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Summary: Deciding to help Aang out, Ezylryb goes to the Echidna's place to go to the Avatar world with a mission. And that is to help Katara and Sokka reunite and reconcile with Aang. But will the mission do good or fall to shambles?

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The Spell Of The Echidna

The sun was slowly rising into the sky as Ezylryb packed up his quills and papers. He looked around to see his old pair of battle claws hanging around near the coal pit, recalling his old days at his family's nest. If only Ifghar hadn't decided upon that traitorous decision, then they might have been teaching together, as brothers, in the Great Ga'Hoole Tree. But he shook the memories away as if they were flies.

Don't get your mind fuddled by these pains, the old Whiskered Screech told himself. Just go to the Echidna and ask him about Avatar Aang's friends.

Packing up the last of his paper, he wrote down a note, telling his nest-maid snake Octavia that he would be gone for a few hours. Ezylryb pinned the note onto the side of his perch before flying out of the hollow, checking to make sure no owls were around yet. Once he was sure, he took off into the air, letting out his signature barking hoot.

Being the expert flier he was, Ezylryb didn't have much to go until he saw a sign that he was near his destination. Crows were roosting in some of the trees around the Cape of Glaux, their black feathers decorated with blue paint and jewelry. Ezylryb gave a barking hoot and glided over to the crows; despite being wet-poopers and known to be ominous, these birds were reliable in some way or another. They had noticed him, for they gave caws and flew off away from him. And Ezylryb, realizing his goal was closer, flew in after them.

Right when he arrived, he saw a familiar spiny animal appear on the ledge above him. Ezylryb did not know how this happened, but this didn't matter.

"Greetings, Lyze of Kiel!" the Echidna called. "How are you today, old friend?"

"Very good, thank you," Ezylryb replied, dipping his head to him as he landed. "And you?"

The Echidna nodded. "Same as well, Lyze. And I know what you are here for," he added in a mysterious voice.

Ezylryb nodded back. "Yes. It is to find Avatar Aang's friends, who are Katara and Sokka, and bring them here to reconcile with him."

"Foretold already!" the Echidna cackled, his spines quivering from his laughter. Ezylryb rolled his good eye at this before he heard the monotreme say, "But in seriousness, I understand what your mission will be, and I'll perform the spell to do it. Though...it might not go the way you might not want it to go."

"I understand," Ezylryb replied, though he was confused. He had no idea what kind of costs this spell would have.

So he watched as the Echidna walked over into a hole in the tallest rock before following him with one swoop. The crows were coming in after them, into a room that looked like a cave with lots of mystic stuff Ezylryb did not understand much of. Despite knowing lots of things, he was an owl of science, not spiritual stuff. But even though he would have liked to say it, he kept his beak shut about it.

The Echidna walked over to a large shelf filled with liquid-filled vials and looked them over, muttering something like "other worlds" and "Others". Noticing a blue vial, he picked it out with his long claws and hobbled over to a large bowl, but this puzzled Ezylryb even more. What in the name of Glaux was this mystic monotreme doing? But he stopped the thinking when he saw the Echidna dump some blue liquid into the bowl, stirring it occasionally.

"What are you doing?" Ezylryb asked.

The Echidna chuckled. "All in good time, Lyze. All in good time." After a few more stirs, he said, "Just a few more stirs, and the spell will be ready in a few winks."

And with a few more stirs, the bowl began to glow a bright golden, causing Ezylryb to squint his good eye at the brightness. The Echidna did not look phased at this, but he merely gave a chuckle and added a few more ingredients into the bowl. Ezylryb thought he saw a herb or two among the ingredients, herbs like lamb's ear and even elderberry. Finally, the Echidna stepped back, waving his decorated staff to the Whiskered Screech to step back too.

Then...the golden bowl began glowing an even brighter gold as it swirled around to reveal some sort of portal. The area revealed trees, plenty that still had their leaves despite it being winter and small patches of snow on the ground. Ezylryb realized that he was looking into Aang's world.

"This is it," he rasped. "This is where the mission starts." Turning to the Echidna (who was handing him a potion that would turn the Avatar's friends into owls), he said, "I thank you, Echidna, for what you have done."

"Anything for you, legendary Lyze of Kiel," the monotreme replied. "Remember this: When you've flown as far as you can, you're halfway there!"

