He grabbed the back of Robin's cape as he tried to get away from The Joker as far as possible. When it happened, he felt the explosion knock him away from his best friend. He reached out for him, screaming his name over and over, but everything went black from that moment and he knew no more. When he woke up again he was still on the street outside of the building. He wasn't unconscious for that long, maybe for few minutes, but he stood up and started calling out for his teammates. He found them and helped them up, but he couldn't find the one person he needed to find. His best friend. Where was he? Was he okay?

Wally gripped his red hair, a frustrated and pained look written on his face. He called out to his best friend but in return heard nothing. He started to get anxious and it was too dark to see anything, he must have had lost his goggles in the blast. His heart ached and pounded harder against his ribcage. He heard heavy footsteps behind him and turned around. He felt his heart stop and everything around him froze.

It was Batman coming out of the smoke, and in his arms he held Dick. Wally gripped his chest and stood there as he saw Batman walked closer to him. He didn't want to think about it. He looked up quickly when Batman was in front of him.

"Is he...is he..." Wally voiced shook, he couldn't finish the sentence.

Batman didn't look at him nor did he say anything. He just kept walking on holding Dick close to him. Was Dick even breathing? Wally squeezed his eyes closed and choked back the tears that threaten to fall. He looked up once more and only saw the back of Batman. Wally fell to his knees and sobbed. He let the tears fall, he let everything out. With one last glance he saw Batman stood there his back to him.

"He's sleeping," Batman said, no emotion his voice, with that he walked off and disappeared into the night.

Wally didn't understood what Batman had said. Did it mean that Dick really did die? He closed his eyes and cried once more.

Dick sat on a cliff top, green grass surrounded him, the ocean waves crashing underneath the cliff. He stared off at the distance it was beautiful, though it was lonely being here by himself. He thought about Bruce, how sorry he was for leaving him. He was even in the place where Bruce's parents were killed and the same thing happened him. He frowned. Why did this happened to him? His thoughts came to The Joker. Did he live and still ran free? Or did get himself blown up?

It didn't matter anymore he was dead already, so why should he care anymore? He picked at the grass. It reminded him of Wally and him when they were hanging outside of Mount Justice just talking. He frowned. Did Wally cry for him? He was sorry to Wally too. He didn't mean for anything to happen, but now here he was in place he didn't know. Where it was gentle and lively. He felt a breeze and knew it was time. He stood up and walked down the cliff and overlooked the ocean. He saw something in the ocean; a familiar face.

"Bruce," Dick said quietly.

He looked behind him and saw a light. It was warm and comforting then looked back down. He closed his eyes and made a choice to which he wanted to go to. He just hoped it was the right choice.

Opening his eyes then only to close them again from the bright light. He groaned and brought a hand to his face and rubbed his eyes. He tried again and opened them slowly this time. Before his eyes, he saw a dark ceiling with dim lights hung above it. He sat upright and looked down himself. He was laying on a bed with sheets over him. Wires connected to him and he roughly pulled off, he winced at the pain. When suddenly the monitor started beeping and went to a flat line. Dick stared at it confused then heard a door slam open and looked over. He saw those pair of blue eyes that only he knew it belonged too.

"Bruce," Dick whispered and smiled at him.

Without a second thought in his mind, Bruce rushed over to the boy and pulled him into a tight embrace. Dick returned the hug and patted his father figure back. Bruce broke the hug and looked into Dick's eyes and gave him one of a kind smile.

"I'm so glad you're okay, Dick," Bruce said, sitting down on the bed. "Do you feel okay?"

"I feel okay...how long was I asleep?" Dick asked.

"Almost a month, Dick...you died, Dick," Bruce said, putting a hand on Dick's knee. "But the doctors were able to keep you alive. You made it out alive. Doctor said it was a miracle that you survived."

"Oh," Dick said astonished, he shook his head and looked at Bruce. "What happened to The Joker and Harley? What about Wally and the others? Are they okay?"

"Shh, Dick, calm down. Wally and the rest are okay," He said, then his face harden. "The Joker escaped but 2 weeks later he was arrested and is back in Arkham along with Harley. They're making sure he won't break out this time."

"As long as he stays there I'm good," Dick said angrily then soften. "I'm sorry that it happened where it did."

"Dick, it's okay. What matters now that you're alive now, alive and well," Bruce said.

"Thank you, Bruce, seriously, thank you, I promise never to ever do this," Dick said, smiling at him and hugged him again. "I love you."

Bruce was shocked at him, hearing him say this. He lightly hugged him back. "I love you too, Dick," Bruce said. It felt weird hearing it come out of his mouth, but he meant it. Dick was like a son to him. Even though he wasn't his real child it sure felt like it.

"When can I see Wally?" Dick asked, giving him the pleaded eyes look.

