Chapter 5: Growing

Alfred woke to a sunshine filled room- his bedroom. His Superman curtains did little to block the light from outside. He squinted at the sun's rays that shined in his eyes, then yawned and got up. It seemed like it'd be a good morning so fa-

Alfred froze, feeling bile rise up his throat. He rushed over to the bathroom as fast as possible.

'That's right,' he remembered. 'Russia took me to the doctor yesterday, and I'm... pregnant... How is that even possible?'

His thought process was interrupted by another round of throwing up.

Alfred walked out of the bathroom, towards the kitchen. Maybe some breakfast could cheer him up. The closer he got the more a smell wafted from the kitchen. It smelled delicious. He stepped into the kitchen to see Russia at the stove, flipping eggs.

"...Russia? What are you doing in my house?"

Russia smiled at Alfred before turning his attention back to the eggs.

"I will live with you know. To help with the baby, Да?"
Alfred stared at him, trying to form words.

"What does breaking into my house and deciding to live with me have to do with helping with the-"
Alfred bit his lower lip. He couldn't say the word. Not baby; That was easy to say. It was the P word. Because men don't get pregnant. Especially not heroic,awesome superpowers of the world.

However, it seemed that Russia had no problem with that specific word.

"With the pregnancy?" He asked in his thick accent. The way he said it made it seem as though Alfred having a life in his stomach was no more an oddity than any woman becoming with child. And Alfred wouldn't doubt that he thought of it no differently, either.

"Yeah,that," Alfred mumbled.

"первый, dear Alfred, I did not break in. You had fallen asleep in my car and I put you to bed. I slept on the couch, дорогой. Второй, You cannot eat grease and fat all the time. It is not good for the малютка."
Alfred was about to protest, and defend his food -mainly burgers- when he was cut off.

"Besides, If you do not remember, the last time you ate a burger, yesterday, you were over the toilet for 10 minutes straight. But do not worry. I can cook you healthy foods that are good for you and the baby, Да?"

"That burger was probably just a little old or somethi-"
"We will not take the chance," Russia cut him off with a smile.

Alfred wrinkled his nose and pouted.
"I guess as long as its not as bad as Artie's was," He muttered reluctantly. "Just don't pull any commie tricks. I'll be on you faster than a-"

When Russia raised an eyebrow at the metaphor, Alfred realized his mistake and blushed bright red.
"I meant onto!"

It'd been a week and 3 days, and things had been okay. Whatever Russia was feeding him, Alfred couldn't complain about due to the fact that he'd been throwing up less in the mornings. They'd even gotten along without having any fights. That is, if you don't count the 'discussion' over who won the space race after watching a history of space travel on TV; But even then, it was an argument they'd had so often that it was barely anything more than bickering.

While it wasn't obvious to people who didn't know, there was a small bump in Alfred's stomach that was easily noticeable if you knew he was pregnant. The growth of the child in Alfred also led to the bickering of the child's gender.

And even less obvious, except to Alfred, the more the baby grew, and more time he spent with Russia, the more his heart yearned to be near him. This was something Alfred continued to deny, or in his case, try to deny.

"I'm bored!"
Alfred stomped his foot on the ground and crossed his arms. "Russia, I haven't been able to go anywhere in this week!"
Russia smiled at the childish attitude that Alfred was displaying, but nodded in agreement.

"Being cooped up is bad for health, is it not? Where would you like to go then?"

"The park!" Alfred responded in an instant, a big grin on his face. "The park is always fun!"

And so they ended up at the park. Alfred had insisted on a picnic near the lake- not that he would admit to anything romantic or something like that. It's just that the dragonflies were always flying through the air like little bug airplanes. They were beautiful.

Russia, of course, was entranced by the sunflowers that were scattered in the park's garden. Because he decided it would be amusing, Alfred tried to pick a sunflower to stick in Russia's hair. He was stopped and firmly commanded – yes, commanded. That's how threatening the voice was. That one little nation that was always picked on would have screamed in fear- not to harm the sunflowers. After that, he pretty much avoided them like the flu. Russia was a creeper when he was pissed off. Alfred wasn't gonna risk pissing himself in public from fear because of a mistake-not that he would do that.

Near sunset, they ended up sitting on a bench overlooking the lake and garden. Alfred's eyes were struggling to keep open. For some reason, this kid was constantly draining on his energy. His head was on Russia's shoulder and it wasn't pointed out or complained over. The grasshoppers and crickets were starting to chirp a wonderful sound. Alfred remembered staying up at night before he was England's colony, just to hear the small bugs. He used to make up songs that were sang in company to them, not that he remembered any of them now. It'd been far too long ago.

Then, with a single word, the peace was shattered into microscopic parts.


Alfred's heart squeezed because he knew that it'd been him and Russia that the insult had been thrown at. And even though he wasn't in a relationship with Russia-not officially anyways- it still hurt. Especially because it was one of his people that was throwing the insult around. However, he knew enough to keep silent so as not to provoke the man.

Russia, however, reacted differently. His lavender eyes froze with cold hatred, and Alfred could feel the threatening atmosphere.

Alfred grabbed Russia's sleeve and shook his head quietly. Don't.

"If you say anything, It'll get worse. And I can't let you harm any of my people. I'm a hero, and heroes don't do that."
Though the hate in Russia's eyes faded slightly, it had warped into a look of surprise and slight disgust.
"How do you defend a man who insults his own nation?"
Alfred gave a weak chuckle. "That's what being a heroes about. You protect the people, whether they deserve it or not. Besides, it's my people that have always helped me grow. I can't turn my back on them. Maybe they'll change in the future."

"Он не заслуживает того, чтобы быть одной из ваших людей."

They were quiet, and the sound of grasshoppers and crickets returned once more.