I'm in the middle of writing a 'proper' Klaine fic, but since my muse left me I ended up writing this out of boredom. I know there have been plenty of facebook fics already, but I simply love to write them and figured I may as well put one up here.

Disclaimer: I clearly don't own Glee, if I did I would have gotten these two together already!

Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson are now friends.
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Rachel Berry *dislike* no befriending the enemy!
Mercedes Jones oh hush Berry, need I remind you of a certain young man by the name of Jesse St James?
Rachel Berry exactly! Take it from someone who knows, befriending the enemy is a bad idea.
Jesse St James Oh, so I'm a bad idea?
Finn Hudson Rach, block him before I do it for you!

Kurt Hummel will make his own decisions thank you Rachel Berry.

Kurt Hummel, David Jacobs and Wes Everson are now friends.
Rachel Berry Oh ha ha, very funny.
Finn Hudson Sorry Rach but good on ya Kurt!
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Rachel Berry humph, you'll see.

Finn Hudson is now friends with David Jacobs, Blaine Anderson and Wes Everson.
Kurt Hummel WHAT?
Finn Hudson We're practically family now, your friends are my friends.
Kurt Hummel But...but...
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Mike Chang and nine others are now friends with Blaine Anderson, David Jacobs and Wes Everson.
Kurt Hummel So basically New Directions are stealing my friends?
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Mercedes Jones We have to make sure they're not being mean to you!
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Kurt Hummel thought the wedding was beautiful!
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Blaine Anderson tell me all about it over lunch?
Wes Everson date!
Blaine Anderson Not date. Friends. Go play with David.

Kurt Hummel switched schools from McKinley High to Dalton Academy
Mercedes Jones
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Artie Abrams We'll miss you!
David Jacobs We'll take care of him we promise. If Blaine stops staring at him of course.
Blaine Anderson I was not staring, I was... never mind.
Wes Everson You were staring.
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Finn Hudson is teaching the old folks to use fb so they can chat to Kurt.
Kurt Hummel NO! What's wrong with cellphones?
Finn Hudson This way they'll know when your relationship status changes so we can claim our bets.
Kurt Hummel What bets? And you do know they'll be able to see your's too right?
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Finn Hudson ... Shit.
Carole Hummel Language young man!
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Mercedes Jones would like to welcome Carole Hummel to the world of facebook.
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Carole Hummel Thanks honey!

Finn Hudson and Rachel Berry are no longer in a relationship.
Kurt Hummel What... In fact no, I don't want to know.

Rachel Berry I must admit, the Warblers were pretty good. A little pitchy in places but worthy opponents.
Blaine Anderson I'll take that as a compliment from you. You were great.
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David Jacobs wishes Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson would just get together already!
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Kurt Hummel shuddup
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Blaine Anderson double shuddup
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Mike Chang shut up, not shuddup :P
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Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson are now in a relationship.
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Finn Hudson Claim your bets boys and girls
Kurt Hummel I still can't believe you bet on how long it'd take for us to get together!
Finn Hudson I bet you'd get together on Valentine's day because you're both that corny.
Blaine Anderson That was merely coincidence.
Wes Everson Oh yeah, the fact you spent the last week planning it all out makes it a coincidence.
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Blaine Anderson is having adult fun with Kurt Hummel right this second despite it being our first date.
Kurt Hummel ... facebook left open?
Blaine Anderson DAVID!
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David Jacobs Well you wish you were at any rate
Burt Hummel if this is true you are both in big trouble when you get home.
Kurt Hummel IT ISN'T! Although Carole needs to hide your guns...
Blaine Anderson Guns?
Burt Hummel Yep. Guns. Be nice to my boy.
Blaine Anderson Yes sir!
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Kurt Hummel has a new fascination with skinny jeans.
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Reviews make me very happy! All mistakes are mine (this series is only on the second episode in England, I got all info on this ship from youtube, other fanfics and American friends) and punctuation mistakes were done on purpose (haven't you noticed on fb some people start sentences with caps and others don't?)