"Soon, Dick for now, you need your rest," Bruce told him, as he got up and walked up to the door and lightly closed it.

Dick sighed.

He really needed to talk to Wally. He wanted to tell how much sorry he was and how much he missed him. Wally was like a brother he never had. A great brother indeed. Dick played with the sheets of the bed. His thoughts all on Wally. Did Wally think that he was dead? Did he even know that he was alive and well? He bit his bottom lip hard and knitted his eyebrows together. How was Wally going to react that his best friends is alive? He laid back down on the bed and pulled the covers over him. Feeling the tiredness consume him.

The next morning, Dick bolted out of bed but fell on the floor. He groaned in pain and stood up slowly heading for the door. He stopped in front of it and stared at the door knob. Bruce wasn't going to let him out today, nor let him see Wally. Maybe, maybe if he called Wally then they can meet somewhere in town. He walked out of his room and went to the nearest house phone. He would call private even though he'll probably think who the hell is calling him.

He dialed the number and heard the ringer go on and on. He looked around to make sure he was alone, he didn't want to be caught on the phone. Right about when he was about to hang up the phone he heard it. The simple 'hello', but Wally's voice sounded sad and hurt. He frowned.

"Wally..." Dick said over the line, he heard a small gasped and it stayed silence. "It's me...Dick."

"This better not be a sick joke," Wally said harshly.

"No, Wally this isn't a joke. I...can we meet, like right now?" Dick said sadly.

"Where?" Wally asked.

"How about we meet at the one park?" Dick said, he played at the hem of his shirt.

"S-sounds good. Meet you there then," Wally said.

Dick didn't get the chance to say good-bye. He frowned again. He then went off to get changed into his normal clothes he always wore. Once he was done he knew Wally was mostly already there and waited anxiously for him to come. Dick made sure no one saw him leave the house. In all honesty he was scared and nervous. But why did he feel that way? Well of course, he died, sort of, but Bruce didn't tell his best friend that he was alive. He bit the inside of his cheek and made himself look more calmed. He needed to be calm. He was going to see Wally it has been too long. A month, a fricken month since his best friend last saw him. But that last time Wally saw him, he saw him dead.

Once he entered the park it was quiet and deserted. He didn't see Wally anywhere then he thought maybe he was in the little mini forest they had here. He walked towards the trees which were old, but still had the nice soft green leaves on them. He pushed up his sunglasses upper and walked through it. He was then tackled down to the ground, losing his breath for the time being.

"DICK!" Wally cried.

Dick's face was buried into his best friend's chest as Wally hugged him tightly. He heard Wally's heart beat faster. He returned the hug, hugged him tightly just the same as him.

"I can't believe it. You're alive! Dick, I thought you were dead!" Wally said, he looked down at him then stood up and helped Dick get up. "Dude...it's been almost a month!"

"Yeah...I'm sorry," Dick said, looking down at his feet.

"Dick there's no need to be sorry. I...I'm just so glad you're okay and alive!" Wally gleamed, then scratched the back of his head. "So...what was it like?"

"Oh...okay...I'm glad I'm alive too. What was what like?" Dick said, looking up at him a confused plastered on his face.

"When I saw you in Batman's arms...you looked dead...um. I shouldn't had said that," Wally said quickly.

"I don't think I was actually dead, Wally. But maybe I was because I was between two places. That place was nice and I didn't feel bad or anything," Dick said, then smiled at him. "But it kind of got lonely and I thought about you guys. How I kind of really missed you and just mostly looked dead when you saw me."

"Dick...would you," Wally said, he motioned at Dick's sunglasses.

"Oh..." Dick said, he took them off and blinked a couple time then looked at him and smiled. "Better?"

"Much better..." Wally said.

Dick stared at his best friend he had a weird look on his face. Was Wally still sad? He didn't know but he needed to make him better.

"Hey..." Dick started.

"Dick, I really, really missed you. Even if it sounds weird I thought I really lost you. When you called me. I couldn't believe it, seriously, I...I'm just really happy you're here," Wally smiled at him.

"Wally, I missed you too," Dick smiled at him too, as he lightly punched his shoulder.

Wally hugged him again as tightly as ever. Dick didn't mind though he kind of missed it. Even if he didn't want to show it since he was never one for hugs, but right now it was okay. He's alive and okay and that's all that matters. He has his memories back and The Joker was locked away. He had his best friend at his side and that made him happy.

"Feeling whelmed?" Dick laughed, as he patted Wally's back.

"Mostly feeling the aster," Wally smiled, the put an arm around Dick's shoulder. "Now come on, Boy Wonder. Let's have some fun!"

"Yes, sir!" Dick chuckled, as he got of Wally's back and he sped off to have their fun.

Dick felt happy.

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