Show Me

"How do you know?"

Tugger blinked in surprise, taken aback at the question.

"How do you know what I want?" Bombalurina repeated.

"Oh, come on, Bombie, we both know what you want."

"But how do you know?" she persisted.

"Because I want it, too." Tugger's voice was a mere whisper in her ear.

Bombalurina pressed herself seductively against Tugger's body and put her full, luscious lips close to his ear. "Do you really?"

Tugger nodded.

"But that doesn't necessarily mean that I want it."

Tugger growled, slightly annoyed. Bombalurina was one difficult queen for any tom to get around, and Tugger appeared to be no exception. He was certain that she wanted him as badly as he wanted her, but getting her to admit it was proving to be one impossible task.

Bombalurina smirked and danced away.

Tugger grabbed her paw and pulled her back towards him. He then slipped his arms around her waist and sensuously rubbed himself against her. He was rewarded when the queen herself finally emitted a quiet growl. "You know you want it," he repeated temptingly.

In a flash, Bombalurina turned around and slammed Tugger against a nearby wall. "Maybe I do," she hissed, "but what would happen to me in, say, a weeks' time?"

"What do you mean?" Tugger demanded, looking confused.

"I'll tell you what would happen to me," Bombalurina continued as though Tugger hadn't spoken. "I'll be tossed aside like all your other 'old flames' or whatever you call them. I'll be nothing to you – if I ever was anything to you. I'll be discarded in a heap like the rubbish we live among. Fitting, perhaps, but not for me."

Tugger had been staring at her, wide-eyed, throughout this speech. Now that she had finished, he still couldn't help but stare. He was too shocked to move. He couldn't really even register half of what she had said. The only thing he knew was that she seemed to have the wrong end of the stick.

"However…" the queen added slyly, "…I'm probably not that much better than you in that respect, so it only makes sense for us to get together. Right?"

Finally, Bombalurina was saying something that Tugger wanted to hear. Unable to help himself, he broke into a grin. "I knew you'd see it my way," he said, leaning slowly towards her.

"Of course," she agreed with a purr. She moved her face closer to Tugger's.

Tugger leant in even further, prepared to kiss her, his eyes closing. However, when, three seconds later, their lips still hadn't met, Tugger opened his eyes, only to find himself kissing, not Bombalurina, but empty air!

Bombalurina just grinned cheerfully at him as she spun her way out of his arms and down a nearby path.

Tugger scowled playfully and leapt after her.

The queen giggled, winked suggestively and continued twirling.

By the end of the path, Tugger had caught up with her, and now held her firmly by the waist. "You know what?" he asked, beginning to drop kisses down her spine.

"What, Tugger?" Bombalurina asked breathlessly. "Tell me."

"I love you, Bomba."

"How much?"

"What?" Tugger frowned. That queen sure had a way of asking him the most awkward and unexpected questions at the most awkward and unexpected times.

"How much do you love me?"

"So much that I can't begin to tell you," he informed her, silently applauding himself for his cleverness. However, he didn't foresee what was to come from the queen next:

"Then show me."

Disclaimer: I DO NOT own either of the characters represented in this story - they belong entirely to T.S. Eliot, Andrew Lloyd Webber and whoever else helped to create them. I DO, however, own the story, which is protected in my name under Australian Copyright Law dating back to 2011.