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The alarm clock rang obnoxiously throughout the young boy's room. Dreading to wake up, he sluggishly threw his right hand onto his bed side table. His fingers glided across the surface to find the offending alarm clock. Once his found the object of his hunt, he slammed his hand down onto it. He lay there for a couple minutes, before pulling the blankets off his tired body. The warmth of his blankets leaving him made him shiver, wishing he could go back to sleep. Once he was up and fully awake, he made his bed and walked over to the bathroom, taking a quick shower, then got dress in his suit.

It was only then that he remembered he didn't have his domino mask."Batman would kill me if he knew I almost forgot it."He thought to himself. Walking over to his dresser and opening the drawer, he pulled out a fresh mask and placed it on face. For some strange reason, it made him feel slightly better.

He then walked out of his room and towards "The Hangout" room as his best friend Kid Flash called it. Arriving there he saw Kid Flash lounging on the couch playing video games with Superboy, who looked he was about to break the controller. While they had a go at it, he found Aqualad and Miss Martian talking about the ways of Earth. She needed to learn more about Earth since she was new to the team and Earth in general. He went to the couch and sat next to Kid Flash, who then paused the game, looked at him and smiled.

"Morning Rob." He said, then turned to face the game. He un-paused it and began to play it again.

"Morning KF. Where's Red Tornado and Black Canary?" Robin asked, as he looked around the room.

"They left awhile ago." KF answered back, still focusing on the game. "Don't ask where they went, cause we don't know. Hah, I win Supe!"

Superboy turn to face KF with the fire of hell in his eyes. "Rematch." He growled through gritted teeth.

"Sure, why not, you're still going to lose." KF smirked.

"We'll see about that Kid Mouth!" Superboy said, clearly determined to beat KF at a silly video game.

"Not whelming at all." Robin thought. He sat there watching KF and Superboy in a heated battle to win for a while, until getting bored. He decided to go back to his room and go on his laptop. Once he got to his room, he looked around the room for his laptop. Finding it, he jumped onto his bed and popped on the screen, playing some random music. He thought what to do on the computer, then remembered that Batman had told him to keep an update on reports. He opened the file and began to type lazily. A file caught his eye, causing him to pause. He clicked on it and began to read.

Files name: Unknown Sickness

Suspects: N/A

Description: Teenagers, ages between twelve and fourteenth have been hit with an unknown sickness. Reporter says that a brown box is delivered to the teenager home. Unknown to who it was from they still open it and find nothing in the box, but next day they become very ill. Parents are worried sick about their children health...

"Not enough evidence... but a brown box? From where?" Robin slumped back looking at the screen. "Maybe I should look for a location..."

He search a bit more until he found an address. It led to an abandon warehouse which had been unoccupied until recently. Curious for more he memorized the address. He decided not to tell the others, "Like they'll notice me gone, they're too busy." he thought. He left his room quietly to the garage, forgetting to turn off the music and laptop. Seeing his red motorcycle, he put on his helmet and revved the motorcycle to life. He sped out the garage door, feeling the wind rush past him, like he was a bird soaring through the sky, his cape fluttering behind him as wings.

Soon enough, he reach the abandon warehouse; completely made out bricks with no windows, giving it an eery feel. He got off his motorcycle walked towards the double metal door. He stopped before entering, deciding it was best to put a gas mask first. He was cautious about the illness, since he was thirteen, the youngest of the group. He didn't like that he was the youngest, he felt like the baby of the group. He pushed the thought away as he walked in. Once he opened the metal door he was glad that he put on the gas mask. There was dust everywhere he looked, brown crates of boxes were stacked on each other in rows. There were a few lit lamps in the warehouse, providing the only light.

"Why would anyone want to come here?" Robin said out loud, as he walked around a corner. A dark figure appeared in front of him.

"Apparently these are the boxes that make the 'teenagers' sick once they open it" The figure said.

"Who are you?" Robin questioned, taking a bird-a-rang out of his utility belt.

"Relax there fella, the name is Harley." She said, as she stepped out of the shadows.

Robin could see she had blonde hair falling past her shoulder. She wore hat and a tan trench coat with black leggings. Robin couldn't see her eyes since they were covered behind that hat of hers. He didn't trust her immediately, from the mysterious way she looked.. Something about her made Robin get goosebumps on his flesh. He backed away, but she step closer to him.

"S-so your saying that some unknown person is sending these boxes to teenagers' homes, and when they open it, they get sick?" Robin said confused, still backing away from her.

