Hermione awoke to a loud tapping at the window; and a large hand curled around her breast. The previous night's behaviour washed over her, and instead of feeling trepidation; she almost growled and threw herself on the exhausted wizard who lay almost unconscious next to her. The tapping increased in volume.

Swearing under her breath – a habit she hadn't picked up from Draco; she rose and padded to the window. Pulling the blinds back made her flinch at first; then wonder when daylight became so small owl looked beseechingly at her. Hermione opened the small clasp on the window, and it gratefully slid inside; landing on the table near the door. It immediately began preening itself. Hermione had nothing to offer it, except left over pizza from the fridge. It turned its nose up at first; then proceeded to take the cheese off when Hermione looked away.

The note was a summons from Marcus; he wanted to meet them as soon as possible at Regent's Park. Draco must have let Marcus know where they were staying at some point for the owl to have found them. She looked over at the still resting blonde in the bed. There was so much she didn't know – so much she wasn't sure she could trust. Yet, she knew she was hopeless when it came to Malfoy. She had always put too much faith in him – why? Who knew; maybe because there was something almost fragile about him. He had been treated roughly as a child, and as a grown man Hermione could still sense that small amount of vulnerability on him. It was almost like her feelings for Harry and Ron; she felt protectiveness over all of them.

Draco rolled over, the sheet slipped down his hips exposing the small line of white blonde hair which trailed lower. Hermione suppressed a groan at the sight. Merlin he was just beautiful, almost too much to look at. No – he was definitely not like Harry or Ron, she'd never craved sex to such a degree with either of those boys.

The sheet slowly tented under her hungry eyes. When she looked up, Draco was watching her closely. Her face blazed. It was too strange – this new feeling; she wasn't quite sure where her head was yet. What exactly were they? With a quick 'Marcus needs us', Hermione fled to the bathroom. She missed Draco's small frown of uncertainty.

Twenty minutes later they stood in the large park, children and young mothers with prams made the place feel friendly and alive. Hermione never found the time to enjoy sitting on a park bench in the sun. Today she still wasn't. She was pacing – waiting for Marcus and Camille. Her mind was tight with questions – she shot a look at Draco and the question she was about to ask died on her lips.

Draco had sprawled himself out on the bench, feet wide in-front of him and his arms resting along the back. His head was thrown back, making his blonde hair hang and swing in the gentle breeze. His eyes rested shut and the sun haloed his blonde head, making him look angelic. She smiled wryly – he was anything but angelic if the last night was any indication. She felt herself flush from her toes to the tips of her ears. No – Malfoy made her feel heavenly, yet he was as sinfully sexy as any devil.

"It's rude to stare."

Hermione started at his words, crap, she was once again astounded at how he could sense what she was doing. "I was looking behind you."

She watched as he tilted his head back further and opened his eyes. She almost palmed her face, there was a rather large dog – doing a rather large…didn't matter. Draco's low chuckle reached straight inside of her and made her heart feel all twitchy.

"Hmmm, you are a horrible liar, Granger." He opened one eye again and looked at her. Then he saw the set of her face. "Go on then, ask me; ask me anything. I know you're dying to. I can answer anything now Marcus has removed the vow."

Catching her breath, she quickly flicked through all the questions she needed to ask. They were all important in their own way. But after everything, there was only one she truly wanted an answer to.

"Was it easy to deceive me – to lie to me?" Her voice caught a little in the wind, and it made her quiet question seem almost a whisper.

Draco sat up straight and looked almost through her; he was that intense. His eyes never wavered from her face. Hermione had never seen this expression of his – ever, it was similar to apprehension. Was he worried she wouldn't believe him? "No. It was the hardest thing I've ever been asked to do. Hermione, if I had the chance to choose everything again – I would change that part of my mission. Deceiving you is not something I could ever do again."

She could only nod at the honesty in his voice. It was enough for her – the other questions could wait. A weight she hadn't realised she was carrying lifted.