Ezylryb did not want to question the oddities the Echidna came up with in his head, so he gave a small nod and flew off into the portal. He felt all the cultures, sayings, and martial arts float in his head, almost overwhelming the Whiskered Screech Owl. And just when he arrived at the end of the portal, he saw a tree up ahead and landed in it. He looked behind him to see it disappearing and into the bag he had over his shoulder.

When he looked down, he could see the forest floor below him, which reminded him slightly of the forest kingdom of Ambala. And right there at a rock...were two Others. They both had tanned skin, dark brown hair, and blue eyes, but they were also different. The smaller one was a female with her hair tied into a ponytail, and the larger male had a small knot at the top of his head and a weapon by his side. They were both sitting around the fire in front of them, and Ezylryb flew down onto a lower branch to see more.

And he could hear their voices once he got down.

"Can't you wait to see Dad again, Sokka?" the female was asking her brother.

So those two must be Aang's friends, Ezylryb thought. And why are they on their way to see their father, looking as if they had never met Aang?

Sokka nodded. "Yeah. And won't he be proud of us for passing our Rock Dodging?"

Katara smiled and nodded...before a sad look came across her face. "But...what about Aang? I hated it when he lied to us...but he was family..."

"No!" Sokka's voice and face had become harsh. "A real member of the family would never hide secrets from his friends! As far as I'm concerned, he's no friend of ours! You should be happy that we chose our dad over him!"

"How could you say that?" Katara retorted, glaring at him now as she stood up. "Yes, I felt betrayed...and no, I didn't want to leave Aang just yet! In fact, he could've come with us if you hadn't yelled at him!"

The boy's friends are miserable without him, Ezylryb thought, his good eye glinting as he stared on. But Sokka is in denial; anger and betrayal can do that to one's gizzard.

Sokka snapped back, "Well, he deserved it for lying to us about the map! You know what? I hope the Fire Nation gets him on the way to the North Pole! That'll serve him right!"

Hearing this, Ezylryb swooped down and landed in front of them, hooting, "Wrong words, lad."

But as he landed on the ground, he saw that they were looking around, trying to find the source of the noise. Ezylryb knew he was quite a small owl, but even an owl like himself wouldn't be so hard to find. Then he saw that he was sitting among red leaves on the ground, disguising him well.

"Did you hear something?" Sokka asked, looking around.

"No," Ezylryb hooted. "But I SAID something."

Finally, their blue eyes met his good eye, their jaws slightly dropping. It appeared they had never heard of or seen a talking owl before. And to add some more to their surprise, he spoke again, "It's time we had a talk, young'uns...about Avatar Aang."

Katara and Sokka looked like they wanted to ask what a talking owl was doing here. Then Sokka's face turned from shock to anger as he growled, "What about him?"

"That's what I'm talking about," Ezylryb told him, pointing a talon at him. Seeing their stares, he barked, "What're you looking at? My missing talon? Well then, have a look at it if you want!" As they flinched from the deformity, the old ryb snapped, "Good. Now...as we were saying about Avatar Aang-"

"No way!" Sokka spat, standing up and walking back to the fire. "Aang betrayed us by hiding that map! He knew how much family meant to us, and he hid that map! He's a traitor!"

Ezylryb shook his head and then turned to Katara. "What about you? What did you do when this all happened?"

He saw the Water Tribe girl's face look shocked before she looked away in shame. Then she murmured, "I'm sorry...what's your name?"

"Ezylryb, a guardian of the Great Ga'Hoole Tree," the owl replied. "I also go by the name Lyze of Kiel...Lyze for short."

"Okay...Lyze," Katara said. "But anyways...after what happened, I-I said I was going with my brother. I didn't want to leave Aang or anything," she added, seeing Ezylryb's good eye narrow. "It's just...I just wanted to see Dad so badly; it's been two years since we've seen him."

Then Sokka called angrily, "And it's thanks to Aang that we didn't hear when he'd go to Chameleon Bay! So good riddance!"

Ezylryb glared over at him, hearing what Aang had said come to light. Sokka's longing to see his father again had clouded his judgment, and anger was making him say things he would not mean. As for Katara, she did not do much to support her brother's anger, but she had not stuck up for her friend when he needed it. It was time for the Echidna's spell to come to light.

So he rasped, "So you're going with that, eh? Family is important, yes, but so are friends. Yet you both shoved him to his side and forgot he was there. So I think you two better come with me for a while."

