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It had only been 3 months. 91 days to be exact, since Brennan and Booth had parted ways at the airport, and even that amount of time had only deepened Brennan's feelings for the FBI bodyguard, she called her friend. The problem was that she couldn't express her feelings to anyone. Angela was off in Paris with her husband, and she felt it inappropriate to ruin the occasion with talk of emotional pain.

Somehow, Brennan couldn't bring herself to open up when it came to her feelings toward Seeley Booth. But they were there, lingering in the corner of her heart, as she tried so desperately to suppress them while she found a way to rid them altogether. There were many reasons why it wouldn't work, they had different opinions, didn't beliefs, different tastes. But the emotions trapped in the walls of her heart, didn't seem to understand that. All it wanted was the face of the man himself, and his arms embracing her.

It scared Brennan – how much she ached for him.

Her nights were filled with slumber in which she dreamt of the man in question, the man who would come to her in Maluku and hold her the way her heart ached to, who would tell her he couldn't stand to be apart, who told her how many times a day her name crossed his mind.

Brennan was examining the remains of a corpse, when Daisy came into the building.

"Dr. Matthews has an Urgent message for you," she said.

"I'm busy," she stated coolly. It wasn't Daisy she was lashing out at, at least this time.

Dr. Matthews had been making moves on her since she had arrived on the Island, despite her firm rejection. The man was impossible.

"He told me-"

Brennan lifted her head to meet Daisy's eyes. "I said, I'm busy, I can't drop my work in order to attend to the man's every whim. Now, if you'll excuse me?" she turned her attention back to the body.

"What shall I tell him?" daisy asked nervously.

"That I'm working!" she snapped.

"Okay…" she muttered scampering out of view.

Brennan sighed heavily. It was times like this that she missed her partner more than she cared to admit. He would have told Dr. Matthews in no uncertain terms to rack off, and if that didn't work he would have pulled his gun or at least threatened his life verbally. Brennan was surprised how much she missed his protection, despite how independent she was, and that she could very well take care of herself. Just knowing he was there, was enough.

She closed her eyes envisioning his every feature, the sound of his voice, the way he said her name - Bones - with such admiration. It helped to remember him this way, at times, as much as it hurt to be without him. But somehow, she couldn't manage to pick up the phone or send him a simple email. He had sent her a few vague messages. How's life on the Maluku Islands? Afghani is a hell of a challenge! How's Daisy doing over there? Heard from the rest of the team?

She stared at the computer a long time after she had received anything from him, but she couldn't bring herself to make a reply. Anything she wanted to write seemed insignificant to what she was feeling or what she wanted to really say. It seemed wasteful.

"Dr. Brennan?" a voice stirred her from her thoughts, and she looked up to find Dr. Matthews.

The man was unattractive, to say the least, he did nothing to better his appearance, his face and hands were constantly dirty, and he had these beady eyes that reminded her somewhat of a Serial Killer at his worst. Brennan didn't trust the man. Booth would have insisted it was her Gut, and this time, she wasn't sure that he was wrong.

"I informed Dr. Wick that I was working," she told him.

"I got the message," he said.

"I really don't have time for this…" she said.

"We need to talk… OUTSIDE!" he demanded.

Brennan rolled her eyes. She had never met someone so demanding of her time and energy. She thought about using her black-belt to teach him a lesson, but decided against it, she liked her job, she needed it.

She took ten seconds to exit the building, and the moment they were out of earshot from anyone else, Dr. Matthews turned on her. "Your attitude is appalling."

"So is yours, Dr. Matthews. I have rejected your advances several times, I am unsure how else to tell you in no uncertain terms that I am simply not interested in pursuing a relationship with you, sexual or otherwise!" she stated matter-of-factly.

Oh, how she missed Booth.

Brennan walked further across the desert square, aware from prying ears. This wasn't a conversation she wanted anyone else overhearing.

Dr. Matthews followed her. "You do realize I can fire you?"

"Yes, I am aware of your status," she nodded.

"And still, you'll deny me?"


This seemed to irritate the doctor.

"Is there someone else?" he challenged.

Why did Booth's face come to mind?

"Whether there is or is not, is beside the point."

"There is," he smiled knowingly.

Brennan blushed.

"Isn't there?"

"Dr. Matthews, I suggest you-"

A darkness clouded his eyes as he took a step toward her, causing her defenses to rise with caution. She sensed danger.

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