Looking around the green parkland she caught sight of Marcus and Camille striding down a path towards them. Her relief was tremendous at seeing Cam unharmed once again. She felt wretched for not finding out what exactly happened to the both of them the night before. She was otherwise occupied in the end, and forgot all about the outside world. Hermione's face felt hot all of a sudden. Marcus greeted Draco, and Hermione grabbed Camille's arm.

"What happened with Timothy?" She blurted out before hellos could be exchanged.

"Morning, Hermione. My, don't you look sated…I mean well rested." Camille's smirk rivalled anything Draco could pull out at the moment. Hermione wanted to stick her head in the fountain and die of embarrassment. Cam had the uncanny knack of being able to tell exactly when Hermione had just had sex. It was unnerving to say the least. Camille laughed in her tinkling voice. "The boys aren't listening. I'm just bloody jealous; it feels like forever for me."

"Not the time" Hermione sing-songed.

"Alright, keep your knickers on." This remarked earned Camille another glare. She just grinned in response. "Well, after Timothy snapped your line, Marcus stunned him from behind – and I may, or may not have kicked him in the face. I hope Azkaban has a good dental plan." Camille's lips curled up in an evil smile. "He deserves everything coming to him, after what he did to the both of us."

Hermione walked over and gave her a tight quick hug. "Honey, you more than me – I only suffered at his hands for a few hours, you were at the Manor for days."

Camille looked away, masking her eyes; Hermione knew the look – ask later. She wasn't ready to talk about her time there yet. Hermione couldn't blame her. Tugging Camille's arm playfully they made their way over to the men. Hermione immediately interrupted their conversation which sounded suspiciously Quidditch related.

"Malfoy grabbed the Pensive – what happened to Franklin?"

Marcus looked at Hermione and smiled slightly. "Who left the post-it note?"

"Who do you think, Marcus?" He laughed at the dryness in her voice.

"You're right, it was obvious. I didn't think you were the type to have fun like that." Marcus smiled at her frown. "Well, Franklin's involvement with Shade has come to light – stupid bastard was cocky and left enough evidence in his office to incriminate himself thirty times over. Strangely enough, for some reason - he mysteriously can't remember the last seven years. Do either of you know anything about that?"

Hermione and Draco pointedly did not look at each other. "No idea, Marcus – maybe he tripped and struck his head." It sounded lame to Hermione's own ears; they didn't even come up with an excuse in-case asked about it. Bloody distracting Malfoy.

Marcus's returning grin told her; he knew the truth already. He was as infuriating as Malfoy with his mind games. Then Hermione realised they didn't even bother to look for evidence against her in Franklin's office – they got the Pensive, nothing else. How could she have been so blind-sided as to forget her own problem? If they found so much evidence in Franklin's office – was she also on the proverbial chopping block now?

"What else did they find?" Her voice trembled a little, and she coughed to get rid of it.

Marcus's eyes crinkled in the corners as he smiled broadly. "You see, Granger. The strangest thing happened. All of Franklin's documents mentioned a second person working for him – yet, the name had been removed from every document. It was almost like it had been magically erased. And since Franklin has no recollection of recruiting anyone – I'd say you're in the clear."

An involuntary squeal left her, making both men wince. Camille grabbed her in a bear-hug which left Hermione breathless. Grinning widely, she felt elation swift and strong fill her. She couldn't believe it had been taken care of so simply. She was free; she was no longer an unwitting traitor. She would never underestimate anyone's power over her again. This led her eyes to Draco. He was once again sitting back comfortably, smirking at her. He winked. Did he have something to do with her newly found freedom?

For some reason she knew – knew he was the one to have cleared her name from all documents. How she came to this conclusion – she wasn't sure. But, it just felt right. A sentiment she couldn't describe filled her, it was almost like contentment. No way – Draco could never make her feel that. Strung out, horny as hell, but never content. Although…strange things had been afoot.

"What was Shade's involvement – and who are they? Was it actually Shade who wanted the two memories Franklin was trying to retrieve?" Camille's question brought Hermione out of her musings on whether Draco looked sexier in the black, or the white t-shirt he now wore.