At this, he picked out the tiny golden portal from his bag, held it tight in his talons, and let out a barking screech to the air. He saw black shapes flying towards the portal and stepped back as the crows burst out and land in front of them. Their feathers were decorated with blue ornaments, and their black eyes were glittering with determination. But the strangest thing about them was that they were wearing glowing plastic on their talons.

Looks like the time for reasoning has passed, Ezylryb realized. Now...is the time for force.

So the crows lifted into the air and flew right towards the Water Tribe siblings. Katara pulled a stream of water out of a water skin around her, forming it into a whip. Sokka had taken out a boomerang in one hand and a machete in the other. Ezylryb knew that the crows did not need any extra weapons; their main weapon was teamwork in numbers. He flew up towards the big oak tree above them to watch the scene, alighting onto a low branch.

Quickly, the crows started lashing out with their wings to beat them back, but Sokka lashed his machete at one crow, catching it on its side. Two crows flew at Katara, who beat them back with a water whip before four more took their place. The crow that Sokka beat down was only just moving due to a broken wing, so two crows picked it up and flew back into the portal. Ezylryb glared down at the fight as another crow was caught by Sokka's boomerang and fell with a sickly thud. As the dead crow was gently hauled away, he swept down until he stood in front of them.

With a barking hoot, he lifted himself up into the air and flew at them, beating his wings hard. He held the battle claws he had brought along with him tight in his talons, but he knew not to actually use them against the humans. Instead, he flew over to Sokka and gave him a whack on the side of the head with them to knock him out. Once the Water Tribe teen fell comatose, he flew over to hear if he was still alive, and the loud thud in his heart told him that he was. Ezylryb saw Katara looking shocked at her brother being attacked, so he quickly did the same to her.

"That's enough!" he barked to the crows, who were crowding around him. "Who has the changing potion? A potion that also lets them enter our world of birds?"

One crow came forth with a green-liquid vial in its beak, chirping, "Here, Lyze of Kiel."

Thanking the crow, Ezylryb limped over to Sokka, cursing his missing talon (the one torn off by Metal Beak in Kiel Bay). He tipped the Water Tribe teen's mouth open, pulled the cork off of the vial, and tilted the liquid down his throat, making sure he swallowed it. Once he was done, the Whiskered Screech Owl hobbled over to Katara and did the same thing he did with her brother. The crows blinked and flew up onto the branches of the oak tree, Ezylryb doing the same as he saw a green light surround the Others.

As soon as the light was gone, the two Others were gone. Instead, there were two Snowy Owls lying unconscious on the ground. One of them was white with black specks on its body; it had to be Katara since female owls were larger. The other was slightly smaller with pure white feathers and a long white tuft on its head; this was Sokka. Ezylryb shared a nod with the crows, for this part of the mission was complete. Now they had to try and bring them over to the Great Tree and get them to reconcile with Aang.

But suddenly, as soon as that came to his mind, a red light came over Katara and Sokka, briefly blinding Ezylryb. The old master hid his face with one wing to shield his good eye from the blinding light. The crows did the same, though some of them were staring wide-eyed at the red light as if seeing a treasure. Once the red light vanished, Ezylryb lifted his wing away from his scarred face...and gawked at what he saw...or didn't see.

Katara and Sokka were gone, gone except for their belongings and a few loose feathers. This must be what the Echidna warned him about spells going wrong. But still, this plan had failed for now; they couldn't be brought over to the Great Tree if he didn't know where they were. And the mission to help Avatar Aang would have to wait because of this.

I'm not giving up on the lad, though, Ezylryb thought. All we need to do now is to pray for hope that this gets right. I swear this by Glaux. Then as he slipped back into the portal, he added silently, And I'll need to inform the Echidna about this.


It felt like lots of rocks fell on Katara's head as she slowly started to recover. The last thing she could recall, an owl had sent lots of crows after her and Sokka, a sign that told her that they were wrong to abandon Aang. They were going with Bato to Chameleon Bay to see their father, but he would notice that they were gone now. Even though she wanted to see Aang again, she also wanted to see her father.

But now, she looked around and saw lots of stone walls surrounding her. She could not recognize any of the surroundings around her, for she had never heard of this area from Aang. Katara got to her feet slowly, trying to shake the dizziness out of her head, but the crow attack still left her dizzy. As soon as she got upright, she began to beat her wings to get the tiredness out.

Wait a minute... Katara thought with shock, looking at white wings. W-What's going on?! Where's some water?!

