Till Death Do We Meet

Chapter 1

*** SPOILER ALERT! If you did not read the manga entirely, this story/chapter may spoil some things. But, you also may not even notice them. Just... be cautioned. xD ***

After leaving Japan, Haruhi Fujioka was finally living her dream. She was a successful lawyer, with many clients requesting a specific small-framed chestnut haired girl to be their lawyer.

After she had graduated from Ouran High School, she set her sights on America, after Ouran High School offered her an all-expenses paid trip there, courtesy of the Suoh family. The host club had separated, Tamaki moving off to France, the Hitachiin brothers visiting Italy to study fashion and design, while Hunny, Mori and Kyoya were still living in Japan. Mori and Hunny were practicing their martial arts as well as becoming the family's heirs, and Kyoya was assisting his father with the Ootori group.

Though Haruhi's father, Ryoji Fujioka, was still living in Japan, he had reluctantly let her go to America to follow her ambitions of being a lawyer, like her mother.

Everything was going fantastic for Haruhi. She was having a great life, Although sometimes she even did miss the host club – her friends.

Well, everything was going well, until one snowy day in Boston, Massachusetts.

Beep! Beep! Beep!

The alarm screeched harshly, urging Haruhi awake from her slumber. An arm came up from under the bed sheets, lethargically swatting the snooze button. The brunette groaned. It was freezing. She'd had many clients all week, causing her to get almost no sleep. She expected that, though. But there were other reasons for her exhaustion: the annoying alarm clock that had been malfunctioning throughout the night, waking her up at random intervals. I've been really busy lately, she thought. I'd better get some more sleep later tonight – and get this stupid alarm fixed.

So many clients, so much paperwork and chores. Interruptions did not help her steady stream of work. She had the alarm, for one, and a pain-in-the-neck apartment neighbor who seemed like the genderbend of Tamaki himself. It's not that Haruhi didn't enjoy her job or wasn't a hardworking person, she just had more distractions than she bargained for. Haruhi came to America to relax and create a successful, fulfilling life. But instead, she found some more disturbances in her job. It's as if the insanity followed her - or was she the insane one? Probably because of the host club, she thought bitterly.

Even so, the small brunette was feeling off. Sadness and loneliness normally never came to her yet she was feeling those emotions lately. And not only for her mother, but for her high school friends – the host club. It was odd how she was thinking. She had always been independent, after her mother died she took care of all the chores and cooked all the meals. Her father was hardly home, so she learned to deal with problems herself. Until the host club came along, of course.

They had willed her to be more dependent on others, and she had. She missed them. Sitting up and swinging her legs off the side of her bed, Haruhi stood and walked over to the small table she kept in the corner of her room. A picture caught her attention – a 'family photo' (as Tamaki liked to call it) of the host club. The brunette subconsciously touched the dark wood of the frame, picking it up while looking at the photo. Kyoya, on the far right, donning his usual I'm-adding-this-to-your-debt smile; if you could call it that, anyway. Kaoru and Hikaru were clinging on either side of Haruhi, striking symmetrical poses, as usual. Tamaki behind the twins, gesturing grandly. Hunny on Mori's back, holding up Usa-chan, the pink rabbit, while wearing his signature boy Lolita-grin. And of course, Haruhi, in the middle of it all.

Haruhi let out a small sigh. What a different group of people, she thought. Yet they all came together to start a club with Tamaki-senpai… Believe it or not, she missed their company. Especially the idiot prince, Tamaki. Why was it she felt feverish and sick with butterflies dancing in her stomach at the slightest mention of his name? She shook her head, padding to the bathroom. In the mirror was an older Haruhi – her silky chestnut hair had grown a few centimeters past her shoulders, her body sporting more womanly curves. The dresses Hikaru and Kaoru sent with her to America hardly fit now, bust-line wise. It had been almost a year since she graduated. Not to mention she grew taller - not by much, but you could tell there was a difference in height.

After getting ready for the day, dressing in a business-y overcoat and jeans, Haruhi sat on her bed, simply thinking about the past. On graduation day, before everyone had separated, Tamaki stayed behind. She remembered the memory like it was only yesterday when it occurred.

After the graduation ceremony, Haruhi went into a spare room in the school and sat on a chair, thinking about all her accomplishments, and to get away from all the fuss for a little bit.

Someone knocked on the door. It surprised Haruhi; she expected nobody knew she was in here.

"Come in," she said softly. The door opened, revealing Tamaki. He stepped inside the room, closing the door behind him. A light blush was tinting his cheeks. "Ah, Haruhi… I saw you come in here so I… followed you." He said, smiling a bit sadly.

Tamaki was different. He was calm, serene… not his usual bumbling, idiotic self. "Tamaki-senpai…" Haruhi whispered. Her palms were starting to sweat, butterflies beginning to roam through her stomach. She felt warmth creeping into her cheeks, which were surely flushed by now because of his presence.

"I... my grandmother said I could go to France," he said gently, a bit flustered. "To see my mother." He added, stepping closer.

Big brown orbs met smoldering violet pools. "O-oh..." Haruhi said, her lips parting slightly. She felt the urge to run away from him, claiming she was sick, yet at the same time she wanted to get closer to the tall blonde.

"I'll be living there from now on… and... I'll miss you, Haruhi..." he trailed off into a whisper, his eyes darting to the floor abashedly. Tamaki exhaled and gathered his courage, looking down at Haruhi and moving closer so she was only a breath away.

"Haru…hi" breathed Tamaki as he caressed her face gently, stroking her cheeks. He closed the gap between them.

Haruhi froze, her blush growing to a deep crimson color. Tamaki's lips brushed hers in a chaste kiss, their foreheads pressing together. Haruhi closed her eyes as Tamaki moved in for another kiss, this time not as innocent as the first; as the kiss was laced with lust and want. Tamaki broke away quickly, a deep red blush spreading across his cheeks quickly.

"I... have to go" he said quickly. "Goodbye, Haruhi…" he sighed as a single tear slid across his flushed cheeks, while turning around and walking briskly out the door.

That was the last she saw of him before he left for France. She was still puzzled about her weird behavior… it wasn't normal for her to act this way around Tamaki. Not to mention his behavior as well. Why did he kiss her? More importantly, why did she let him kiss her? Before graduation she had always thought of him as a distraction, and an annoying friend… was there more to it than that? She was still thinking about it while sitting down, when the phone rang.

Haruhi reached over to grab it, pressing the answer button.

"Hello?" she said, wondering who it was.

"Haruhi," a familiar voice replied coolly.

"…Kyoya?" Haruhi questioned anxiously. Why was Kyoya calling? It must be important… and it's most likely about either the host club or something going on in Japan, she thought. Or, maybe my emotions are getting the best of me.

"Yes?" the Shadow King asked nonchalantly. When she didn't answer, he simply sighed.

Suddenly Kyoya was talking in a business-like voice. He only did this when he wanted to hide his emotions from others, Haruhi noted. "Haruhi." He said to catch a certain girl's attention. Haruhi snapped from her thoughts, back into attention of the phone call. She was being very distracted lately…

Kyoya's voice seemed devoid of any emotion when he said the next sentence. "I'm sorry to say that a funeral has been planned."

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