"That's the million dollar question, and the reason for this meeting. I have news for you. Good and, well not bad, but interesting news." Marcus spread his hands out in-front of him, trying to explain with more than just words.

Hermione thought it didn't sound too promising; she honestly didn't need any more bad or interesting news. She was intrigued though as to whom Shade was, and why her pilfering was invaluable to them. Franklin's words came back, that they would not be happy with her.

"I was promoted this morning – by the Minister." Marcus left it hanging in the air for a moment. "I'm taking over Franklin's job effective immediately – I'll be overseeing the operatives and handling all missions. The minister thought it prudent that this fallout have minimal impact on the workings of The Firm. Apparently they had been looking for a suitable position for me for some time." Hermione felt a genuine smile spread over her face, he deserved it. He'd been with the company for years and she couldn't think of a more capable boss. He would make sure The Firm flourished and became a proper spy network again. "So as your boss, this means the three of you have a big choice to make."

"What? Whether we should get a coffee machine in the staff room or free biscuits for morning tea instead?" Draco's derisive drawl made Hermione smile.

Marcus chuckled. "Not exactly – I'm going to be reassigning you – for a top secret operation."

Hermione raised an eyebrow. "No secrets Marcus, if you want me to work for you – I refuse to do it unless I get full disclosure."

"Seconded." Camille said in quick succession.

They all looked at Draco. He shrugged then lifted his mouth in a half smile. Shit – would she ever think it wasn't utterly sexy? "What? I knew exactly what was happening all along in the last mission."

Hermione threw him a dirty look, smug arsehole.

"I want the three of you to become a team. A highly elite undercover team." Marcus smiled secretly at them.

"Undercover – to what end? Is this the interesting news?" Hermione was ready to throw something at Marcus; he was being decidedly unhelpful and secretive. Yet, so far his proposition intrigued her. She'd never worked in a team before – the idea was fascinating. And working with both Camille and Draco, well – there would never be a dull moment.

"I'm sending you three in, to infiltrate and take down Shade – from the inside."

Three Weeks Later:

Hermione had found herself in many compromising positions in her life. But, if she told the truth, she had never enjoyed it as much as she did at this very moment in time.

Lying underneath an extremely sweaty and exhausted Draco Malfoy until recently, was not on the top of her to-do list. Hermione mused it was interesting how things could change in the blink of an eye. She stared up into Draco's grey eyes which drooped in tiredness. The sight of him so unguarded, made her stomach all quivery and strange.

"Are you close yet Draco?" Her voice was strained; since his entire body weight rested on her. Not that she would usually mind the predicament, but they had been at it for over three hours, and it was beginning to wear thin.

"Hmmmm" Was all the response Hermione garnered from the blonde. He was concentrating so hard; he was in his own little 'Draco' world. Bucking her hips in annoyance, she tried to get his attention.

"Oi - cut it, Granger. I'm almost there." His irritated voice made her glare and she wished like anything in the world she could get physical with him. Yep, smack him right on his faultless face. But she couldn't. Though it was not from some misguided sense of proprietary; her hands were just stuck firmly by her sides.

"It was your bloody idea to get us both into this situation. I was fine doing it myself, but you had to join in." Hermione huffed again, just as Draco groaned. The now familiar noise sent waves of lust straight through her. Her nerve endings tingled in anticipation. Never had she been so responsive to another human being. Hermione almost forgot why she was incensed to begin with. It was a habit she had to break – and soon. If Draco knew he was getting under her skin, he would exploit it to the nth degree. And that was something she couldn't handle - a smug, arrogant and always right Malfoy.

"I'm almost there." Hermione looked up at his face pinched in concentration, and for some ungodly reason she leant up and kissed the corner of his mouth. He stilled in surprise. Her heart sped up. Then his eyes met hers, and he smirked down at her.

"I have told you again and again how irresistible I am, but you continue to deny it. So if I'm not, why did you kiss me?" His smug voice was amplified by his position on top of her. Merlin he was breathtaking - and she was turning into a soppy loon.