But there was no water; in fact, she did not have her water pouch to Bend the water into a mirror. Something shiny caught the corner of her eye, though, and she spotted a metal mask in the form of an owl's face on a rock. Feeling the tiredness in her legs still, Katara hobbled over to the mask and was shocked to see a white owl's face staring back at her in the silver metal. She still had her bright blue eyes, but she had the Snowy Owl face and body, her feather dotted with black spots.

"W-What happened?" she rasped, stumbling back. "What happened to me?"

"K-Katara? That you?"

Katara recognized the voice and turned around. "Sokka?"

The Snowy Owl looking back at her with the same blue eyes...it was Sokka. His feathers, unlike hers, were pure white, and he had a tuft of white feathers on his head to look like hair. Like her, though, he was dizzy from when the owl named "Ezylryb" had done. Hobbling over to him, Katara gently nudged him to his feet, one wing over her back.

"It's okay, brother. I got you," she murmured, holding him up.

"Wha-What happened to us?" Sokka slurred, looking over at her. His eyes wider now, he yelped, "And how come we're owls?"

Katara shrugged. "I have no idea. And speaking of that, where are we?"

Sokka looked around and said, "I don't know...but this isn't the Earth Kingdom." Then, anger in his eyes, he hissed, "I bet Aang hired that old owl to do that to us! How could he-"

"That's what got us into this mess in the first place," Katara snapped, pulling away. It was time to defend Aang even though he wasn't there. "What he did was wrong, yes, but did you really have to yell at him like that?! If we find him again and he says he hates us...or if he dies and we never see him again, it'll be all your fault!"

"Well...you said you wanted to come along with me!" Sokka spat. "That means you're just as guilty as me!"


Before Katara knew it, she had slapped her wing across her brother's head, making him stumble back in alarm. How dare he accuse her of not caring about Aang after they left him?! Then...she saw something that made her gasp and regret what she did: Sokka was tumbling back towards a ledge, wailing his wings around like a windmill and his eyes filled with horror. Realizing that they had not learned to fly as owls, Katara tried to grab hold of his foot, but he was already falling out of reach. And with a screech, he fell down into the canyon.

"SOKKA!" Katara howled, watching him fall. No! What have I done?!

Then all of a sudden, a red blur moved forth and caught Sokka by the foot, flying up towards her. Katara was thankful that whatever it was had rescued her brother...before she felt herself getting hit from behind and pinned to the ground. When she strained to look up, she was looking up at a white owlish face with patches of red. The other owl had landed beside him, a reddish owl with white splashes on his feathers. Both of these owls had ear tufts, bones in their nostrils, and even different-colored eyes: one yellow and one green.

Straining her neck up, Katara groaned, "T-Thanks for rescuing my brother...but who are you?"

"Shut your beak, missy, or we'll tear it off! And you better start saying why you're here in the St. Aegolius canyons!" the white-&-red owl barked down at her. Turning to the red-&-white owl, he asked, "So how was that, Jatt? A perfectly good threat?"

"Yeah!" the other owl said with a look of delight on his face. "Mind if I say one in return, Jutt?"

Jutt nodded. "Be my guest!"

Jatt nodded and then glared down at Katara and Sokka, whom he still kept pinned down. "I am Jatt."

"And I am Jutt," Jutt added.

"And we're officers in the St. Aegolius Academy Of Orphaned Owls," Jatt said. "And you two are in a non-flying zone. You two are coming with us to see Skench, our general."

Jutt turned to face him. "Wait, I thought Nyra's the general."

Nyra? Who's that?

But while Katara thought of this, Jatt explained, "No, no, that's different. General Mam's the Ablah general, and Skench is JUST the general. That's two very different things." To the Water Tribe siblings, he barked, "And you two!"

"You're coming with us!" Jutt added.

And he gripped Katara's shoulders even tighter, his talons sinking into her flesh, as he lifted off the ground. Jatt was beside him, swapping playful jokes as he carried Sokka in his grip. Katara did not like where this was going; they had just been picked up by two mean owls and going to some orphanage. They weren't orphans, for their father was alive...and they were going to him.

But she knew that because of that, they had left Aang on his own and ended up in this place. She blamed herself even more for leaving him, and he had needed them too. Sokka had said over and over the past few days that the Avatar had abused their trust, but that was not true. They had abused his hopes in finally having a family.

What have we done?

To be continued...


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