 and Flareon let loose with continuous flamethrowers adding more heat and thus more power to the raging vortex as the flames went from bright white to sun right in your face hot. All of the non-fire type clones backed further down the hall as the ceiling of the room evaporated allowing the vortex to rise out of the room and into the floor above them, and then the floor above that, until the firestorm broke out of the ground and began rising into the open air.

Scene Change: With Alpha Squad

A43 spun around from one of the rescued prisoners when the forest around him got a lot brighter than before. The sight that met his eyes when he looked up had his currently Sceptile jaw dropping. There, visible over the trees a mile away, was the sight of a firestorm that was at least two miles above the tree line.

"What in the world?" A43 breathed out before he shifted into a Flygon and used the Infared sight to see what was going on. He gasped at how hot the visible fire storm was and said "What in the name of Tree are they doing over there?"

Scene Change: With Squads Beta Through Echo

When they had gotten the urgent telepathic message from the leader of Foxtrot squad, telling them to get the hell out of dodge, none of the other clones in the area had expected a fire storm to rip through the base and erupt out of the ground and do its best to touch the lowest clouds in the area.

B220 watched the vortex continue to spin from his location a quarter of a mile away from the large tornado with the rest of the four squads and thought 'What could have made F39 think it'd be a good idea to create that?' They had already erected a barrier around the storm in order not to burn down the entire forest but they could still feel the heat it was giving off.

He was drawn out of his thoughts looking at the fire storm when Foxtrot squad teleported in missing two of their numbers. Frowning at them, he said "What happened down there?!"

The clones dropped their Psychic transformations as the one in front said "Orochimaru turned into some weird ass giant snake. Our squad leader didn't want to take any chances and proceeded to turn the place into a crematorium. He and one of the others are still down there using the Flash Fire ability to handle the heat.

B220's frown grew and he was about to respond to that statement when a member of Delta Squad said "Chief, look!"

B220's head snapped back over to the fire storm in time to see a purple shell of Psychic energy surround it and then rapidly compress the flames snuffing them out. The sight that remained had all of the clones' jaws dropping. There in front of them, was a massive eight headed snake that was sneering down at something below it, presumably the two remaining members of Foxtrot squadron. Smoke was billowing off its scales, which were burnt black, but other than that, the fire didn't seem to have affected it at all.

"Tree, mother of Log, that thing's bigger than the One Tail was." A member of Echo Squadron muttered.

B220's eyes narrowed as he said "Foxtrot Squad, help Alpha squad relocate the rescued prisoners to somewhere safer. I want everyone else here to go Legendary, things have just escalated."

Scene Change: Tanzaku Gai

Naruto was currently leaning against a wall on the seventh floor of the town's castle watching Tsunade Senju having a rather heated discussion with a shadow clone of her teacher and teammate. Beside him was Tsunade's apprentice who was introduced as Shizune who had a much more nervous look on her face as she watched as well. They had been arguing for a good thirty minutes and it didn't look like they would be stopping anytime soon.

That changed when the younger blond saw Tsunade turn her head to look at Naruto with an odd look in her eyes before she turned back to the Old Man's shadow clone and said something. Said clone blinked before he turned his head towards Naruto with a considering frown on his face. Naruto rose an eyebrow at him and the clone smirked. Turning back to Tsunade he said something before he left the group of three and came over. Jiraiya watched him head towards Naruto with a slack jaw before he began muttering something.

As the Hokage's shadow clone approached him, Naruto began having a funny feeling. When he was a couple of feet in front of him, he said "It doesn't look like first negotiations are going well sir."

The clone sighed and said "No Naruto, they're not." The clone's smirk was back as it continued "But Tsunade may have just given us an in if you're willing to help."

"Of course sir, what do you need?" Naruto asked stiffening up from his slightly slouched position as he did so.

The clone looked back over his shoulder at his female student for a moment before he turned around and said "Tsunade has said that if you can beat her in a fight then she will consent to returning to the Village with us."

Naruto blinked before he looked over to said Sannin who had a confident grin on her face before looking back at the clone and said "I'm guessing you didn't tell her the fact that I have three partners and what my skill set was."

"Nope." Sarutobi's clone said grinning like the cat that got the canary.

Naruto's grin matched it as he chuckled and said "So it's us four against her. Oh, she's in for a nasty shock if nothing else."

Sarutobi's clone chuckled and said "If what your clones did to Orochimaru is any example, then yes she is. Just don't do anything permanent please. I'd rather not have to give the hat to a permanent burn victim."

Scene Change: Formerly Hidden Sound Base

F39 and Flareon looked up at the massive creature their target had turned into that was now sneering down at them with narrow eyes. The two clones traded a glance and nodded before they were covered in a cloud of smoke as they transformed. When it cleared, the two had turned into a pair of Dragonites. As one the two clones sent a massively overcharged Thunder at the snake's body. To the two's shock, while the electricity sunk into the snake's scales, it didn't seem to have any effect on the body.

The head directly in front of them chuckled as he said "Oh, that tickled."

"Yeah well, do these? Thunder Blitz!" A voice in the woods shouted as a rapid barrage of hundreds of Thunder strikes slammed into the snake's body from the side starting at where the necks merged together and ending halfway down to the end of the tail one after another in a span of twenty seconds forcing a roar of pain out of Orochimaru's eight mouths as one of the bolts halfway through managed to pierce through a weak spot after the others had weakened the skin further and the rest of the attack in that small area continued unhindered. Orochimaru's body shuddered as the electricity coursed through his body for a further thirty seconds before he snapped his heads to the side and shouted "Who dares to attack me?!"

"We do." B220 said as he stepped out of the woods in his new Raikou body, a Suicune clone stood on his left and an Entei clone on his right. Above them, a Lugia, Ho-oh, Moltress, Articuno, and Zapdos hovered above the trees next to a pair of clones transformed into Latias and Latios, the Eon Duo. A little to the left of the ground based group was the creation trio, Uxie, Mespirit, and Axelf. Beneath them was a Heatran. Finally on the other side of the Legendary Dogs group were the last wo clones who had transformed into a Darkrai and Cresselia. Seeing their brothers in Legendary forms, F39 and his brother transformed into a Deoxys Speed Form and a Shaymin Sky Form respectively.

Orochimaru stared at all of the Legendary Pokemon arrayed around him and chuckled as he said "Well now, this should prove interesting. I can only assume that these are the strongest forms you could take in order to combat me. Let's see if they're strong enough to shall we?"

End Chapter

AN: Next Time On To Be A Master

Naruto and his partners take on Tsunade in a bid to get her to return to the village while at the same time Eighteen Legendary clones go up against Orochimaru's final form.