How did she tell him he was irresistibly gorgeous; and retain her dignity? Hermione was saved from answering his sticky question when a large clump of dirt fell against her head. He grunted and groaned some more as he jerked around; dirt flying everywhere. Hermione felt the familiar niggle of arousal as he jostled around on her. Draco was completely oblivious, his mind on his task and nothing else.

"I'll pull out first, Okay?"

Hermione ignored the sexual connotations that phrase could mean and nodded. Her eyes were watching him place the box into the small groove they had dug out. They had spent two days digging a hole big enough for this task. It was the perfect place to hide the last memory file. It was a magical dead zone in the middle of a forest near The Blue Mountains in Australia. No one in the world could find the file now – only Hermione and Draco knew where it was. Camille and Marcus were tasked with hiding the other file, and the Pensive was shattered.

They had tried every means possible to destroy the files – they were imperious to everything – they literally could not be decimated. So in the end, Marcus made the decision to hide them somewhere in the world where no-one could ever find them. They had dug into the side of a hill by hand and Hermione had reached her tolerance limit. If she had to hear about Draco's ruined fingernails and blistered hands one more time, she would throttle him.

Hermione was the one who was supposed to hide the box and she had it all under control. That was until Malfoy stuck his head in and hollered down the passage at her. Obviously mishearing her reply, she found Malfoy slithering up her body until they were eye to eye. It ended up a good thing too. Malfoy had the muscles to push it into position properly; between tree roots so it was tightly entwined. Hermione also had to listen to him gloat about having more strength than her. She felt like her face had a permanent scowl – and he knew he was the cause, which of course meant he tried harder to annoy her.

Hermione watched the top of Malfoys blonde head as he slinked down her body. When he reached her waistband he looked up and caught her eye. Winking saucily at her, he kissed the junction between her legs. Even through her pants the heat hit instantly. Merlin, he was infuriating. She breathed in deeply, reigning in her errant hormones. He would kill her with erotic thoughts. Her mind was full of them when he was around. Hermione even wondered if it were possible – death by arousal.

It took them three hours to re-fill just over half of the tunnel. It was enough so no-one would stumble upon it. Then it took another four hours to hike out of the dead zone. Once they reached the border where magic and nothing met, they managed to Apparate to their hotel room on Sydney Harbour. Both of them were grimy and exhausted and after a quick shower they fell onto the bed and slept soundly.

Hermione awoke to a loud rumbling noise hours later. Bleary eyed she sat up and looked around the huge bedroom; Draco was nowhere to be seen. It was three in the morning.

"Merlin, our body-clocks are completely screwed." She yawned into the dim room. Standing up unsteadily, she stumbled to the left in tiredness. The noise she ascertained was coming from the bathroom.

As she made her way over, Hermione stopped and took time to appreciate the spectacular view their hotel room afforded them. Sydney Harbour was lit up like Christmas. She squinted down and could make out small clubs and restaurants still bustling with tourists and party goers. Her gaze shifted from the steady throng of people, out onto the harbour itself. What she really enjoyed, was watching the boats floating serenely on the water. Her goal was to one day hire a yacht and cruise the Greek Islands. She smiled – wondering if Draco would go with her. They now had a week off, before taking on their new assignment to infiltrate Shade. Maybe she should mention it. Smiling to herself she knew he wouldn't say no. For some reason – he had difficulty with that word while she was around. It made her giddy.

Hermione slowly opened the bathroom door and slid it shut behind her with a small click. Draco lounged in the huge bathtub which was situated in the middle of the room – he'd put the spa on and the bubbles rose around him. His head was thrown back on the side of the tub and his eyes were closed. He looked contented – so different from the hassled Draco of a month ago.

"I've told you before – it's rude to stare." He was looking at her cheekily – one eye slitted open.

Hermione grinned and dropped her bathrobe. Suddenly Draco's hungry eyes were for her – and her alone. She saw his quick intake of breath as he raked her naked body with his gaze. She loved the feelings he could induce in her – with only a look. She had never felt so shamelessly wanton and sexy. This new side suited her well.

