They stood there, watching over me, my mother. My beautiful, tall, blonde mother. And my father. My dark haired, emotionless father. The two people I would rely on, my whole life, and one did not desire me. The blankets wrapped around my arms restricted me. I wanted to hold out my arms and I wanted my father to hold me. I didn't know why he wouldn't.

"She has your eyes...and your coloured hair," my mother whispered. Her eyes looked down at me, worried, but hopeful.

"She should not have my anything. This was a mistake."

"I take it you want me to raise her?"

"She will be better off with you." Why did my father not want me? I needed him...I wanted him. I wanted to have my father in my life. All children need a father, a person to help them through.

"She will want to know her father."

"Will she ever see you?" My mother asked, sadness overcoming her.

"Of course. I would like her to attend Hogwarts when she is of age. Beauxbatons will not teach her things that she needs to know. It is too dangerous for me to know her right now." What does he mean to dangerous? He can't leave me.

"Are you sure?" Mother asked. My father nodded.

"I must be going. People will be wondering where I am," Father replied.

"Of course." Mother wiped her tears. She could not conceal her sadness, but the look in her eyes showed that perhaps Father leaving was the best thing.

"Goodbye Apolline."

"Goodbye, Severus." My father was just about to leave, but before he could take the last step, Mother grabbed his arm and stopped him from leaving.

"Wait, will she take my married surname? Or will she be taking your surname?"

"I would like her to take my surname, but Delacour around home and your husband. And remember to keep telling your husband that it was his child." Father approached my cot and stood over me. I could not tell if his expression was one of disdain or admiration. "I will see you when you are older. I promise. Goodbye Isabel." With that, my father, Severus Snape, apparated out of the room.

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