"Pretty much, but you know it from the looks of it. It looked like they were trying to get someone attention." She said.

"Whose attention?" Robin questioned her.

"Well, I don't know... you know it's okay to take that gas mask off in here." She said. Something glinted in her hand. Robin looked at her confused then until saw the glint and looked down to her hand. He saw a syringe in her hand filled a liquid substance, he didn't recognized the coloring of it.

At that moment, all Robin could do was throw a smoke bomb at her and run for it. She yelped in surprised. He knew something was not right. For some reason she scared him, and he hadn't been this scared since his parents death. He reach the double metal door and tried to pry it open, but it wouldn't budge.

"D-dammit!" he thought. He grabbed a few bombs from his belt and placed them on the metal door, hoping it would explode the door off. "You can't run from me, Robin!" Harley yelled at a distance. A second later the bomb went off, and to his horror, the door was still intact. Before Robin could react though, something hit him hard behind his head.

"Gotcha sweetie." Harley smiled, as she pulled out the syringe and stuck in his forearm, letting the liquid seep in. "Sorry I had to do it kid, but he told me too. Night sweetie..er..it's still morning but who cares."

Several hours later.

"Aw man you actually beat me this time! I call for a rematch Supe!" Kid Flash protested.

"No more Wally. You and Connor been at it for five hours already." Aqualad ordered. "Now go call Robin it's lunchtime and I know he didn't eat this morning."

"Lunchtime already? Good, I'm so hungry!" KF exclaimed. Aqualad gave him a glare. "I'm going already, geez..."

Kid Flash actually decided to take his sweet time to get Robin. Once he reached his room, he knocked on the door. No answer.

"Robin, I know you're in there! Don't pretend you can't hear me over your damn loud music!" Kid Flash yelled. "You know what? I'm going in whenever you like it or not!"

He put a hand on Robin's door and vibrated through it. "Robin you-" He stopped. He looked around the room, scanning over it's plain white walls, blue carpet, desk, bedside table, dresser, and plain bed with a blue comforter. His bed was empty with an opened laptop blasting music from it speakers. He pressed the button to stop the music. He was suddenly worried that Robin was not in his room, and made a flash run to find him. When he got to back to the kitchen to see everyone already eating without them, Miss Martian noticed Kid Flash facial expression. She stood up and walked to him, putting a hand on his shoulder.

"KF is something wrong? And where is Robin?" She asked him.

"Robin's not in his room." Kid Flash frowned, lowering his head.

"Did you check the other rooms as well?" She asked.

"Yes I did and he wasn't in any of them." Kid Flash said in disbelief.

"He probably left without telling us" She suggested, hoping to make him feel better.

"But he always tell me when he's going somewhere" KF proclaimed.

"Can't we just call him?" Superboy said from across the counter.

"Damn, I forgot about that!" KF said smacking a hand to his forehead. He ran to the main T.V, pressing a few codes. A black screen appeared.

"Hey Robin, you there buddy?" KF yelled at the screen.

"Did you even press the right codes Wally?" Aqualad asked, moving Kid Flash from the keyboard.

"Thought so. You didn't press in the right codes, you actually called-"

"Is there something you need Kid Flash?" A dark voice said on the screen, clearly sounding irritated.

"Batman, sir um, you...um" KF didn't know what to say.

"Sorry Mister Batman, we were trying to reach Robin." Miss Martian announced.

"Robin isn't with you." Batman's voice deepened.

"No." They'd all answered.

"I'm going over there right now." He said, disappearing from the screen.

"Great! I just had to call Batman! Now Robin's going to get his ass kicked by the goddamn Batman!" KF argued with himself.

"Calm down, Kid. I'm not going to kick his ass." A voice said behind them.

They turned around to see Batman. How the hell did he do that?

"Batman! Um...good afternoon?" KF said, sounding nervous.

"This isn't the first time he left without telling anyone." His voice ran cold. "That's why I put a tracker on him."

"Just how many times did he do this?" KF asked


"Let's just say... more than fifty times" He said, he went over to the screen and typed in a few codes. "There he is."

"What's he doing on the other side of town?" Superboy asked, though he knew no one would answer his question.

"I don't know, but I'm going after him. You guys stay here" He ordered coldly, before he disappeared.

"Yes sir" They said without missing a beat.

"...He's so getting his ass kicked, am I right?" Kid Flash asked. They all nodded in agreement.

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