"Draco, hasn't anyone told you it's rude to stare?"

He growled at her and jumped from the tub. His cock was already standing on end as he picked her up and threw her in its warmth. Her squeal was halted as she went under the water. Laughing, she bobbed back up, but as she wiped the bubbles from her face – Draco was already on her like a tiger.

He pushed her back against the cool rim, and pressed his mouth against hers in a knee trembling kiss. His tongue gently teased in and out, promising more naughtiness with its quick flicks. One of his hands splayed over her hip; while the other held her head tenderly. Before she could take in another breath he had pulled her towards him; until he was seated and she was straddling him.

The position lifted her out of the water slightly and her breasts became exposed to the cool air. Her nipples hardened into tight buds at the contrast of heat and coolness. Malfoy's hungry mouth found one small nub and began to suck and bite lightly. Hermione moaned, Merlin she was a lost soul without Draco's attention. This thought should have scared her – but it didn't. She would take what she could from him, no pressure. Although it was plainly obvious, neither of them had any intentions of going anywhere.

Hermione lowered herself so she could grind her heat along the length of him. Her pussy was slick with arousal and he slid easily. She pulled away with a small giggle each time he tried to penetrate her. She loved to tease him. He growled and bit her neck lightly – Hermione gasped in pleasure. He trailed little nips down her collarbone until he reached the soft mound of her breast again. He caught a nipple between his teeth and pinched. Hermione called out in sweet agony. She was beginning to realise that pain and pleasure were very tightly entwined – and she liked to get a little hurt. His fingers curled into her hips forcefully and she let out another satisfied moan.

Before she formed another thought, his teasing fingers found her heat. Sliding in two fingers he tested her tightness. He really didn't need to – she was slick and more than ready for him. He began to pump his fingers while using his thumb on her clit. The bathwater, soap and her arousal was making it hard for Draco to get a steady rhythm. Yet Hermione enjoyed the spasmodic pleasure shooting through her almost as much as a build-up.

Looking down into his eyes, she leaned in and caught his bottom lip between her teeth and kissed him deeply. Hermione moved slightly and removed Draco's hand – even though he was slowly getting her to a euphoric state. Then she pushed herself onto his hard cock – sliding down until he was fully sheathed in her pussy. He groaned and threw his head back. Hermione leant forward and licked his collarbone – he shuddered within her and growled in lust. So she did it again.

Leaning back, Hermione kept the pace nice and easy – Draco looked up at her and they held each others gazes. It had almost become a game to them; trying to get the other to look away first. So far – no-one had lost, well not really. They both always came. She felt him trembling deep inside of her, and before she could change her rhythm, he had pushed her back across the spa – still embedded deep within her.

He began to thrust deeply and roughly. She adored when he took control – then almost lost it. He slammed into her with the ferociousness which stole her breath. Hermione hooked a leg over his hip, opening herself even more to his pounding. It tore a small gasp from her throat each and every time he pushed deeply into her. His cock was perfect – beyond perfect even. Hermione counted herself as the luckiest witch in all of England, and the world too - if she knew it wouldn't give Draco a big head.

Her small moans of satisfaction and the spa jets egged them both into orgasm. Draco bit her neck again as he bellowed out loudly and spilled into her – she seconds behind – her clit throbbing with desire.

Panting he stayed on-top of her a moment, just catching his breath. When he regained it, he grabbed her and floated them back to the seat. He placed her on his lap and Hermione sat contentedly. Lifting an arm out of the water she weaved it around Draco's neck and pulled him in for a kiss. Sighing, she slid deeper into the water and shut her eyes; resting her temple on Draco's shoulder. He rubbed her back in lazy strokes which made her sleepy; Hermione never wanted to move again. Looking back up into his smiling grey eyes, she squinted. He raised an eyebrow in question.

"Draco – you know I hate you – don't you?"

His face split into a grin a mile wide, she matched it with one of her own. As his lips met hers in a soft gentle kiss he whispered,

"And I you, Granger."


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